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50 Cheap Flyers Templates to Increase Sales

Cheap Flyers Templates to Make Business increase Sales. Build your strategy wisely for Small Business Marketing. Download these Superb Business Flyer Templates.

Flyers Use Small Business Marketing Strategies

Ever wondered how a business succeeds? 73% uses Flyers.

The main part of it is to insert flyers into powerful business marketing strategies.

Business marketing is not what many people think as going door-to-door to sell some products. No. This is called salesmen.

Here we are talking about Small Business Marketing Strategies.

These are the Cheap Flyers Templates to Make Business Rise Fast that you need to use to increase sales.

Let’s view these Advertising Handbills together.

50 Photoshop Templates & Indesign Templates Flyers

1. Fitness Trainer Flyer


Want to know how to make a flyer for your fitness center? Flyer Creator Yognel is here to help you. This flyer design is used by prestigious health and fitness centers, gyms and fitness trainers around the world. You can list your Fitness and Health Packages and Pricing. Fitness Pamphlet for Business is use mainly if you are the fitness trainer or if you want to market the trainer to a higher level. It can also be used if you are selling fitness equipment or as an invitation for online fitness classes. Use this target flyer. How much for flyer design? It cost $5 only for you to get this amazing template.

Fitness Plan in New York, Fitness in New Orleans, Fitness in New England, Fitness Trainer Jobs in New Zealand, Fitness Trainer in New York, Gym in California USA, Fitness in Los Angeles, Fitness Workout in Chicago, Fitness in Miami, Gym in Boston, Gym in San Diego, Fitness Center in Atlanta, Fitness Center in Nashville.


2. Chemistry Tutor Flyer

Business Flyer Templates

Are you a Tutor Online? That’s amazing. You are probably already advertising on facebook. You should also consider publishing your Tutor Services Flyer. Many tutor for kids who give private tuition such as chemistry tuition would love to have this amazing Tutor Pamphlet. When it comes to flyer talk, Yognel is best at providing the best flyers. Does your syllabus contain Chemistry Reactions, Chemistry Equations, Symbols, Elements, Kinetics and Experiments? Advertise your class.

Chemistry Tutor in New York flyer, Chemistry Tutor in San Francisco, Chemistry Tutor in Boston, Chemistry Tutor in Chicago, Tutor Services in Seattle, Tutor Services in New Orleans, Tutor Services in Atlanta, Tutor Online, Chemistry Teacher in Nashville, Chemistry Teacher in Houston


3. Spa Resort Flyer


Spa Resort should use this spa pamphlet template to advertise their spa for kids, gift baskets, spa treatments or your spa weekend. Make your customers happy by offering them spa weekend getaways. Promote your spa with this pamphlet design. This handout will rise your spa clients higher. It is an A4 Format that you can edit with Photoshop easily. A tutorial has been given how to customize this handout.

Spa in New York, Spa Massage in Nashville, Spa Day in Boston flyer, Spa Hotels in California, Spa for Kids in Atlanta, Spa Las Vegas, Spa Treatments in Chicago, Spa Packages Miami, Spa Queens News York, Spa Weekend Seattle, Spa Kansas City Pamphlet


4. Travel Agency Flyer

Business Flyer Templates

Do you have packages to travel to Cananda, Mauritius, Bahamas, travel Jamaica etc? Are you a Travel Agency providing low cost holidays packages? Use this circular design to advertise your travel deals. This leaflet online is very easy to edit. If you plan to expand your business, you should really consider this amazing leaflet design because it converts 95%. Find more cheap flyers on Yognel.com

Travel to Mexico, Travel to Hawaii, Travel to New York, Travel to Canada flyer, Travel to France, Travel to Florida, Travel Agency New York, Travel Agency Atlanta, Travel Agency Boston, Travel Agency Miami, Holidays in UK, Holidays in Mauritius, Traveller News, Traveller Kit, Traveller Family



5. Web Hosting Services Flyer Ideas


This amazing Handout can be used by Web Hosting Providers, such as vps hosting, reseller hosting or dedicated servers. It is easy to create flyers. Download this Layout. Open it in Adobe Photoshop. In the download folder, there is a tutorial given to easily edit the template. But if you are already at easy with Adobe Photoshop, that would be a lot more easier and quicker for you. Even if you are already advertising through Google Ads of Facebook Ads, publishing a Print Pamphlet can reach the offline clients.

