What is Entrepreneurship? Everything you need to know!

What is Entrepreneurship? Everything you need to know!

What is Entrepreneurship?

Entrepreneurship defined as the act of creating a Business or Businesses in the aim of generating profits. In the modern days, Entrepreneurship can be defined as transforming the world by solving problems and bringing innovative ideas like :

  1. Initiating a social change
  2. Creating an innovative product that will ease the life of people
  3. Presenting a new life changing solution

Countries where poverty is high can benefit a lot from Entrepreneurs. Entrepreneurship can lover the rates of unemployment through job creation.

Entrepreneurs are people who have had a Dream and a new way of working. It is all about taking your career in your hands, drafting and perfecting it to your own terms. No Bosses. Nothing to hold you back. No limit and no schedule. You are always on the run to modify, implement and test new ways to generate profits.

Entrepreneurs are the ones who are able to take the first step to make the world a better place with everyone in it.


20 Experts define what is Entrepreneurship

Here’s what 20 company founders and business leaders told Business News Daily about what they think makes a truly successful entrepreneur.

What is Entrepreneurship

1. “Entrepreneurship is at the core of the American dream. It’s about blazing new trails, about believing in yourself, your mission and inspiring others to join you in the journey. What sets [entrepreneurs] apart is the will, courage and sometimes recklessness to actually do it.” – Derek Hutson, CEO ofDatical

2. “Entrepreneurship is the persistent progression towards an innovative solution to a key problem. It’s the constant hunger for making things betterand the idea that you are never satisfied with how things are.” – Debbie Roxarzade, founder and CEO of Rachel’s Kitchen

3. “At its core, [entrepreneurship] is a mindset – a way of thinking and acting. It is about imagining new ways to solve problems and create value. Fundamentally, entrepreneurship is about … the ability to recognize [and] methodically analyze [an] opportunity, and ultimately, to capture [its] value.” – Bruce Bachenheimer, clinical professor of management and executive director of the Entrepreneurship Lab at Pace University 

4. “It is important to balance strong vision with a willingness to embrace change. The ability to listen, whether it be to the opinions of customers or employees, is also integral to success. While … you must have the confidence to make your own choices, it is still incredibly important not to become detached from the people whose needs you are trying to meet. – Tirath Kamdar, founder and CEO of TrueFacet

5. “Being an entrepreneur is like heading out into uncharted territory. It’s rarely obvious what to do next, and you have to rely on yourself a lot when you run into problems. There are many days when you feel like things will never work out and you’re operating at a loss for endless months. You have to be able to stomach the roller coaster of emotions that comes with striking out on your own.” – Amanda Austin, founder and president of  Little Shop of Miniatures 

6. “To be a successful entrepreneur you must have a passion for learning – from customers, employees and even competitors.” – James Bedal, CEO of Bare Metal Standard

7. “To me, entrepreneurship means being able to take action and having the courage to commit and persevere through all of the challenges and failures. It is a struggle that an entrepreneur is willing to battle. It is using past experiences and intelligence to make smart decisions. Entrepreneurs are able to transform their vision into a business. I believe this process is at the core of any true entrepreneur.” – MJ Pedone, founder and CEO of Indra Public Relations

8. “Being a successful entrepreneur requires a great deal of resourcefulness, because as an entrepreneur, you often run into dead ends throughout the course of your career. You need to be able to bounce back from losses if you want to be successful. There will be much more disappointment than progress when you first start off, and you need to have a short memory in order to put the past behind you quickly. It’s imperative to stay optimistic when bad things happen.” – Vip Sandhir, founder and CEO of HighGround

9. “Entrepreneurship is the ability to recognize the bigger picture, find where there’s an opportunity to make someone’s life better, design hypotheses around these opportunities, and continually test your assumptions. It’s experimentation: Some experiments will work; many others will fail. It is not big exits, huge net worth or living a life of glamour. It’s hard work and persistence to leave the world a better place once your time here is done.” – Konrad Billetz, co-founder and co-CEO of Offset Solar

