Facebook Cover Size [Update 2020]

Facebook Cover Size matters if you want to get your Facebook Business Page to drive traffic. I will list Facebook for Advertising Guide for fb advertisers below.   Facebook Cover Size 2020 Facebook Advertising is a must. FB Advertisers know that cost for Facebook advertising can be ...

Business Flyer Examples

Business Flyer Examples - Hold your breath! Flyers are used by businesses all around the world. It is one of the leading media types to advertise locally. Let's say you have a business or a company offering Graphic Design and Advertising services. You may have a website that attracts many people. ...

How to Work From Home & Make Quick Money Tips

How to work from home and make quick money. A person who works from home by selling your premium templates such as brochures, flyers, newsletters, illustrations, logos and banners can make some amazing bucks.   How To Work From Home - Sell Templates Working Remotely has been in existence ...

Sell Graphic Templates in 2020 – Get Rich

Best place to Sell Templates; Logos, Flyers, Brochures, WP Themes, Illustrations, add-ons, Powerpoint Presentation etc.. And you get 80% Commission. Best place to Sell Graphic Templates The Best place to Sell Templates has always been on Online Marketplaces. There has been many website that has ...

How and When will Vendors get paid

How and When will Vendors get paid Vendors will receive their pay on the 15th of Every Month if their Milestone is $100 or above. The only withdrawal facility for the moment is Paypal. Cheque Withdrawal will be an option for people without Paypal. Milestone is $500 or above.

Commission Payment

Vendors Commissions and Stages Vendors Comissions and Stages are as follows: Starter Sales : $0 - $10,000 Comissions : 75% Gift Received when reaching Milestone $10,000 : YOGNEL Marketplace T-Shirt   Master Sales : $10,000 - $50,000 Comissions : 80% Gift Received when ...

Selling Guides for Vendors

1. Zip Your Files For Upload Your Final Zip files, for upload, should consist of : Source Files (.PSD , .AI , .INDD etc ) Help File ( Explain how the product cand be used and list the specifications + a tutorial on how to insert pictures and text etc)   2. HelpFile Your help ...

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