Web Hosting, Web with Hosting, Web Hosting Services, Web Hosting Companies, Web Hosting WordPress, Web Hosting Providers, Cost for Web Hosting


6. Car Dealer Flyer


This piece of paper design is great for car dealers. If you have cheap cars for sale and you are in car dealerships this flyer layout is best for you. It can be used as magazine advert also. You can advertise your newest car with its description. You might be selling Toyota, Suzuki, Mitsubishi, BMW, Mercedes, Alpha Romeo, Tesla and so on.

Car Dealer Miami, Car Dealer Orlando, Car Dealer Aberdeen, Car Dealerships


7. Chocolate Flyer Layout


Do you sell chocolate brands, best dark chocolate, chocolate truffles and provide chocolate gifts? Check this stop and shop flyer, it can benefit you in your marketing. It is now easy for you to make a flyer at cheap cost. Looking for how to make a flyer for free? Stop looking. Free flyers have faults and they don’t convert. They have been designed in a rush not taking into account conversion rate. Lindt Chocolate uses this pamphlet in its marketing too. So can you.

Chocolate chips, Chocolate Ice Cream, Chocolatier in New York, Best Chocolatier, Chocolatier in Texas, Chocolatier in Boston, Chocolatier in Miami, Chocolatier York, Best Chocolatier, Chocolatier Chicago, Chocolatier London, Chocolatier Tools


8. Best Burger Flyer


Are you selling fast food like burger king and burger fi? This amazing flyers for advertising which is a Call-To-Action template is best if you are launching a new burger on the market. Or perhaps you are a burger master, having your own home delivery. Use this flyer design to sell your burgers.

Burger Press, Burger Chef, Burger Den, Burger House, Burger Delivery Near Me, Burger in Texas, Burgers in Boston, Burgers in New York


9. Martial Art Trainer Flyer


Do have martial arts training at your dojo such as karate, kung fu or tae kwon do? This A4 flyer template will help you to market your classes efficiently. There are so many martial arts such as : Kung Fu, Muay Thai, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, Eskrima, Bacom, Vale Kudo, Ninjutsu and Krav Maga.

Krav Maga in New York, Ninjutsu in Boston, Vale Kudo in New York, Bacom in Texas, Kung Fu in Florida, Muay Thai Atlanta


10. Hire Me Flyer


If you are looking for jobs or want to be recruited, try this flyer design. It is an innovative way of presenting yourself to a company or individual. Are you a plumber, electrician, mechanic, web designer or seo expert? You can use this Hire Me flyer to get more jobs.

Plumber, Plumber Near Me, Plumber Company Flyers, Plumber Apprentice, Plumber Las Vegas, Plumber New York, Plumbing Company Boston, Plumber Houston, Plumber Chicago Flyer, Plumber Denver, Electrician Apprentice, Electrician Services Flyers, Electrician Classes, Electrician Las Vegas, Electrician Hiring, Electrician Orlando, Electrician Denver, Mechanic Jobs, Mechanic Shop, Mechanic Apprentice, Mechanic New York, Mechanic Texas


11. Sale Flyer / Product Flyer


If you have a store selling different products such as shoes, bags or sunglasses, you can use this product handout template to promote your shoe shop. This is an amazing A4 Format flyer template. You can easily insert your products inside. You can change the text, colours and prices. You can opt for print or email to your contacts. Fully editable template.