10. “[Entrepreneurs] have to be people-oriented. Your business will die without a good team to back you up. Study management techniques, learn from great leaders, review where you’re succeeding and failing so you can help others improve. An entrepreneur has to be able to build a team that cares about their work, and to do that you have to care about how you create your team.” – Jonathan Barnett, founder and CEO of Oxi Fresh Carpet Cleaning

What is Entrepreneurship

11. “To be a successful entrepreneur you need perseverance. Most successful business people or entrepreneurs have never given up on their idea. When challenges arise, they have found innovative ways of overcoming them. You must be able to adapt to changing economic conditions, and innovate and embrace technological advances to keep your customers engaged. These things take determination and a strong focus on the end goal.” – Stacey Kehoe, founder of Brandlective Communications 

12. “Entrepreneurship is the mindset that allows you to see opportunity everywhere. It could be a business idea, but it could also be seeing the possibilities in the people that can help you grow that business. This ability to see many options in every situation is critically important; there will be unending challenges that will test your hustle.” – Preeti Sriratana, co-founder and COO of Sweeten

13. “Successful entrepreneurs … have the guts to take a calculated risk and the tenacity and persistence to keep going even when there are bumps in the road.”  – Eileen Huntington, co-founder and CEO of Huntington Learning Center

14. “Successful entrepreneurs look past [the] ‘quick buck’ and instead look at the bigger picture to ensure that each action made is going toward the overall goal of the business or concept, whether or not that means getting something in return at that moment.” – Allen Dikker, founder and CEO of Potatopia

15. “Being an entrepreneur is ingrained in one’s identity. [It] is the culmination of a certain set of characteristics: determination, creativity, the capacity to risk, leadership and enthusiasm.” – Eric Lupton, president of Life Saver Pool Fence Systems

16. “Entrepreneurship is an unavoidable life calling pursued by those who are fortunate enough to take chances. [They are] optimistic enough to believe in themselves, aware enough to see problems around them, stubborn enough to keep going, and bold enough to act again and again. Entrepreneurship is not something you do because you have an idea. It’s about having the creativity to question, the strength to believe and the courage to move.” – Jordan Fliegel, co-CEO of DRAFT

17. “An entrepreneur must be able to accept failure. Everyone thinks they can accept failure until they come face to face with failing at a major thing that they have put their everything into. To be a successful entrepreneur, you have to be someone who is able to risk failure at the deepest personal levels.” – Steven Benson, founder and CEO of Badger Maps

18. “The journey of entrepreneurship is a lifestyle for many of us; we are wired this way and have no choice. We are driven by an innate need to create, build and grow. You must have an underlying positivity that enables you to see beyond the day-to-day challenges and roadblocks, always moving forward. You must also be a master plate juggler, able to switch between thinking, genres and activities moment to moment.” – Justine Smith, founder and CEO of Kids Go Co.

19. “Entrepreneurship is seeing an opportunity and gathering the resources to turn a possibility into a reality. It represents the freedom to envision something new and to make it happen. It includes risk, but it also includes the reward of creating a legacy.” – Maia Haag, co-founder and president of I See Me! Personalized Books and Gifts

20. “One must possess grit. The stakes tend to be high, the bumps in the road frequent. Remaining focused, regardless of the obstacles, is paramount. That said, being an entrepreneur means being in full control of your destiny. If that’s important to you, then all of the challenges associated with striking out on one’s own are but a small price to pay.” – Mike Malone, founder of Livestock Framing


What is an Entrepreneur? Entrepreneur Definition

What is Entrepreneurship

An Entrepreneur is a person who build a business in the aim to make profit.

For example, a person who set up his online Store, E-Commerce website to make profit can be considered as an Entrepreneur. Or it can be a Freelancer just starting out.

An Entrepreneur is someone who fights for his business to make profit and make the whole business sustainable. This create future employment opportunities.

However, the meaning of Entrepreneur is more than just creating a Business and making profit or create jobs. Entrepreneur are the world’s famous transformers. They see the world differently. From Bill Gates & Steve Jobs making computers part of every household to Elon Musk sending people to Mars.

