Graphic Designer Salary $90,000 / Yearly

Graphic Designer Salary $90,000 / Yearly

Graphic Designer Salary can be around $90,000 / Yearly. If you are passionate with design and have a Degree, you will be a great Graphic Designer.

Graphic Designer Salary

I remember when i was in college, i was so passionate with Arts and Design & Technology. These were the subjects that i would excell. I had never asked myself about what is a Graphic Designer Salary. I just concentrated in my studies till University and got work experiences. Years later, now, my salary is $80K-$90K.

This is a huge sum, right? If you think, sitting in the office behind a computer can bring you that salary, this is wrong. There has been so much sacrifice that i did, and the time i spent doing much research every week.


Graphic Designer Salary

How to get this decent salary in US?

There are multiple ways to get this decent salary in US. First, you should have been in College and a Minimum BA Graphic Design. A Master Degree would be great. These are the papers that no one can doubt you. It opens the doors to success. Yes i know that there have been saying that Degrees are not important and so on.

All people cannot be Bill Gates, Jack Ma, Mark Zukerberg, let’s be practical. Life is a pyramid. There are principles to follow in life. Even there Education System is not at its best, that does not mean you should skip it because of few humans have succeed like that.

How you can work in paralell & estimated Graphic Designer Salary :

  • You can work full time in an Advertising Company ( $60,000 / Yearly )
  • Freelance Graphic Designer ( $3,000 / Monthly )
  • You can teach Graphic Design at University ( $7,000 / Monthly )
  • You can be a Graphic Design Author on marketplace such as Shutterstock, GraphicRiver, Yognel or Fotolia etc. ( $8,000 / Monthly )
  • Creating Graphic Design tutorials such as on Udemy. ( $2,000 / Monthly )

Graphic Designer Salary in different countries

The Graphic Designer Salary differs from country to country. A fulltime Graphic Designer in the US can earn more than one in China. This does not mean that the designers from China are not talented. In 2017, the trend has been that there are many Designers who left their Fulltime work to be a Marketplace Author.


How to market your business – 10 Powerful Marketing Ideas

How to market your business is what many Small Business Entrepreneurs wonder. Use these 10 powerful Marketing Ideas to succeed.

How to market your business – 10 Powerful Marketing Ideas

There are many small business entrepreneurs who cut out marketing expenses when their budgets are tight. From day one of my career till now, i have seen business owners who have been cutting cost from the marketing side.

They usually put $10,000 in their office assets, air conditioner, sofas and lighting decos while on the other side they invest $90/monthly in marketing their business.

This is not fair at all. An entrepreneur needs to understand that only way How to market your business is through marketing itself.

So invest more money and time in your marketing strategy.

The 10 Powerful Marketing Ideas

1. Craft an elevator pitch

How to market your business

You should craft an elevator pitch. What does this means?

It simply means that you have only 8 to 10 seconds to catch someone’s attention to listen to you. If in this 8 to 10 seconds you succeed to grab the attention of someone, then you will have at least 1 minute to sell your product.

For example, my elevator pitch to grab someone’s attention is : I can show you how to increase your sales using Graphics and Technology.

If you invest your time in creating an amazing elevator pitch about how to market your business, it will create huge business opportunities in the future.


2. Leverage your community

How to market your business

Think simple is the key in your marketing efforts. Look around you and see what’s going on in your community to know how to market your business. It could be in your town/city where you live, it can be on your facebook feeds what everyone is talking about.

Try to sponsor a football team, design and print some banners for them. Or you can give them some football shirts.

If you see an organisation who is creating awareness about cancer for example, try to see what you can sponsor. You should have your logo in there or a flyer / brochure on the front desk.

You should always know about your community / target audience about where they spend their time so that you can meet them.


3. Collaborate among Non-Competitive Businesses

How to market your business

You should put together a group of synergistic, non-competitive businesses in your locality and agree to cross promote among yourselves.

You can use vouchers, flyers, reciprocal website links to increase google rankings or social media platforms. When non-competitive businesses colloborate together in view of how to market your business, you will reach out a new audience to market your product or service.