Shoes for men flyers, Shoes for girls Flyers, Shoes on sale flyer, Shoes online, Shoes heels, Shoes Shop


12. Travel Flyer Template


Are you organising tours to tropical holidays visiting islands such as Hawaii, Bahamas or Madagascar? Try this amazing Travel pamphlet example to promote your business. This handout of A4 Format is a great marketing tool for travel agents. You can edit the template and insert your travel packages or even change the colours.

Travel Agency, Travel Agent, Travel to Canada, Travel to UK, Travel Packages Flyers, Travel Visa, Travel Kit Flyers


13. Coffee Flyer / Coffee Poster


You can use this promotional pamphlet to promote your coffee shop. You can use it as coffee poster also. It is available in A4 and A3 format. You want to be a famous coffee shop, you have the best coffee beans and machine? You sell sandwiches etc? I would advise you to use this Unique flyer examples for your coffee shop. I have given you a A3 poster template also that you can stick on your wall.

Coffee Shop Flyers, Coffee Cup, Coffee House, Coffee and Vanilla, Coffee Brands flyers, Coffee to lose weight, Coffee Addiction, Coffee shop in New York, Coffee Shop in Texas


14. Coffee Shop Marketing Flyer

Business Flyer Templates

You just opened a coffee shop? You might be selling the best coffee in your locality. This handout design can be a boost in your marketing strategy. It can boost your audience.


15. Mobile Phones Flyer

Business Flyer Templates

This PSD pamphlet is best for mobile phone shops selling different brands of phones. You can promote your phones in different occasions such as Christmas or New Year.


16. Car Rental Flyer

Business Flyer Templates

There are so many people who want to hire a car outside when they travel to other countries. If you are a Car Rental company you can promote your cars using this classy leaflet design.


17. Sandwich Flyer

Business Flyer Templates

Promote your business such as your Sandwich Shop with this amazing print leaflet. It is a Call-To-Action template. It focusses on your best Sandwich or your new products.


18. Jewellery Flyer

Business Flyer Templates

Promote your engagement rings and diamond rings from your jewelry stores by using this jewellery flyer template.


19. Yoga Classes Flyer

Business Flyer Templates

Kundalini yoga, hatha yoga and ashtanga yoga are the most wanted by people who are over stressed. If you are a yoga master who provides these yoga therapy, then this flyer layout is one of the best marketing ideas for you.


20. Flyer for Yoga Teacher

Business Flyer Templates

A yoga teacher need to market himself to let others know about the yoga classes he provides. This flyer design will be your best marketing strategy.


Customizable Flyers – Do It Yourself Online

Customizable Flyers are great assets nowadays. You won’t need any softwares such as Adobe Photoshop or Adobe Indesign. You can directly customize flyer templates online. What i mean, is that you can upload your own logo, change colours of the template, add your text and pictures. Then with a click, you download, it’s done.


21. Web Design Agency Flyer Advertisement



22. Holidays 2021 Flyer Design

customizable flyers


23. Book Holidays Flyer Template

Customize Flyers


1. When to use Business Flyer Templates

Limited Time : You should use business flyer templates when you have a hasty job to return. There are some type of marketing strategies that need a conceptual design. In this case you will have to craft your own flyer design with your base concept.

Money Problems : When you are a startup, it is not always easy to invest a lot. I always advise the people I work for, to invest proportionally. A business doesn’t run on Marketing only. There is the Finance Department, The Management Department and so on. Each department has a cost.

Clients has Low Budget and Need fast Graphic Flyers : Usually, graphic designers or people who are photoshop savvy use flyer templates to make their marketing design quicker. They know how to make them look unique by using the base elements.

If you are not a Graphic Designer : Use templates because they are easy to customize. You can customize it yourself with some basic knowledge of Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator or Indesign.

2 New Fitness Your Way Flyer Design for Fitness Trainer


2. When to NOT use Business Flyer Templates

Conceptual Design : You should not use business flyer templates when you have a conceptual design to do. Templates will make you bias on your creativity. You will not be able to give your complete creativity to the designs that are needed. So, if you have to make a Unique and Conceptual work go and make your own design.