Entrepreneurs see Opportunities & Solutions where the common people see Annoyance & problems.


What is the meaning of Entrepreneurship?

What is Entrepreneurship

The meaning of Entrepreneurship is not simple Maths. The meaning of Entrepreneurship requires an Entrepreneur who takes actions to make a cheng in the World.

Whether startup Entrepreneurs solve a problem that many struggle in their daily life, or they bring people together that no one has before, or they build revolutionary / innovative inventions that will make a society progress, they ( the entrepreneurs ) have one thing in common ; ACTIONS!!

It is not like common people who have millions of ideas and they keep dreaming or talking about it.

Entrepreneurs find problems, look for solutions & execute ideas.


Importance of Entrepreneurship


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How to Sell Templates

Selling Graphic Templates on YOGNEL Marketplace is easy. You just need some time to understand the platform and you will be easy at uploading your template quickly. You can also check our Marketplace Guide for tips.


YOGNEL Marketplace is a well-established online marketplace for web and print templates. Set your own prices, avoid any product review process, keep 75% of sales, and enjoy non-exclusivity and the ability to instantly updates products as needed.

Vendors Commissions and Stages

Vendors Commissions and Stages

Vendors Commissions and Stages

Vendors Comissions and Stages are as follows:


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Sales : $1,000,000 – $3,000,000

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Gift Received when reaching Milestone $3,000,000 : 1% Share of the Company

Preparing Files before Uploading Downloadable Products

Preparing Files before Uploading Downloadable Products

Preparing Files before Uploading Downloadable Products

Your Final files should consist of :

  • Source Files (.PSD , .AI , .INDD etc )
  • Previews ( These are previews that clients will look before buying )
  • Help File ( Explain how the product cand be used and list the specifications + a tutorial how to insert pictures and text etc)


Source Files

Source files depend on which softwares you are using, such as Photoshop, Illustrator, Indesign or PowerPoint etc. You should upload the Source Files (Editable & Layered).



Previews are images (.jpg) with size W=900px by H=1200px

Uploading Downloadable Products

NOTE: All your previews should be 900×1200. Even the featured image. We understand that you may be selling on other Marketplace as well. But on YOGNEL Marketplace we want you to abide by our Specifications.


EXAMPLE 1: See how PINKDESIGN has presented this Flyer Template here >>

EXAMPLE 2: See how SMARTOSMOZ has presented this Newsletter Template here >>

Help File

Your help file should have something like that:


  • Name of Product
  • Description of Product ( Better if the Description is SEOed )
  • Design Specification of the Product

A4 Format
6 PSD in all
It can be used as single page, double pages, or you can add more by duplicating.
Size = 8.2 x 11.6 inches
Bleeds = 3mm all sides
Fully editable

  • Tutorial Link or JPEG or PDF showing how people can edit the template
  • Fonts Used with Link to download (Links should be free)


Downloadable File Zip

You should then ZIP all the files into one folder to upload.


Logo Design | Buy A Logo | Sell Logo Templates

Logo Design | Buy A Logo | Sell Logo Templates

Logo Design

A logo is a very important “asset” that a company should have. This is what makes your company stands out and from which you can develop your brand. Long time ago it was difficult to hire a designer for a logo design that would cost around $2,000. Now it is very easy to find a logo from a Marketplace such as Yognel Market. These logos are designed by professional designers that meets all requirements. In short, logo design is very accessible to everybody. In general, with a minimum of $50 you are able to get a vector, high resolution, customised logo.

Buy A Logo

Here on Yognel Market, there is two ways how to Buy A Logo.

  • If you want to Hire Logo Design Service (Hire Logo Design Service means that you hire someone to design a specific logo for you based on your ideas.)
Hire Logo Design Service
  • If you want to Download Logo Design Templates (Download Logo Design Templates means that you select any logos that fits your company and you download it.),
Download Logo Design Templates

* Buy A Logo is easy. You need to have a Credit Card OR Paypal account to shop it right away.


