Facebook Cover Size [Update 2020]

Facebook Cover Size matters if you want to get your Facebook Business Page to drive traffic. I will list Facebook for Advertising Guide for fb advertisers below.


Facebook Cover Size 2020

Facebook Cover Size

Facebook Advertising is a must. FB Advertisers know that cost for Facebook advertising can be huge, ranging from $100 to $2,500 monthly for an average business page. Whether the business concerns fastfood, coffee shop, rent a car or travel deals, you will need a Facebook cover photo that converts into leads or sales.

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Facebook Cover Size converts Leads and Sales

The real size of a Facebook cover photo can increase your leads / sales by 30%. Many business owners that advertise on Facebook, actually do not take this advertising point into consideration.

A Facebook member will like your page when the latter reflects professionalism and trust. If you have a cover that is not proportionate or is cut on the sides, it reflects amateurism. I have screenshot an example of amateurism below.


Example of Desktop Screenshot

Example of Desktop Screenshot

Brand Exposure on Facebook

Every business needs brand exposure to drive leads and sales. An excellent marketing strategy consists of marketing channels and media. One of the channels that most business owners choose is Facebook.

A Facebook Cover is your intro/header. If the header of your fb business page is not attractive and does not convert, people won’t LIKE your page or most probably not scroll below to check your other posts.


Facebook Cover Photo when Promoting (Boost) Facebook Page

When you boost a Facebook page, sometimes it tells you to change the cover photo because it does not convert. Sometimes it tells you there is too much text. So when you decide to boost a page, your cover should be simple, creative, and less text.


Facebook Cover Photo when NOT Promoting (Boost) Facebook Page

If you don’t boost your Facebook Page (Note: I am saying Facebook Page, not Facebook Posts), the number of text in your Facebook cover does not matter TECHNICALLY. But it does matter VISUALLY when we consider the conversion rates & analytics.


Choosing your Facebook Cover Photo

YOGNEL Digital Marketplace provides a series of Facebook Covers in different career fields. If you want to advertise creatively and thus increasing your leads/sales, try getting your hands on our Facebook Cover Templates.

A list of Facebook Cover Templates :


  • Burger Shop
  • Pizzaria
  • Kebab Shop
  • Pastry
  • Restaurant
  • Indian Cuisine
  • Chinese Cuisine



  • Book Writers
  • Home Decorators
  • Architects
  • Maths Teacher
  • Biology Teacher
  • Chemistry Teacher
  • Dentists
  • Software Engineers
  • Bakers
  • Accountants
  • Biologists
  • Chemists
  • Doctors



  • Computer Repairs
  • Auto Garage
  • Car Dealers
  • Furniture Showroom
  • Travel Agency
  • Phone Repairs

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