Clients Paying Good Money : Another reason when not to use flyer templates is when your client is paying you $300, don’t give him a flyer template which cost $10.

If you are a Graphic Designer : Try to always create your own design. Your style is important. If you want a long term business in the world of Graphic Design, people need to see your own creativity.

3 Stunning Travel Flyer Photoshop Template for Travel Agency


3. Who use Business Flyer Templates

  • Common people who want to boost their Business and who have basic knowledge about softwares.
  • Students who is launching a University Event.
  • Graphic Designers who want to create quick Designs.
  • Print Shop who prints customize flyer ideas for clients.

Conclusion : Flyers Templates are used by Common people with basic knowledge of Softwares and Experts Graphic Designers with Advanced Knowledge of Softwares. (Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Indesign)

Baseball Tryout Flyer


4. Where to download Flyers Templates

The one and only place based on my knowledge to download business flyer templates is Yognel Templates. The reasons are infinite. We have a pool of graphic designers with the best quality of works. Yognel Templates has shown its quality in the market for the past 5 years. If you are looking for the best premium templates, you should opt for Yognel Templates.

Musicians Flyer Template


5. How much do Flyers Cost

Flyers Printing Cost may depend on the quality and thickness of paper you will be using. Approximately are prices listed below:

Quatity Price Per Piece Price
5,000 $257.00
1,000 12¢ $123.00
500 22¢ $109.50
250 41¢ $103.00
100 51¢ $51.00
25 $1.06 $26.50


Best Chocolate Flyer Template for Best Chocolatier


6. Where to Print Flyers

You can print flyers on your home printer. Lets say you want to print 5 Flyers. So it is easier and cost less to print on your home printer. If you want to print over 25 copies, i would suggest you to look for a local print shop. You can always order printing online if you have time to execute your marketing strategies as the delivery takes around 1-2 weeks.


7. Are Flyers Effective

You shouldn’t have doubts about that. Flyers have always shown its results and till now. The only thing that you should be careful is to choose a converting flyer. What does this mean? Designing of flyers are not for everyone. You should use elements to catch your audience attention, to retain it and convert them to potential buyers. This is one of the solid reasons why you should use Yognel Flyers Templates. All our flyers can convert prospects.


8. Free Templates Flyers – Pros & Cons

Pros of Using Free Templates Flyers:

  • Cheaper
  • Easily Accessible
  • Less time to customize
  • Print Ready
  • You don’t need to be a Graphic Designer to “Design” one.

Cons of Using Free Flyers Templates:

  • They are not unique. It means another person may be using the same template as you. Except if you change colours and insert some more elements.


9. What Flyer Paper to use for Flyer Printing

Gloss Paper : Glossy paper has a shiny finish and it is a popular paper choice for printing flyers that have intricate designs or lots of visuals.

Silk Paper : Silk paper is the most common paper finish for flyers. It is a great midway ground between full on glossy and very matt. This means that silk gives your flyers some vibrancy but also has some of the easy reading benefits of matt, uncoated paper.

Uncoated Paper : Matte stock is uncoated paper, that has a natural matt finish. It doesn’t reflect the light so it doesn’t cause any glare discomfort for the reader. If you run your fingers over the paper it feels just the same as regular printer paper. It is a coarser slightly fluffier feel than silk paper because you are touching the paper fibres directly.

Nevertear Flyers : Can be printed on weights ranging from 120 to 510gsm. The waterproof flyer material will not rip, flake or tear even when soaking wet.


10. Different Paper Weight used in Printing for Flyers for Advertising

Note: Paper weight is measured in GSM (Grams per Square Meter)

GSM Range. What Is It? Recommended Uses
100 to 120gsm This paper type is used for standard office stationery and its used in desktop printers or for a notepad.

It is uncoated paper and it is perfect for writing on.

100gsm to 120gsm is ideal for letterhead printing and compliment slips.


130 to 170gsm It is heavier and more durable than the paper that is used for writing pads or for desktop printers.