Sell Logo Templates

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Things you need to know when you Sell Logo Templates on Yognel Market :


Softwares :

Logo Design should be on Adobe Illustrator. You should provide an .EPS and a .AI file. The file should be compatible with Adobe Illustrator CS3 & above.


Percentage Commission :

Starter : You get 75%.

Example: If your Logo Template cost $30, when a person buys your logo template, you get (75% of 30)=$22.5

The more templates you sell on Yognel Market, your commission will increase.


Fixed Price :

You need to sell your logos between $30 – $50.

(There will be multiple downloads, means other people can buy that logo.)


How should you prepare the files before you upload it : 

Follow This Tutorial

Hire Freelance Graphic Designer Services Online

Hire Freelance Graphic Designer Services now on YOGNEL.com and receive you graphic design project done online within 24hr.

Hire Freelance Graphic Designer Services

Graphic Design is something that has turn the world upside down. Just everyone needs a Graphic Designer nowadays. You have a Restaurant so you will need a Graphic Designer to design your Restaurant Menu Card. You are starting an IT Company, you will need a Graphic Designer to design a Logo.

Let’s fly to the past. Ten years ago it was just very difficult to hire a Freelance Graphic Designer. Designers would often work as Full-time in a company thus make it very expensive.

Now, Graphic Design Services are easily accessible online, and the price is very affordable. Hire Graphics & Design Service


Below is a list of Graphic Design Services that you can buy from YOGNEL:

Logo Design

Hire Freelance Graphic Designer

Logo Design is very important for a company. It is your your visual identity that goes along your name.

Hire Logo Design Service >> ( Starting as from $10 )


Flyers & Brochures

Hire Freelance Graphic Designer

Flyers and Brochures are efficient marketing materials for running a successful business.

Hire Flyers & Brochures Design Service >> ( Starting as from $10 )


Packaging Design

Hire Freelance Graphic Designer

Are you selling a product? Do you need a customise packagin for your events such as a packaging for Christmas or New Year?

Hire Packaging Design Service >> ( Starting as from $10 )



Hire Freelance Graphic Designer

Illustration can be used for different purposes. Some need illustrations for their books that they’ve just written while others need illustrations for their websites or powerpoint presentations.

Hire Illustration Design Service >> ( Starting as from $10 )


Book & Album Covers

Hire Freelance Graphic Designer

There are so many professional writers who look for a creative Book Cover for their book. Are you the one?

Hire Book & Album Covers Design Service >> ( Starting as from $10 )


Business Cards & Stationery

Hire Freelance Graphic Designer

Are you looking to get a creative business card designed? Or office materials such as invoices, receipts etc?

Hire Business Cards & Stationery Design Service >> ( Starting as from $10 )


Web & Mobile Design

Hire Freelance Graphic Designer

Having an online presence is now a must. Are you looking to get a website done? Only the design? Or only the coding? Or both? A web presence that will be responsive on all devices. Or just a mobile app?

Hire Web & Mobile Design Service >> ( Starting as from $10 )


Presentation Design

Hire Freelance Graphic Designer

Pitching tenders or getting more clients mean you need to have a well designed presentation; powerpoint, keynote or pdf presentation etc.

Hire Presentation Design Service >> ( Starting as from $10 )



Hire Freelance Graphic Designer

Infographics have been rocking blog post during the last 3 years, statistics demonstrate this. Are you looking for a stunning, well communicated infographics to demonstrate your story?

Hire Infographics Design Service >> ( Starting as from $10 )


Cartoons & Caricatures

Hire Freelance Graphic Designer

Is it your little boy’s birthday? You want to have a cartoon or caricature of him designed and print it as an invitation card? Or you need some caricatures for your weekly newsletter? Hire Freelance Graphic Designer to do your cartoons / caricatures.

Hire Cartoons & Caricatures Design Service >> ( Starting as from $10 )


3D & 2D Models

Hire Freelance Graphic Designer

3D Models are mostly used in the 3D Printing process nowadays. Moulds are not necessary. Also 3D models are use to visualize storey buildings before constructions. 3D models are used in playstation games. Are you looking to get 3D Models designed? Or 2D plans for your house or iphone games?