4. Build your Network

How to market your business

Building a network was one of the most difficult part i ever encountered in my career. After graduated from university, i was still the timid guy who was a very hardworking graphic designer. I was researching about How to market your business. I had to break my timidity to build my network. What i had to do is go and meet some people, shake some hands and get to know people.

Networking is very hard to achieve as it requires time investment and it doesn’t provide instant gratification. A strong network is one of the greatest assets a business can have. So get out there and build your network.


5. Give a speech

How to market your business

You don’t have to be a pro to give out a speech as long as what you are sharing is helpful to the audience. Let’s say you are an SEO Expert, try to make some videos and talk about some specific stuffs on SEO. Make it reach people that will thank you for it the same way am telling you how to market your business. This way, it positions you as a credible authority in your field. When it comes to advanced SEO, these people who have heard your speech, they will come to you for a hire.


6. Create a buzz

How to market your business

Every business needs a buzz to pop up fromt he crowd. But unfortunately not everything makes a buzz. This can be accomplished if you hire a copywriter, a creative or a marketing expert who can craft a story for you.

For example, let’s say you are a burger shop, and you are launching a burger. Your burger should be the biggest in town. Then you should write a story about the burger. Why people need to eat it? Because it boost your Mind Energy.

If people hear that, it creates a BUZZ. And you go! But you should be cautious, it can cut you off. So you should have a parallel media that should shout out this buzz for you.


7. Ask for referrals

How to market your business

Don’t be afraid of asking for customer referrals. Most people agree to provide a referral if they are asked to. Referrals make it easier to get other customers to your door. This is an underestimate method of how to market your business.


8. Build relationships

How to market your business

It is much more easier to keep a customer than it is to get a new one. Building strong relationships is the key. How to to this? There are many way that you can do this.

  • Email them each month asking about their health, business and family.
  • Post them a Birthday Card for their birthdays.
  • Send them a small gift on christmas.
  • There are others things you can do, be creative and original.

When customers come to your office or store make your communications informative, helpful and professional — something your customers will look forward to receiving.


9. Offer coupons

How to market your business

Coupons or Vouchers are great marketing strategies that a business can use. If you are giving a discount coupon, the probability that this customer will come back again is very high. So try to be creative with your coupons.


10. Give Aways / Free Trial

How to market your business

If you believe that your service or product is one of the best in town, give it away or give a free trial. This will enable people to test it and then buy it. People are more apt to use something that they have already experienced. If you don’t give a free trial, they will never experience it, thus no sale.


Increase Website Traffic with Sex Stories – 150,000 Visits/Monthly

Increase Website Traffic with Sex Stories can be tempting. Statistics and researches have shown that you can increase your traffic from 100,000 – 150,000 visitors monthly.

Increase Website Traffic with Sex Stories

There has been many bloggers who have invented words and phrases which are connected to sex. These has been use to make people more willing to read an article or to feel inside the story. Below are some examples of these lines which tend to bring lots of visitors.

This Might Interest You : What is Content Marketing – The Power to Increase Sales

increase website traffic

Let your Marketing sit on her Branding while his Advertising is pushing hard from behind.

increase website traffic

If you want to succeed in business, do a Threesome. Branding + Marketing + Advertising.

increase website traffic

If you want to be an SEO Expert, You need to know about every SEO Holes. You need to have a long Banana.

Is this a Good Way to Increase Website Traffic

There has been many positive feedbacks from people who have used this methodology. Content marketers have found a great balance between using Corporate Text & Sex Stories. These sex stories are not to make you have an erection or will make you cum right away. Content Marketers say that these sexual lines make a person to read the whole content with a passion and eventually increase website traffic.

Normal writing : If you want to throw your competitor down, use the best marketing Techniques.

Sexual Writing : Your competitor will be on your bed if you have the best banana with you.

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This is a very tough challenge for content marketers. If you want to be best at this, you need to have a full language dictionary about sex, sexual position or sexual trends.

Are sex stories Good for Seo

Sex stories which are well incorporated in business text are good for SEO. People tend to take longer time to read your article. Thus it sends a signal to Google, announcing a low bounce rate. Your website will have lots of clicks.

Always remember :

  • Women sells
  • Sex is natural
  • Everyone thinks of Sex
  • We all love Sex
  • Sex is good for health, so it is good for SEO


What is Content Marketing – The Power to Increase Sales

What is Content Marketing? In brief it is the Power to Increase Sales.

