20 Best Fitness Advertising Techniques Online & Offline

Fitness Advertising Techniques Online & Offline to increase Sign Up in your Fitness Studio or classes. Make a Must to Read this to succeed fast in Fitness Related Business.

Fitness Advertising Techniques to Increase Sign Up

  1. Fitness Studio Logo
  2. Facebook Ads
  3. Flyer Distribution
  4. Business Card
  5. Poster
  6. Video Ads
  7. Certificate of Completion
  8. Fitness Website
  9. Fitness Motivation Quotes
  10. Fitness Women
  11. Fitness Watch for Women
  12. Fitness Goals
  13. Fitness Dance and Workouts
  14. Fitness Kitchen
  15. Fitness Influencers
  16. Fitness Wallpaper
  17. Fitness Instructor


1. You should have a Pro Fitness Studio Logo

A logo is what makes you different from others, be it a competitor or another company. Most of the times, fitness studio owners tend to make a complicated logo. They want to show everything that the studio provides in the logo.

For example, if the Fitness Studio provides, Online Classes, Fitness Workouts, Nutrition Tips and Dance, the owner want to show an icon for the classes, workouts nutrition and dance. That’s so WRONG!

Take NIKE for example. By the way NIKE and Steve Jobs are two of my best inspiration. Does NIKE have a “Shoe” to its logo? Does Apple has a “Computer Thing” attached to its logo?

The answer is NO!

So, don’t try to make a complicated logo design. A Fitness logo Design should be simple, easily recognisable. It doesn’t mean you always need to have a Big Muscles man in your logo. Without a Good Logo Design, your Fitness Advertising won’t be efficient.


2. Advertise with Premium Facebook Ads

Facebook is still powerful and will remain so in the next 10 years to come. Advertising on Facebook needs creativity. I have seen Fitness Gyms always posting Videos of people doing workouts. Is it bad? No, am not saying its bad.

I am just saying that you need to be more creative.

For example, things you can do weekly for Fitness Advertising on Facebook:

  1. Live Video of your Trainees working out
  2. Live video of you as a Coach giving some tips
  3. Facebook Banner (picture) advertising yourself or Nutritional Tips
  4. Facebook Cover (Picture) with your Gym and Address or with Fitness Products like Watches

Customizable Facebook Ads from Yognel Facebook Ads Library:

*Click on these Pictures to Customize it Online.


3. Work on a Proper Fitness Flyer Distribution Chain

You have started a Gym Studio or Fitness Classes, you should do advertising. This is what we are discussing here. Fitness Flyer are great assets in Fitness Advertising. And it is sad that many Fitness Coach or studios neglect that. Every single piece of advertising is very important to get your business to the top.

Let’s come back to a proper fitness flyer distribution.

(a) Who needs to Distribute the flyers?

If you are a Fitness Coach, you can distribute these flyers yourself and create your personal brand. If not, you can hire close people training with you or having some good body shapes to do the job for you. Remember, you next Fitness / Gym Subscriber will analyse your body before sign up.

If you are a Fat Fitness Coach (Tho I have never seen one), people won’t subscribe. Because if yourself you are not in good shape, your fitness studio says a lot about you. It is said that “First Impression is the Last Impression”.

And that’s true.

If you make some Drug Addicts distribute your flyers, people will think that you are a drug dealer. So, have a proper Flyer Distribution.


(b) Where you need to distribute the flyers?

Honestly, don’t go in front of Burger King Outlet and distribute your flyers. I have seen people distributing fitness flyers, how to lose weight in front of Burger King New York. That’s so bad.

The place where you distribute your promotional items, such as flyers are important. Maybe you are thinking good for the people, when the latter don’t want it at that particular moment.

Just imagine that you have a Fat Chubby girl, together with her man going to Burger King. And you are giving her a Fitness Flyer. Do you think it’s the right place to promote your gym or fitness studio? Absolutely not.

Distribute your Fitness Flyers in National Parks, on the Beach, near Football Stadium or Universities / Companies.


4. Your Fitness Studio or Fitness Trainer need a Premium Business Card

Being a Fitness Trainer or you having a Fitness studio, it means you will be in contact with many people. From different sectors of different age group and social status. You really need to have a Fitness Business Card.

The Business card can have your name, logo or like a voucher for new subscribers. Sharing your business cards with people have never been a waste of time or money. It creates deep connection and has a personal touch.

You can print the business card or send as Whatsapp invitation. But I prefer the Printed Business Card. Since covid19, you’ve got to work both offline and offline. A Fitness Business Card is crucial in Fitness Advertising Techniques.


