Business Flyer Examples

Business Flyer Examples – Hold your breath! Flyers are used by businesses all around the world. It is one of the leading media types to advertise locally. Let’s say you have a business or a company offering Graphic Design and Advertising services. You may have a website that attracts many people. Perhaps you advertise on Facebook also, with your Creative looking adverts. This is just awesome.

But what happens to the people who live locally, those who are not often connected online and who need Design and Advertising services? Have you thought about them? Let’s get to the main topic. I will list some great business flyer examples below from different types of business.


1. Fitness Coach Flyer Template

Business Flyer Examples

This amazing flyer is for Fitness Coaches or Yoga Trainers. The topic concentrates more on post-pregnancy belly fats. Most women are sad because of the fats left after pregnancy. If you are a trainer and you provide fitness classes, you should consider using this creative flyer design.


2. Travel Flyer

Business Flyer Examples

Good news for Travel Agencies. This flyer layout is best for agencies who are in the tourism sector. If you provide travel packages to people who would want to visit other countries, like the Bahamas, Seychelles, Bali, and others, you need to get this flyer to advertise your packages.

You can check Version 2 of this Flyer Here >>


3. Content Marketing Flyer

Business Flyer Examples

If you are a content marketing agency, you would want to advertise your company online, maybe through google ads or directory listings. That’s great. You should also consider letting the people in your locality to know that you can create rich online content to boost their business online. Try to use this content marketing flyer template, it is fully editable.


4. Rent A Car Flyer

Business Flyer Examples

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