What is Content Marketing

The words “Content Marketing” is very popular nowadays. Many people ask what is Content Marketing? Content Marketing is simply a marketing strategy by using content.

Content can be classified as : Text, Infographics, Videos, Audios, Photography, Painting

Let’s see how this was and is still used in Advertising Agencies. There is often a person who writes a story, make some story boards. This is then discussed / brainstormed before it goes to realisation process. The story should be written with an aim to sell a product. There is always two option : To make people buy a product now or to create a brand so that exponential sales are made later.

Years ago, this “similar” way of marketing was know as copywriting. It was not used to the maximum level. As years passed by the so called “copywriting” was developped.

what is content marketing

10 Years ago : If a person needed to write text for a brochure, it would be called CopyWriting. The same thing today, if a person needs to write text for a brochure, i bet a person would choose a Content Marketer rather than a Copywriter.

what is content marketing

Today : Content Marketing is the ability to write great text that everyone understand. The content should become popular so that the products / services are sold. If the content is bad, the products won’t be sold. But if the text becomes popular, you can expect an exponential sales. This is What is Content Marketing.

  • Note : This is same for any content you use, whether it is Videos, Text, Infographics, Photography or Paintings.


Content Marketing can be referred as Branding

As many people wonder What is Content Marketing really, it can be reffered as Branding. The process of branding is similar to the so called Content Marketing nowadays.

When a company wants to brand its look, it does not expect a direct sale. Branding is not like you publish a Flyer ” Best Burger – $10 ” and in the next 2 or 3 days a person will come to buy your burger.

Branding is merged with Psychology, Design, Marketing or Business Management.

Similarly, when we talk about Content Marketing, it groups all these factors; Psychology, Design, Marketing or Business Management.

It is a whole process of THINKING before ACTING. That being said, you can’t expect to launch into Content Marketing the next day after you have read about it.

Questions to Ask Yourself if you want to do Content Marketing

There are so many questions that you need to ask yourself before diving in the Ocean of Content Marketing. I am listing some key factors below for people who keep asking What is Content Marketing.

1. What are my Product / Services? You should have a clear mind of what your products or your services are. Know them by heart, analyse them, evaluate them. You should know these on your finger tips whenever someone ask you something about them. If you fail in knowing and understanding your products / services, you will never be able to do Content Marketing.

2. Why do I want to sell my products / Services? Ask yourself for which purpose you are selling. Brainstorm over your products / services. You want to sell these because you have only these things to sell? Are you selling these because you have seen the affiliate paying rate is high? If this is so, you will fail 100%.

3. Who will it benefit? You need to know who the products are for. Are they for that old man without teeth, or that sexy mature woman with a fat belly or that lovely kid? Or is it only you the only beneficiary?

4. Is money my priority? If money is your priority, Content Marketing is definitely not for you. Content Marketing is a long process, yes it will bring lots of money in the future. But if you keep thinking of Money, it will never come. Why? Because you will keep thinking about Money Money Money, thus wasting all your thinking ability.

5. Which language you excell? You may have heard someone saying that he did Content Marketing in a language he never knew. I call this purely fantasy. To be able to deal with text, you will need to excell in a particular language. Then you will be able to craft your content perfectly.

6. Content Marketing for your Blog / Website / Print Newsletters or Brochures? Crafting contents for Newsletters and Brochures demands text and graphics. You have to make people interested in your publications. These print publications should not be an expectation for sales rather to gain popularity. Same for websites or blogs, you need to make them famous to drive traffic.

17 Secrets to Promote Small Business – Marketing Tips

Promote small business is one of the toughest situation a new company can meet.

Not enough money for advertising or marketing? You just invested in a lovely office and don’t have enough funds left? You don’t know the proven ways to promote small business?

The truth about Small Business Owners

Many of us who has been in this situation, we all know that there are no such FREE things for us to do to make our business prosper. When someone tell you it is FREE, just know it is always PAID. If you don’t pay it now, you will pay it later on. This is the reality.

The other reality is that you are just got some Bank Loan and you are very careful with the expenditures. You don’t want to spend from right to left. You want your little money to serve you the best.

