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YOGNEL was founded in 2011 by a Graphic Designer. The website offered Graphic Design & 3D Animation services.

In 2013, Designers, Engineers, Marketers & Writers from United Kingdom, United States & Mauritius came together under the name of YOGNEL for an expansion in its services such as Web Design, Logo Design, Print Design, Digital Marketing, SEO Services & Private Tution.

Why Hire YOGNEL?

  • Our people are University Graduates and over 8 Years of Experience.
  • We are from different cultures, this is our strength in our creativity.
  • Our prices are good. We give value for money.
  • We offer different services under one roof.
  • We have a list of positive feedbacks behind us.


Don't Be Lazy!
Don't Be Jealous!
Be Intelligent!

With the fast growing business competition around the world, small business owners & start up companies are unable to decide how to market your business.

Whenever they see someone doing something, they just get their hands to copy the same things. Is this purely laziness or jealousy?

There is no place for Jealousy & Laziness in doing business. Instead, use your mind and heart for a brighter future!

A Brainy Business Owner always ask questions to nail his business in the right direction. He knows that all businesses are not alike, not only in names but also in strategy, development and demographic. He plans how to invest money in his company & is not a penny-pincher!

YOGNEL | Web Designer & Graphic Designer – In Line with Content Marketing provides a series of services for Small Business Marketing.


You Want To Make Money?
Grow Your Business!

Dreaming of ways to make money? This is an immense ambition.

The question that you need to ask yourself is “Why i want to make money?

If you have not found the answer yet, you won’t have a business success. But if you have found the answer, you will know that this is not an easy task but this is not Impossible!

By then, you will already know that you need to invest, you need to be patient, you need to sacrifice parties, alcoholic drinks, cigarettes, dating in order to save money for investment.

Imagine you are growing a Flower (The flower is your business).

First of all you need to know which flower you want. Then you go and buy the seeds. Afterwards you put it in the soil.

It takes several weeks for the flower to grow up. It will grow up only if you have given time to water it and you have inserted the compost.

When the little flower plant appears, you need to take all precautions of insects and pests. The Flower(petals) have not yet appeared. It will need some more weeks.

Do you see how hard it is to grow a little flower?

Now imagine you want to grow your business!

Do you think it is that easy?

Do you think you will make money in some days?

Do you think you will just party and have a nice dream of your business flourishing?


YOGNEL | Web Designer & Graphic Designer – In Line with Content Marketing can help Small Business to make money through Digital Marketing.


Take Your Business To A Higher Level With A Website & Content Marketing

WEBSITE: You already have a Company or you just got the best business ideas? Get a website as soon as you can! Which website? There are so many websites offering you to SIGN UP for a FREE to “make your own website“. Say NO to these!

Because this will not help you. It will ONLY boost the value & increase the visitors of the website which is offering you the “free website“. At the end of the day, you will find yourself with a Website with no Sales or increase in sales.

For one moment, just imagine, designers & developpers did a BA/BSC in 4 years at university. They are the builders, they know the ins and outs in a website. And you, you think you will boost up your sales with a FREE Website? Really, if you think so, you are a dreamer.

CONTENT MARKETING: Traditional marketing is becoming less and less effective by the minute; as a forward-thinking marketer, you know there has be a better way.

YOGNEL uses a strategic marketing approach focused on creating and distributing valuable, relevant, and consistent content to attract and retain a clearly-defined audience — and, ultimately, to drive profitable customer action to your website.

CONCLUSION: It is impossible for you to to succeed in Online Marketing if you don’t have a High End Website & High Profile Content Strategy.


Can’t Afford A Website?

If you can’t afford a website, try to save your money. Sacrifice all your small parties for some time. A website is like your second office. But for majority of people a website is his/her FIRST Office.

If you want to do Business, Real Business, if you want to make money, you badly need a website. Just like you need a House to live, in today’s world you need a Website to do Business! A website is a “Trustworthy Signature” of a business.

  • 50% Payment before Starting the website
  • 25% Payment on the Second Month
  • 25% Payment on the Third Month

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