Hire 3D & 2D Design Service >> ( Starting as from $10 )


T-Shirts & Merchandise

Hire Freelance Graphic Designer

Custom designed t-shirts and merchandise. Take your message to the streets. Do you have a store selling t-shirts or you need a t-shirt designed for your corporate?

Hire T-Shirts & Merchandise Design Service >> ( Starting as from $10 )


Photoshop Editing

Hire Freelance Graphic Designer

You have some pictures that need to be cut and place on white background? Or you have some wedding pictures that need a great photoshop editing? Check out our Photoshop Experts for any need.

Hire Photoshop Editing Service >> ( Starting as from $10 )


Banner Ads

Hire Freelance Graphic Designer

Are you doing a Google Adwords campaign? You need custom banner ads for your website? Hire Freelance Graphic Designer to do the job.

Hire Banner Ads Design Service >> ( Starting as from $10 )


Social Media Design

Hire Freelance Graphic Designer

Want to be unique from your competitors on Social Media? Change your Cover Banner or Profile Picture every week.

Hire Social Media Design Service >> ( Starting as from $10 )


Vector Tracing

Hire Freelance Graphic Designer

Have you lost your Logo Source file? You want to get a Vector Tracing out of a .jpg (raster)? You want to vectorise an image for best quality print? Hire Freelance Graphic Designer to do the tracing.

Hire Vector Tracing Service >> ( Starting as from $10 )


Invitations & Vouchers

Hire Freelance Graphic Designer

You need an amazing wedding card invitation for your wedding. Check all the invitations and voucher design Yognel Marketplace.

Hire Invitations & Vouchers Design Service >> ( Starting as from $10 )

Graphic Designer Salary $90,000 / Yearly

Graphic Designer Salary $90,000 / Yearly

Graphic Designer Salary can be around $90,000 / Yearly. If you are passionate with design and have a Degree, you will be a great Graphic Designer.

Graphic Designer Salary

I remember when i was in college, i was so passionate with Arts and Design & Technology. These were the subjects that i would excell. I had never asked myself about what is a Graphic Designer Salary. I just concentrated in my studies till University and got work experiences. Years later, now, my salary is $80K-$90K.

This is a huge sum, right? If you think, sitting in the office behind a computer can bring you that salary, this is wrong. There has been so much sacrifice that i did, and the time i spent doing much research every week.


Graphic Designer Salary

How to get this decent salary in US?

There are multiple ways to get this decent salary in US. First, you should have been in College and a Minimum BA Graphic Design. A Master Degree would be great. These are the papers that no one can doubt you. It opens the doors to success. Yes i know that there have been saying that Degrees are not important and so on.

All people cannot be Bill Gates, Jack Ma, Mark Zukerberg, let’s be practical. Life is a pyramid. There are principles to follow in life. Even there Education System is not at its best, that does not mean you should skip it because of few humans have succeed like that.

How you can work in paralell & estimated Graphic Designer Salary :

  • You can work full time in an Advertising Company ( $60,000 / Yearly )
  • Freelance Graphic Designer ( $3,000 / Monthly )
  • You can teach Graphic Design at University ( $7,000 / Monthly )
  • You can be a Graphic Design Author on marketplace such as Shutterstock, GraphicRiver, Yognel or Fotolia etc. ( $8,000 / Monthly )
  • Creating Graphic Design tutorials such as on Udemy. ( $2,000 / Monthly )

Graphic Designer Salary in different countries

The Graphic Designer Salary differs from country to country. A fulltime Graphic Designer in the US can earn more than one in China. This does not mean that the designers from China are not talented. In 2017, the trend has been that there are many Designers who left their Fulltime work to be a Marketplace Author.


Newsletter Sample to use as your Company Newsletter

Newsletter Sample to use as your Company Newsletter

Newsletter Sample for you to use as your Company Newsletter. Newsletters are an important Marketing Ideas to implement in your Marketing Strategy.