Promoting a small business is an ongoing challenge for small businesses. Whether you are just starting your company or you have been in for years, these small marketing tips will help you considerably without having to spend a fortune.

17 Secrets to Promote Small Business

1 Plan Your Attack

You should have everything clear in mind. Before starting any promotion, you need to ask yourself many questions as possible. What is your business? Who are the potential clients?

Are they going to be that Old Grandpa who doesn’t know how to read or write?

Will they be that 18 Years old mom who just gave birth and is depressed or that good looking young man who has a private jet?

Is it easy to find these potential clients on Facebook, Twitter, in the local garden or at the city  shopping mall?

Do you want direct sales or you have intention to create forever lasting sales? Write down all these answers and refer to them any time you start a new marketing tactic. Use this marketing plan worksheet to gather your information.

2 If you don’t have a website, Get one

If you can’t afford to get a custom website designed, then use premium website template, it cost around $60. You will also need a Domain name which is approximately $9, use a .com.

A hosting server is where you will host the website costs around $100 / yearly. ( Total you will need approximately $169 ). A website is very important. It increase your credibility and authority. It builds trust in your potential clients and it makes you look great.

3 Place your Business in Search Engine Local Directories

The first things first. You need to place your Business in Google and Bing Listings which is free.

To get listed on Google, go to Google My Business
To get listed on Bing, go to Bing Places for Business

There are some other business directories, do some research and see if there are directories targeting your local clients.

4 Set up your Business Profile on social media

There are different social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest and others to pormote small business. Set up a business account or page. Keep it strictly for business.

Engage yourself in group discussions, talk to others having same business as you. Ask questions to people. If you have something to sell, don’t spam on groups of page. People hate that.

5 A Print Business Card & Corporate ID is really important

If you don’t have a business card yet, get one immediately. You will meet many people on the road, in cafe and pubs. Having a business card handy is always a must.

When you send out letters, you need to have a nice looking letterhead. These things show your potential clients or investors how professional you are.

6 Get help from friends & family

Call your friends and family, or preferrable go meet them. You tell them that you just launched your company and to share your business cards to their friends and so on. Friends and Family can do a great advertising for you. ( Mouth to Ear )

7 Talk to your Hairdresser, Barber, Supermarket

Talk to your vendors from whom you buy products and services such as your Barber, Supermarkets etc. Ask them permission if they can display your flyers or business cards in their bulletin boards.

Small people may help you, you can also help them back. Create a network. The way to promote small business is a give and take strategy.

8 Attend meeting of Professional groups

There are many meetings / seminars held by professionals. Attend these meeting and always have your business cards in your pocket.

Talk to these professionals, let them feel you are interested, flatter them and they will ask about you and your job. Then tell them you have a company and give them your business cards.

9 Post Interesting Articles and Photos regularly on Social Network

Write some great Articles and use some great pictures with graphic design inserted. Post them on your social media accounts. Creat your network. Make people interested in you. Show them how their life can change with your services or products.

  • Do not just post a great picture of your Product on which it is written : Web Design for $100 – Rather write ” To make money Online, You need a Robust Website! “

10 Put Videos of your Services / Products on Youtube

The videos you do should be professionals to promote small business, remember you want to sell your products or services. You are not just uploading videos just for the sake of having videos.

If you can’t make pro videos, try to learn how to do it, or hire a Videographer to do it or use some Video Footage or Intros to make it interesting. The videos should have your contact details, Web URL, Social Media Links, Phone number and address.

11 Partner with other people doing same business as you

Let them know that you can handle their work overloads. Don’t steal their clients, it will just ruin your business reputation in the long run. Stealing clients from your competitor is a very wrong Marketing Tips.

12 Government Facilities

Usually, almost all countries have facilities set up for ” How to start a Business “. They sometimes offer loans, or give tenders to new business. Do some research and see if you can get your name in their directory. Having Government Tenders can be a very great start.

13 Send out Print Newsletters to everyone you think can be potential clients

Get a Premium Newsletter Template. Write about your products, company and how others can benefit from you. Show them the advantages in dealing with you. Follow up periodically with postcard mailings.