5. Your Fitness Poster in Your Studio

Fitness Advertising that consists of a Poster is something to consider. I am sure that you already have posters of Big Muscles men in your Studio promoting best Nutrients. But have you given thoughts about having your own Fitness Poster in your gym? With your logo, your slogan and your trainees?

That can be awesome and can create a sense of belonging. Imagine that there is someone training at your fitness studio. Let’s say he is very fat and you have succeeded make him lose weight. Now he has the 6 packs. Would it not be great to have a picture of him on a poster stuck in your fitness gym? This is one idea that you can use in Fitness Advertising.

If a poster may not be what you really prefer, at least you should have a corner where you have the people who made a change in your gym.


6. YouTube Fitness Video Ads

Fitness Advertising on YouTube is a must. If you don’t have a YouTube channel showcasing your Fitness Center or Gym, you are losing much. A YouTube Fitness Channel is a great factor to grow your Subscribers in your Offline Gym or Online Classes. I will not go in details about how you can make the video, but i will assume that you have a camera and you can make short movie about your gym.

Now that the video ads are done, it is very important that they get seen. You can pay YouTube to promote it or you can reach a lot of audience with the right keywords.


(a) Some Keywords you may use for your Video Ads on YouTube

  • Fitness Center (40,500 Searches / Monthly)
  • You may use a Title like : Best Fitness Center in New York
  • Tags like : Fitness Center, Fitness Center in New York
  • Your YouTube Thumbnails must have the Keywords too.
  • Your Description also should concentrate on Keyword Fitness Center.


  • Fitness Exercises (5,400 Searches / Monthly)
  • You may use a Title like : Best Fitness Exercises to Lose Weight Fast
  • Tags like : Fitness Exercises, Lose Weight Fast
  • Your YouTube Thumbnails must have the Keywords too.
  • Your Description also should concentrate on Keyword Fitness Exercises.


  • Fitness Factor (27,100 Searches / Monthly)
  • You may use a Title like : Top 10 Fitness Factor to Build Six Packs
  • Tags like : Fitness Center, Fitness Exercises, Fitness Factor
  • Your YouTube Thumbnails must have the Keywords too.
  • Your Description also should concentrate on Keyword Fitness Factor.

You may use the Ubersuggest to find more keywords.


7. Reward your Fitness Trainees with a Certificate of Completion

You should reward your fitness trainees with Certificates of Completion after they have finish some Fitness Exercises or Fitness Classes. This will create a deep connection between your gym and your trainees. And you wouldn’t believe how happy your trainees will be. They will post that Certificate of Completion on their Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram accounts, or even frame the Certificate in their room.

When others see the certificates, they will sign up your Fitness Studion.

Is this not a great Fitness Advertising to consider? Absolutely, it is!


8. Get a Fitness Website Design

A fitness Website Design enables you to keep track of all your visitors. You will be able to turn these visitors to future subscribers to your fitness studio. A complete fitness advertising techniques without a Fitness Website is not complete.

You may think that this is a lot of work. Why not just have a YouTube and Instagram Account? You can. That’s what everyone is doing. But i am teaching you to be better and not to be like everyone else. If not, i would not be writing this blog. Right?

Whatever i have been saying above, for example the Certificate of Completion, you can upload these on your fitness website as well. Pictures that you take in your gym, you can have a well organised gallery of your fitness center.

More, you can sell fitness nutrients online. Your subscribers may be directly from you.

Take my words, a Fitness Website is a Must in your Fitness Advertising Plan.


9. Fitness Motivation Quotes

You have Whatsapp? I am sure you do. Write some great Fitness Motivational Quotes in your Whatsapp Status. Your contacts will read them. Do it everyday. One of your contacts may ask you questions about your Fitness Motication Quotes. Or better, they will signup your fitness studio directly.

You can diversify the Distribution Channel, consider also Instagram Posts, Facebook Ads and LinkedIn Post.

One of my favourite Fitness Motivation Quotes is:

Never Back Down. Exercise till it Burns.


10. Have Space for Fitness Women

Women sells. It’s a Key Element for Fitness Advertising. Just remember that. If you don’t have a space for Women in your Gym or Fitness Studio, your sales may never go up. You should engineer some Workout Plans for Women. Such as:

  • Post Pregnancy Fitness
  • Lose Weight Fast for Women over 40
  • Lose Weight in 5 Days
  • Trim your Body with our Fitness Workouts

Some or majority men (those who don’t have intention of any gym competition) sign up Gyms or Fitness Studios where there are some amazing women.

For example, you can have a very fat woman. If you make her succeed in losing weight, if you motivate her, she will rejoice. And she will go to tell every women in her peer group about you and your studio. It is free Fitness Advertising.

Fitness Women should at any cost be in your Fitness Advertising Plan.


11. Fitness Watch for Women Sells like Crazy

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