Best Newsletter Sample to use as your Company Newsletter

If you don’t know how to write or how to design a newsletter, then you need to use a best newsletter sample. There is no point to invent the wheel to create a newsletter from scratch. Professional graphic designers have already designed thousands of creative newsletters for people to just edit and use.


Many companies also do the same, don’t ever think that great companies create the newsletters from scratch. They also download best Newsletter Sample and edit them. The best Company Newsletter sample needs to be a Premium one thou.

Newsletter Sample


Why you need to use this Newsletter Template?

This elegant newsletter template is a bi-fold of A4 size. It is very easy to edit and have a creative layouts. Many companies have used this amazing newsletter design in thei marketing strategy. And why it cannot be your turn?

Turn it into your company newsletter and that could increase your sales. A tutorial is given how to insert your pictures and so on. You can change the colours depending on your company branding.

Newsletter Sample


The importance of a Company Newsletter

The importance of having a newsletter for the company is to create awareness of your services and products among your potential customers. If you publish a business newsletter each month, that is better for you. You can create an audience based on only your newsletter. Some lessons or tutorials can be in your publication to keep your potential clients interest in reading it every month. You should understand that many big companies have used newsletters are the main asset in their marketing strategy and the result has been above expectation.

How to write a Newsletter – The perfect Newsletter Content

Newsletter Sample

Newsletter Sample


Why you should use a Newsletter Sample?

There are several reasons why you should use a Newsletter Sample rather than creating one from scratch. I will list some reasons below:

  • It is very easy to use.
  • I saves you time so that you can concentrate on other stuffs more.
  • All you need to do is to re-write your text and place them in the Newsletter Sample.
  • You can insert your pictures with 2-3 clicks.
  • It is print-ready. When you are done, all you have to do is to send it to a Print shop, and Voila.
  • Newsletter Sample that I have showed above are done by Professional Designers, like SmartOsmoz.


Why you need to use a Company Newsletter?

Companies which use or publish a weekly or monthly Company Newsletter have many advantages.

  • They get many potential clients addicted to their services, brand or products.
  • They make lot’s of sales almost everyday.
  • They look trustworthy and people feel secure to contact them.
  • People approach the companies for any queries everytime.
  • These companies tend to stay on the top list.


Conclusion :

If you are a Company, Small Startups, Entrepreneur or a Freelancer, you always need to publish a Company Newsletter. It will bring you lots of success and money in the long run.


Medical Spa Brochure – Are you offering Spa Treatments?

Medical Spa Brochure if you are offering Spa Treatments in your locality. This Medical Spa Brochure is a great Marketing Ideas for you to implement.

Medical Spa Brochure – Are you offering Spa Treatments?

People are running more and more to salon spa each week. The reason is clear, they want to be beautiful or they want to relax themselves with a therapeutic massage. Yes, people are working more as the cost of living is becoming high and one of the best way to relax is at the salon spa. Ah, the women love that.

Medical Spa Brochure

DOWNLOAD this Medical Spa Brochure PSD

If you are owners of salon spa, you should understand that competitons are high. The only way to beat your competitors is to have the high end and efficient marketing techniques. One of the best marketing ideas that you can implement in your marketing strategy is a Spa Flyer Design or a Medical Spa Brochure.

Distribute your Spa brochure in your locality. Create awareness among the people in your locality about the services you offer and the price.

What to put in the Spa Brochure?

  • List the services (Nail care, waxing, makeup, massage, facial etc..)
  • Insert the price of each services.
  • If you are selling products, list them.
  • Write some intro about your Spa and why it is the best.
  • List the experience of the people working with you have.

Medical Spa Brochure

DOWNLOAD this Medical Spa Brochure PSD

The Spa brochure that you see on this page is an Indesign Template (.indd) which is a software by the great ADOBE. Some people like to work with Photoshop for brochures and others prefer Indesign. A tutorial is provided in the folder when you download this spa brochure about how to insert your pictures. Editing the text is very easy, just like you would do on Microsoft Word. The spa brochure initially comes in two variation of colours but you can change to any other colours that fit your spa branding.