14 Use your Car or Van as an Advertising Medium

If you have a car or van, get your Business Name or Website Name written on it. It can be painted or you can use magnetic stripes. Your can or van can make a really good advertising for you. This is one of the cheapest way to promote small business.

15 Offer a free Consultation

If you are a plumber for example, offer a free consultation. Check all the piping of a house, give the owner some ideas how he can improve his water flow and don’t forget to give them your business card.

When they have pipe leaks, be sure that they will contact you. It is same for other type of business. Promote small business is not an easy task. It takes efforts but the results are very sweet if you follow these 17 Marketing Tips.

16 Stay in contact with business of same market but different products

For example, if you are into Plumbing, make friends with Electricians, Painters or Gardeners. Make arrangements to pass leads back and forth, or share mailings.

17 Have sales letters, flyers and brochures printed and ready to go

Ask prospects who seem reluctant to buy from you: “Would you like me to send information?” Follow up promptly with a note and a letter that says, “Here is the information you asked me to send”

Results Guaranteed – Try these 17 Secrets

These 17 Secrets to Promote Small Business have worked on more than 400 people that i know. I myself started with these marketing tips when i was fresh graduate and not no much money. You should follow these steps seriously and you will see a true response in the following weeks.


Facebook Business Page – How I Lost my Business with Facebook

Facebook Business Page looks interesting but it is not. So beware! Master this Marketing Strategy.

Facebook Business Page – How I Lost my Business with Facebook

I was 24 years old and i just finished university. I came from a middle class family and i wanted to make money with my knowledge i acquired at University. I wanted to make money fast. So i created a Media Company. As i did not have much money to market myself, i used the Facebook Business Page. It was the low cost option that i had.

150,000 Facebook Likes in 5 months

I was posting interesting stuffs such as infographics and videos regularly on my Facebook Business Page. I needed to create an audience and i came up to 150,000 Facebook Likes in 5 months. I did not pay for the Facebook Likes just for you to know. Everything was going on smoothly, my fans were congratulating me for coming up with a great concept.

I was making around $5,000 monthly

I received many private messages from Entrepreneurs and Companies. They wanted to advertise on my channel and that was really a great news. I began to make Viral Videos for these companies and in a year my popularity began to grow enormously. I was making around $5,000 monthly, wow.

My income began to grow exponentially

Many doors opened in my way which is why i created my Business Card. I would get all the address of all the business / companies in my locality and would send them an email or postal letter. There was a positive response from the majority of the companies. My income began to grow exponentially to $7,000 monthly.

My facebook Page was GONE

Let’s take a recap. It was only 1 year and 2 month, i just grew my Business with Facebook Business Page and i was making around $7,000 / Monthly. Then one morning i woke up as usual, i come to my Computer. I logged in Facebook to see the insights of my Facebook Page. My facebook Page was GONE. Yes, it had disappeared. I did not know what to do because i never heard of it. My first impression was that somebody hijacked my page. I made some research on Facebook but my page could not be seen anywhere on this social media.

There was no explanation nothing

I contacted Facebook and i had to wait 1-3 days for them to reply back. They replied me saying “We found something that was against our policy. There is nothing that can be done. You will not get your Page back”. There was no explanation nothing. All my hardwork was gone. The companies began to phone me telling me that i was not professional. My fans were angry. They could not understand that it was Facebook that just deleted my page.

I was not the only one in this situations

I Googled to find the answers to my problems. Unfortunately, I was not the only one in this situations. I could see many people complaining that they lost their business with Facebook Business Page.


Facebook Business Page – The wrong Marketing Strategy To Start with

From this experience, i understood that if a person wants to start a Business, he should not start with a Facebook Business Page. This is risky because it is Facebook that controlls everything. It is their platform and they do whatever and whenever they want. If you don’t have money and Facebook is your low cost option for marketing, take some time to save some money. Then go for a robust marketing strategy.

Don’t have much money? Start with a Website

I can understand many people or freshly graduates don’t have much money. So my advice is to save some money and get a website designed and a server. It will cost you around $550. It is worth all the pains you can possibly have with a Facebook Business Page. It will be your platform and you will control everything.

You can have a Facebook Page, but don’t make it your priority in Marketing your Business. Start with your website. Whatever you post on your website, post a copy of that on your FB Page. You should use your Facebook Page as a ” Backup “. Facebookers should come to your website rather than your FB Page.

