This site may be hacked – Fix it in 5 Minutes – Google Search

This site may be hacked – Are you receiving this message on Google Search?

this site may be hacked

Don’t panick.

How to fix ” this site may be hacked ” – Code Injection

[ 1 ] First things first. Login to your Google Search Console


[ 2 ] Click ” Security Issues “.

this site may be hacked

It should give you the problem on the right side. Most of the time the problem is ” Code Injection “. You will see it in your Google Search Console. If the problemis ” Code Injection “, continue with steps 3.


[ 3 ] Go on, type , in the example below i have typed

this site may be hacked

when you do this, it give you all the URLS to your website that are catched by google. Go through the URLS you see, investigate if you have any weird urls that are not yours.


[ 4 ] If you see weird URLS, then you should remove all the URLS. If you don’t see any weird urls, follow step 5.


How to fix ” this site may be hacked ” – Scan your Website

[ 5 ] Scan your website on a Malware Program. Go on QUTTERA

this site may be hacked

QUTTERA is one of the best Malware Scanner available for free. When it has already scanned your website, it will give you a list of threats on your website. Note them down, and fix it. ( Most of the times it will show you the URLS where Malware has been injected.


[ 6 ] Sometimes, the problems lie with a wordpress theme. Probably you have not updated your theme or wordpress. Or you have downloaded a premium themed that has been stolen from a market place like THEMEFOREST. You need to replace the theme with one that you have bought.


[ 7 ] After you have done all the steps above, go on QUTTERA again. Scan your website. The problems should now disappear.


How to fix ” this site may be hacked ” – Ask for a Review

[ 8 ] Now you should go back to your Google Search Console, click on Manual Actions

this site may be hacked


[ 9 ] When you click on the Manual Actions, on the right you will see ” Ask for a Review “, click on it. You will need to explain Google how you fixed the problems and to kindly remove ” this site may be hacked ” .


[ 10 ] After 1 week or less, you will receive a message from Google in your Google Search Console ( or the email you inserted for your Google Search Console ) like the one below.

this site may be hacked


[ 11 ] The ” this site may be hacked ” on the Google Search will be removed after 1-2 days.


[ 12 ] Now coming back to Google Rankings, you need to submit your sitemap to Google Console again.


[ 13 ] If the problem was Code Injection, you have nothing else to fear.






I installed SSL but NO Padlock – WordPress Fix

SSL Installed but NO Padlock

No padlock can be seen on your SSL https website? Your SSL padlock disappears after some time? Fix the it to get High Google Rankings.

Scroll below to know how to fix this.

  • Q1 : I have installed an SSL certificate on my website, but no padlock can be seen. why?
  • Q2 : The padlock on my https website disappears a few seconds later. why?
  • Q3 : The padlock on my SSL website was working fine, but disappeared suddenly today. Why?


When SSL is installed, no padlock can be seen in the address bad. Here is the fix for it.


One of my clients (Johnson) who have his website running on WordPress CMS contacted me and said ” I installed SSL on my website but NO Padlock can be seen, Help me Yognel. ”

There are so many information available on the internet about this SLL Certificate & No Padlock problems.


At this stage, i assume that you have bought the correct SSL Certificate with the correct provider. And that you have installed it correctly as it should be. But still No Green Padlock.

SSL No Padlock


SSL Installed but NO Padlock. How to Fix?

[ 1 ] Go to this Website :


[ 2 ] Place your Website URL in the Secure URL, then click Check. ( As shown below )

SSL Padlock


[ 3 ] If it tells you something is wrong with the links on your website, Download this HTTPS Plugin for WordPress. Install it in your WordPress Admin and Activate it.


[ 4 ] Select the options you see below and click Save Changes.

SSL No Padlock


[ 5 ] Now download the .htaccess file from your website root. Add the following codes and re-upload your .htaccess to the root of your website.

THE CODE: Header set Content-Security-Policy: upgrade-insecure-requests

SSL no padlock


[ 6 ] It’s done! You can now see your Green Padlock.


Get HTTPS Now & Increase your Google Rankings



Gmail: How to Sign Out from All Devices

Gmail Sign Out from All Devices means Security

If you want to STAY SECURE, then Sign Out from All Devices on Gmail to avoid others to see your FACEBOOK CHATS, or to read your Emails.

Sign Out from All Devices is very important when you are using a Gmail Account. If you are reading this post, it means you want to know How to Sign Out from All Devices on Gmail because it is a security for your privacy.


Here is how it’s done:

[ Step 1 ] On a Desktop Computer, Sign in Your Gmail. ( i.e go to )

Sign Out from all devices on Gmail


[ Step 2 ] Click on INBOX.

Google Troubleshoot


[ Step 3 ] Scroll down. You will see “Details”. Click “Details”

Gmail Sign Out Tips


[ Step 4 ] A window will open up. Click “Sign out all other web sessions”.

Sign Out from all Devices on Gmail


[ Step 5 ] It’s DONE. To stay secure, Click “change your password”.

gmail change password


When you should Sign Out from All Devices on Gmail :

[ 1 ] If you Sign In at different places on your Gmail Account. Meaning, if you Sign In at your Office, you Sign In at Home, you Sign In in a Cyber Cafe, then you should Sign Out from All Devices on Gmail.

[ 2 ] If you have a Gmail Email Address, and you use this particular Gmail Email Address to Login Facebook, Login Twitter, Login any website then you should Sign Out from All Devices on Gmail.

( TIPS : Wherever you see “Login with Google+”, try not to use this option if you are always forgetful to Sign Out All Devices )

[ 3 ] If you are selling a Mobile Phone that you have used. If you have used a Gmail Email Address to Sign In Facebook, Youtube, App Store, then you need to Sign Out from All Devices on Gmail before selling the mobile phone.


Why you should Sign Out from All Devices on Gmail :

[ 1 ] Because you don’t want other people to read your Emails.

[ 2 ] Because you don’t want other people to read your Facebook Chats.

[ 3 ] Because you don’t want people to know when you are Watching Porn.

[ 4 ] Because you don’t want other people to get access with your Confidential Files.