Digital Marketplace for Digital Download

Digital Marketplace is usually an eCommerce website where multiple digital sellers upload their digital product design for sale.

These digital sellers can be Graphic Designers, Theme Builders, Ebook Writers, App Designers, Illustrators, Script Writers, UI Designers, etc.

The list is long when it concerns Digital Product Design. Let’s take a look about what types of products do the digital sellers may sell on a Digital marketplace :


1. Graphic Designers

These creative professionals may sell templates such as :

  • Brochures
  • Business Cards
  • Cards & Invites
  • CD & DVD Artwork
  • CV Templates
  • ePublishing
  • Flyers
  • Food Menus
  • Magazines
  • Newsletter
  • Packaging
  • Signage
  • Stationery


2. Theme Builders

Theme Designers / Builders may sell templates such as :

  • WordPress Theme
  • Magento Templates
  • Elementor Templates


3. Ebook Writers

Professional Writers may sell ebooks such as :

  • Ebooks with Audio (Stories for kids)
  • Ebooks Amazon (Increase sales on Amazon)
  • Business eBooks
  • Marketing Ebooks
  • CPM Ebooks
  • Ebooks in Kindle


4. App Designers

Professional Writers may sell Apps such as :

  • Apps for App Play Store
  • App Video Editor
  • App to Edit Photos
  • App for Movies
  • App to Download Music


5. Illustrators

Adobe Illustrators may sell Illustrations such as :

  • Cat Illustrations
  • Harry Potter Illustrations
  • Fashion Illustrations
  • Children’s Book Illustrations
  • Botany Illustrations


6. Script Writers

Script Writers may sell Scripts such as :

  • Scripts in Python
  • Javascript
  • Javascript Functions
  • HTML Script
  • Typescript Node
  • PHP Script
  • Social Script


7. UI Designers

UI Designers may sell UI Designs such as :

  • UI Login
  • UI Self Service
  • UI Goku
  • Multilanguage User Interface
  • UX User Interface
  • Eso User Interface


8. Other Digital Sellers

The lists above are just to name a few, but the numbers of products someone can sell on a D.Marketplace are unlimited.


9. Advantages of Selling on YOGNEL Digital Marketplace

100% Exposure – Selling on online marketplaces such as YOGNEL Marketplace provides you an additional channel to market and sell your digital products. Your products will have exposure to visitors that regularly comes on our marketplace and other vendors on the eCommerce website also.

Reduced COst in Marketing – YOGNEL offers reduced marketing costs in comparison to other sales channels or distributions. You will not need to spend much on marketing your digital products; templates, codes, scripts, ebooks, or illustrations. The team at YOGNEL will keep on marketing your stuff to increase your sales.

You can earn up to 80% of your sales on YOGNEL Digital Marketplace. Other good news is that you can become a Shareholder also or win other luxury gifts.

With only 11 Digital Sellers on the website, YOGNEL.com was able to make $40,250 sales in 2020. Do you have Digital Products to sell? Subscribe & Start Selling!

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YOGNEL is a Marketplace of amazing products such as Brochures, Logos, Newsletters, Flyers, Illustrations, Infographics, Marketing Articles etc. You can Sell your products on Yognel.com and earn money.

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