Medical Spa Brochure

DOWNLOAD this Medical Spa Brochure PSD



Restaurant Flyer Templates – 5 Amazing PSD Templates

Restaurant Flyer Templates easily to edit by yourself. Check out these 5 amazing PSD Templates to market your Restaurants. Download these Flyer Templates.

Restaurant Flyer Templates – 5 Amazing PSD Templates

The Restaurant Flyer Templates below are the most amazing design that i have seen restaurants using in my locality. Hence, i am showing you these design. They are great marketing ideas to implement in your marketing strategy.

Let’s come on facts, the food industry, i.e the restaurants, snacks and fast food are the biggest industries. People buy food everyday. Restaurants keep growing like mushrooms in every corner of the road. So, i believe that a restaurant should distiguish itself from the others by being more appealing in their marketing and advertising.

Restaurant Flyer Templates

The Restaurant Flyer Templates Kapza Tandoori is designed for a fast food restaurant. The templates come in A4 which you can use as flyers to distribute in your locality. And the A3 Layout you can use as posters in your Restaurants. The design style of the above PSD Template is of indian style with a bit of turkish style.



Restaurant Flyer Templates

The Wondoz Flyer Design is very classy. It comes with two layout sizes, A4 & A3. This is a PSD Templates which is fully editable and print ready. It is designed specifically for a burger shop. The style is oxcidental. Use this flyer design to promote your burger shop.



Restaurant Flyer Templates

Best in Town Burgers is a flyer template for a newly launched burger shop. If you are opening soon, or your have recently opened your doors, you can use this flyer layout. Create awareness in your locality about the menus and the price of your food. The style is Spanish and is PSD Templates.



Restaurant Flyer Templates

I Love Burgers Flyer Design is a marketing Restaurant flyer Templates used to create awareness of burgers in the locality, near the school, on the train terminal and near clubs. It is more like a Menu Flyer that illustrates the burgers available and their prices. This burger flyer is a PSD Templates.



Restaurant Flyer Templates

Best In TOwn Sandwich is a very friendly Restaurant Flyer Templates available for Restaurants to download. The PSD Templates is very easy to edit and a tutorial is given how to insert your pictures easily. It comes with 3 variations of colours ready made for you. You can change to any other colours if you want.


Burger Flyer | Burger Restaurants Near Me

Burger Flyer template for you to advertise your burger shop so that people can know the burger restaurants near me. Download this flyer template.

Burger Flyer | Burger Restaurants Near Me

Burger Flyer

There are so many searches on burger restaurants near me online. The competition of getting found is so intense. I believe that a burger shop should advertise itself online and offline. One of the best ways to market your burgers is through flyers and posters.

You can print and distribute your flyers in your locality announcing your best selling burgers or your newly launched hamburger.

You can also print big A3 Burger Posters in your burger shop that looks eye catching and make people want to eat more burgers.

When you do these marketing, people will know about the burger restaurants near me whether its online or offline.


Burger Flyer – Which one to choose

Choosing the best burger flyer can be a problem for some and for others it can be easy selecting one. There are thousands of Burger flyers and burger posters on the internet where you can download them.

I will enumerate some points that will help you to choose the best flyer template to advertise your burger restaurants.

  1. Select a flyer design that meet your burger culture. Each country and location has a culture.
  2. You need to get a flyer that is easy to edit and fully editable where you can place your logo or modify the colours.
  3. The flyer template should be 300DPI & CMYK that is necessary for printing.
  4. You need to be also able to send the flyer through email / PDF
  5. Always select a Flyer Template which you buy. If you downloads free flyers from the internet, the probability that there are errors in them are high. And know that cheaper things cost high in the long run.


Download this Burger Flyer

This burger flyer has all the points that i have mentioned above. The template is available in two size, A4 & A3. You can use the A4 for flyers and the A3 for posters in your burger restaurants.

I recommend you to download this amazing flyer layout which is a great marketing ideas to market your burgers.

Burger Flyer

Burger Flyer

Burger Flyer

Burger Flyer Template – Top Sales Techniques

Burger Flyer Template to be used as top sales techniques in your Marketing Strategy. Download this amazing Burger Flyer Template.

