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Business Owners. Project Managers. Freelancers. Individuals. Entrepreneurs.

Business owners, Freelancers & Entrepreneurs are the ones who buy Graphic Templates or Elements on our marketplace.

  • Our prices are competitive & quality items.
  • The templates uploaded by our creative sellers are premium.
  • After sales service is guaranteed by our sellers.

Our marketplace is different from other Graphic / Digital marketplaces. We put emphasis on driving your sales while giving you at the same time the materials needed to make it happen.

YOGNEL is where creatives sell digital assets to help bring your ideas to life. Buy anything from Photoshop, Illustrator & In Design Templates & Stock Photos to advanced actions and plugins.

Paypal is our main method of payment.

  • If you like something, go along the process to your checkout.
  • Make the Payment.
  • Once you’ve made the payment, you will be given a link to download the files.
  • First you should read well on the description section written by the seller.
  • If you have already bought an item, downloaded the files, then then it is very difficult for a Refund. It will be the Sellers’ Choice to make a refund or not.
  • Print Templates : $1-$20
  • Illustrations : $1-$10
  • Add-Ons : $1-10
  • Social Marketing : $1-$5


Graphic Designers. Illustrators. Coders. Theme Builders. App Designers. Photographers.

  • Individuals who master Adobe Software can upload their creative templates.
  • High School & Graduated Students who want to make some money by using their photoshop or illustrator skills.
  • Graphic Freelancers or Agencies can upload their templates and make money.

YOGNEL is a promising marketplace with new talents around the world. Other marketplaces are saturated. Jump on board, use your skills to make money.

YOGNEL value the Buyers and Sellers. We give the sellers upto 80% of earnings from their templates. We value your hard work and encourage you to keep uploading your templates and give our buyers the best marketing material kits.

You will get paid, once every month, on the 28th, through Paypal.

When you upload your templates, our reviews check through your files. Once approved, they are published online. It can take 1-24 hours for your templates to be approved.

YOGNEL is already offering you 80% of earnings. It is up to you to sell exclusively here or not. 

It will be in your advantage if you sell exclusively or YOGNEL.


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