Efficient Marketing Strategy for a Startup

Start with a Website

As mentioned above, starting with a website is the best that you can do. It is the only way i see that a person or company will succeed.

Create a Facebook Business Page

Create an audience and make your website known to Facebookers. The aim is that you should take them out of Facebook and read your stuffs on your website.

Blog Articles

Your website should have a great Google Rankings. You should blog regularly. It will create an Organic Reach.

Business Cards

Design and Print your Business Card. You should distribute these in your locality.

Flyer Design

Get access to the loads of Flyer Templates, edit them to fit your brands. Distribute these in your countryside. Make your website and services know.


  • CONCLUSION : Follow these above steps in the order it is. Make your website a priority. It should become a Brand. A Brand will never die even if you website dies.



Importance of Flyers in your Marketing Strategy

Importance of Flyers is what every businessmen should know.

Flyers work! Use them.

Do you think that flyers are kind of old fashioned?

Think again peeps. Flyers are still important in marketing.

I do agree that we are living in the age of high tech advertising but a flyer is still a priceless promotional tool.

For a moment, think about when flyers were invented.

Did people stop using flyers for all the decades? No! Technology kept on improving, but flyers never disappeared. Flyers work! Importance of flyers is that it always works!

Considering printing your own? Here are a few reasons why flyers are important in marketing.

Importance of Flyers in Marketing

1. It is a low cost option

Importance of Flyers

Flyers are very cheap to aquire. The impact that a flyer has over an audience is bigger and take less time than any high tech advertising. It is one of the cheapest for offline media advertising.

No idea how to create an Elegant Flyer for your company or services? Need help? Check out these FLYER TEMPLATES

It takes pennies to get them printed.

The approximate cost = (1 flyer template $10) + (500 printed copies $210 ) = $220

2. It is low effort but very high impact

Importance of Flyers

If really takes low effort to publish a flyer. First you need to get a template.

Then you need to get some pictures and write your text. Merge everything together.

When you are satisfied with the outcome, go to a printshop and make your copies.

Now that you have ytour copies, share them with the Coffee shop near you or the gym in your locality where people connect to each other. You will be suprise how people would want to help you distributing your flyers.

People will take your flyers home, pin it on the freezer and the whole family will see it.

All you need to do is to wait for the magical response.

3. People love tangible things

Importance of Flyers

This is not strange. Importance of flyers is that most people love tangible things. Just imagine, would you give your wife an E-Card or a Print Card? The printed Card will enable your wife to look at it, touch it and feel it everytime when she thinks of you.

Tangible things, like the Flyers, can be touched and felt.

As a matter of fact, we are bombarded everyday with so many digital advertisement on facebook, youtube and our emails. It is time to stand out in the big crowd!

Use a Print Flyer if you don’t want your message to get stuck in the Junk Mail.

4. Flyers create a personal touch

Importance of Flyers

Flyers are not just tangible but they add a personal touch to your message. It depends on the design of the flyers. What texture is the flyer made of. What are the colours used. Are there die-cut?

Once a person take your flyers in hand, they immediately create a personal relationship.

People can take your flyers and tuck them in their bags or pocket.

This means they will look at it later on. Even if they want to throw it away, they will definitely give a second thought. This is not the case with a digital advertisement. People are not going to come back to view that digital advertisement.

5. It’s eye-catching advertising

Importance of Flyers

Importance of flyers is that they are one of the most eye-catching materials in the advertising world. Imagine you are walking in a cafetaria, you see a beautiful flyer on the table, you would want to look at it.

Or imagine you are walking in a gym, you find a flyer stuck on the wall, you would want to look at it.

This is different from digital advertisement. They may be blocked by ad blockers. And even if they are very well done, they may get lost or be unnoticed on a website.


The life of a Graphic Designer – 10 Shocking Facts

Graphic Designer life can be exciting and dangerous.

The life of a Graphic Designer – 10 Shocking Facts

Every qualified Graphic Designers once had a dream; to be a graphic designer.

Ten years back, approximately in 2007, there were few graphic designers.

Now we are in 2017, the number is 10 times much.

There is never unemployment for a G.Designer, unless you are lazy.