Burger Flyer Template


Burger Flyer Template – Top Sales Techniques

Got a burger restaurant? Amazing. I like to eat lot’s of burgers and almost everyday i go to burger restaurant to eat the amazing hamburger, cheeseburger and the salads. There are brands like the Kentucky Fried Chicken, the Mc Donald and the Burger King which are very strict in their marketing strategy.

They have a large amount of fund to spend in their marketing and advertising. On the contrarily, the are promising burger restaurants all around the world. Their burgers are much more tasty than that of the big brands.

These promising burger restaurants are missing something what they should never have missed.

They think that they are small, and they will never be able to beat the bigger brands.

They are wrong. These bigger brands were not born at the top. They worked hard and hard each coming year. They invested in every corner of the company and analyse the top sales techniques. They never missed the marketing and advertising.

Burger Flyer Template

I have worked for many companies and the aspect is that i keep pointing at is to never underestimate the power of marketing in their top sales techniques. Never.

I have seen business owners investing loads in the accounting department, in the management and office assets and so on. They always hesitate to invest in the Marketing department.

When it comes to marketing, they always look for the cheaper stuffs.

This needs to be stop if you want to be the best burger restaurants in your town. Start investing in your marketing strategy.

Burger Flyer Template


Use a Burger Flyer Template for a Top Sales Techniques

If you want to increase your sales and make people aware of your business, you need to make use of the top sales techniques available to you. One of the best sales techniques is to use a flyer design to showcase your products.

If you still doubt the power of flyers, i advise you to read this : Importance of Flyers in your Marketing Strategy

Burger Flyer Template

You want to download these flyer templates to advertise your burgers and sandwiches? Click Here >>

What is Google Adsense

What is Google Adsense?

For all those who are asking what is Google Adsense, the short definition is that it is a way to make money online.

Some people make over $5,000 / monthly with Google Adsense while others make $100,000 / monthly.

The complex definition is that Google Adsense is a CPC (cost-per-click) advertising program that allows publishers to have ads displayed on their websites.

What is Google Adsense

Google Adsense is for Bloggers and Webmasters to start making money online.

Let’s say for example you don’t have a website. And you want to make money with google adsense. You can’t.

Get started with Google Adsense?

You need :

  1. A Domain Name
  2. A Web Server
  3. A WordPress Theme
  4. Choose a Niche Market
  5. At least 30 great SEO Articles
  6. Open a Google Adsense Account

When you open a Google Adsense Account, you will be provided some HTML codes that you need to insert on your blog or website. Google Adsense will then send spiders to crawl your web pages to determine your niche market. Then they will send ads that are related to your articles.


Example 1 : If you niche market / articles is about Cars, you will see ads of Cars / Where to buy Cars on your webpages.

Example 2 : If your webpages are about mobile phones, the ads that will appear on your website will be most probably about latest mobile phones, iphones and so on.


So, choose your niche market well.

One of the most paying Niche Market is about Fashion. People who runs website or blogs which concern Fashion, get the most amount of money when they use Google adsense.

When people who browse your website or blog, they click on the Google Adsense Ads, you can be given $0.20 to $4 on a single click.

Now if 1000 people click on the ads, you get paid around $2500. The numbers keeps changing. But what is sure, is that if you have many people coming to your website and they click on your ads, the more money you make.

Now that you know about it, don’t keep asking What is Google Adsense. Move to the next Article : How to create a Google Adsense Account


Table of Contents

  1. What is Google Adsense
  2. How to create a Google Adsense Account
  3. How to make money with adsense
  4. How to increase google adsense earnings
  5. How to receive your adsense payment
  6. How adsense revenue is calculated
  7. What is google adsense youtube
  8. Google Adsense Review – How to get accepted?
  9. Google Adwords Help – From Experts
  10. Adwords tool
  11. Increase adsense traffic for a new website?
  12. Easily make a google adsense website
  13. Choose a Domain name for google ads
  14. I need google ads for my website
  15. Adsense Code on different websites