Company Newsletters – Why are they important in Marketing

Company Newsletters are important for your company.

Company Newsletters – Why are they important in Marketing

Many businessmen and startups agree that they should build a good relationship and to maintain regular contact with their customers. This can be done by many different media and the cost-effective medium is a Newsletter. Many marketing firms keep doing lots of research every year.

One of the latest researches stated that 70% customers would like to receive a company’s information / updates through a Print Newsletter, 20% from Email Newsletter and the 10% from Social Media.

Print Newsletters have demonstrated that they are very powerful in Marketing.

Company Newsletters create Awareness

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When you publish a newsletter, it gives you the opportunity to create awareness and understanding of your productsand services. I do understand that you do lots of advertising. You should know that an advertisement does not show everything of your company or its products.

A Newsletter publication helps you to create the power of purchase. When a person reads your newsletter and then see your advertisement, the chance of him hiring or buying your products is greater.

Company Newsletters show your Expertise

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Newsletters help you to show your expertise. All leading companies in the world agree that a newsletter is the best platform to deliver the most valuable information which help a company establishing itself as an industry leader.

To establish leadership, write articles that cover important and up-to-date issues in your market sector and share information on industry research.

Wherever you host presentations, provided these details so that interested people can listen to you.

Company Newsletters promote your Products

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You can use newsletters to promote your products and services. Give value to your Newsletters by giving exclusive / special offers to the readers only.

For example, there can be a section in the Newsletter saying : ” Cut this Advertisement, Bring to us and receive a 10% Discount” .

When people get used to reading your newsletter, you can then make announcement of your newly launched product. You can describe the product and write related articles that back your products.

Newsletter Publishing increases trust from a B2B and B2C point of view before a purchase or a hire.

Company Newsletters help keeping contact with customers

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If you publish newsletters on a regular basis, weekly, monthly or quarterly, it helps maintaining contacts with customers between purchase and sales calls.

If your company face a long and complex decision-making or a new clause in some contracts, a newsletter can get your message across in less time.

Customers are very intelligent. They will buy from you if they see you are very regular in meeting them. How can you meet them? The answer is simple, publish a Weekly Newsletter.

Once this contact / relationship has been built, you will see your sales rising up.

Company Newsletters are Cost-Effective

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Download RITE4 Newsletter Template

Print Newsletters cost very low compared to any other advertising method. If you adopt this low-cost marketing strategy, you will find yourself with a finance reserve to spend in other advertising.

I understand that you may have heard it is useless for publishing a print newsletters. But don’t listen to these guys. Newsletters are not dead yet.


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