Below is a research held by YOGNEL on G.Designers in USA and UK.

1. Sleeps very little & anywhere

graphic designer

A graphic designer’s life can be amazing and complicated at the same time.

I have met many graphic designers from all around the world and the statistics show that they sleep only between 3-4 hours everyday.

They can be found sleeping on the sofa, in the working studio, in a dark little cabin.. anywhere..



2. Always on the thinking mode

graphic designer

Yes, a graphic designer is always on the thinking mode.

When they walk on the roads, they think about concepts, colours, flyers and brochures etc.

When they drive, they are more apt to cause accidents.

They can’t stop their mind from thinking. This can be a major advantage or a major disadvantage.



3. Clients are always first, then wife

graphic designer

However much a Graphic Designer would like to spend time with his wife or make his wife to be first in his life, it is not always possible.

When he goes on holidays with his wife, the mobile phones keep ringing.

There could be a call saying ” The flyer that you designed for me, i need that in bigger format today. I need to print these today itself. Please do something 

OR there can be an SMS saying ” My Microsoft Word can’t open the .AI file that you sent me.

A G.Designer does not like these situations.

He love his wife and kids, but he also knows that if he does not attend that call or sms, he will lose that client. And that can affect the whole family financially.

Advice to a G.Designer’s wife : Your husband loves you so much. Give him support.



4. Main stress is Clients’ Taste

graphic designer

G.Designers meet clients daily. Majority of them do not understand what graphics are all about. This is a big big stress for G.Designers.

For clients it’s just ” I prefer this one over this one. ” or ” I have always like RED. I want that RED on that Blue. That RED is my Brand Colour. But i don’t have money to change the colour of my blue wall. So let’s do it like that (see above picture to understand) ”


5. Testosterone levels very high

graphic designer

When G.Designers have many works, they don’t usually think about sex. Because apparently sex cause them a divertion.

But when there have already done their work, there is no projects ahead, their testosterone levels are very high.

They get very hard erection and can last more than 45minutes.

( You can ask the wives of G.Designers )


6. Doesn’t have many friends

graphic designer

It is not that G.Designers don’t have friends.

Yes they are not so much social. But it is wrong to say that they don’t have many friends.

Their friends are not people who party all time, their friends are not in bars or clubs.

Their friends are genius minds like them.

They always meet up in seminars or in brainstorming to change the world.


7. Gets angry rarely

graphic designer

G.Designers don’t usually get angry over petty things. But when it comes to work, if his fellow working under him did not do the work correctly, there may be a problem then.

G.Designers are cool people. But when they feel people are crushing them, they tend to be angry lions. So beware.


8. Dress very simple

graphic designer

G.Designers don’t have much time to lose in shopping clothing. They are very simply dressed. They can wear a tshirt for 2 or more years, yes it’s a fact. They have so much things to do and to think about. They create best things for people and don’t have time to create best things for themselves. Just like Einstein.


9. Not so romantic

graphic designer

G.Designers are not so romantic. They can buy a chocolate or ring for their wives of girlfriends but they are not able to buy a bouquet of flowers to kneel down and give their wives. They are not able to decorate the room for a romantic evening. They express badly in words ( spoken ), they express best in drawings or designing. Some Graphic Designer made animations or a website or flyers for their loved ones.


10. If you are a Graphic Designer, Comment a Shocking Fact below

graphic designer


Top 10 Famous People in America 2017 – Latest News

Top 10 Famous People in America 2017

The famous people in America (USA) 2017. These results are latest news based on an algorithm developped by YOGNEL. 

famous people

Donald Trump – President of United States of America – Charismatic Person

famous people

Mark ZuckerbergCEO of Facebook – Friendly who likes to help the poor

famous people

Barack Obama – Previous President of United States of America

famous people

Tom Cruise – Best Actor of Science Fiction and Action

famous people

Ivanka Trump – Businesswoman – Most Beautiful & Classy in today’s world

famous people

Mia Khalifa – The X doll – High IQ

famous people

JK Rowling – History Story Author who cannot be forgotten

famous people

Tim Cook – The second Steve Jobs

famous people

Laurene Powell Jobs – Steve Jobs’ Wife

famous people

Denzel Washington – Has always fight racism