130 to 170gsm is the best paper for budget flyers and leaflets and pages inside a company brochure.

160gsm is sometimes used for compliment slip printing.

It is often used for flyers folded into menus such as a takeaway leaflets for door drop marketing.

170 to 200gsm This is the midway point between card and paper.

This durable paper makes leaflets thicker and gives them a higher quality feel.

170 to 200 gsm is the best paper weight for high quality double-sided flyers.

170gsm is great for printing posters. We wouldn’t recommend anything lighter than this.

These paper types are the starting point for brochure covers.

200 to 250gsm This durable paper is the starting point for heavier card that has a more rigid feel.


200 and 250 are both used for cover stock in brochure printing.

This weight of card is perfect for giving brochure covers a more rigid finish for a high quality feel.

Heavy weight cards up to 400gsm can also be used for covers.

350 to 400gsm This sturdy card lasts in a wallet or pocket.


350 and 400 are used for brochure cover printing for a  more rigid cover.

We wouldn’t recommend anything less than 350gsm business cards.

400gsm is a popular choice for business card printing and luxury wedding invitations.

Over 500gsm 500gsm and above is for more impressive cards, such as the luxe 800gsm colour core business card range.

where the coloured edge adds a subtle hint of branding.

We can print Nevertear Flyers up to 510gsm. The material is waterproof and tear proof.

Extra thick colour core business cards are 800gsm. They have a subtle hint of branding along the edge.


11. How to Launch Flyers Distribution

Flyers distribution is an important aspect to consider. Usually, key points are spotted. These flyers are distributed by a person. Or you may also leave them at counters like banks, airports, shops etc. Flyers Distribution depends about your target audience for your products or services.

For example: If you sell Dior Perfumes, you won’t leave your flyers at a Burger Shop. The most appropriate place would be at a Make up Artist. Flyers Distribution should be done based on your Target Audience, Unique Selling Points and Demographics.

12. Real Flyers Definition

Flyers Meaning : It is a piece of paper or advertising sheet given to people on the street. The purpose is to drive sales to a company. To create awareness, build contacts, sell a service or showcasing an incoming product. These advertising sheets carry strong messages in search of potential prospects.


13. Best Flyers Size

Best Flyers Size are typically an A4 Format. There are also the A5 formats. But personally i would advise for the A4 Flyers. It has been used for ages and we have seen the benefits of them. It is more appealing and convert best. Whereas the A5 is too small and the message does not pass through to customers.


14. What is a Flyers Market

Flyers Market is a place where you can buy and download flyers. It can be a print flyer where you buy the design including the printing. Or you buy only the design then you customize it yourself before printing. Yognel Market is a platform that can best describe a Flyers Market. Here you can buy Flyers Templates designed on Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator or Adobe Indesign. You can also Customize your Design through the Yognel DIY Editor. Our designs are 300 DPI and print ready.


15. Flyers and Business Cards go along together

One of the best practice of Marketing is to go with Flyers and Business Cards together. The business cards give a more personal touch to the invitation. Whether it is to make a sale, create leads or a party invitation.


16. How to Make Flyers

Flyers are easy to make if you have great templates. Once upon a time, these were very difficult to do on your own. A graphic designer was needed. Today, with the advance of technology, online flyers market have opened up. Lots of templates are available for free download or to buy and download. Yognel.com is an example of a leaflet market where it is possible to buy and download premium templates. You can as well customize your templates online via the Yognel DIY Editor.


17. Where to print Flyers

Flyers that you have download from Yognel.com is of high quality resolution. You can print them on your home printer if you need 1-10 copies. But if you need more, I would advise to go to a print shop and get them printed. Note that these layouts are ready to print, which means you have nothing to do. All you need is to edit the text, colours if you need, add your pictures in the template. And boom, you are all set to go.


17. Flyers and Brochures – Where to use

Flyers and brochures are marketing materials and each one has its importance. Usually a flyer is one sided or double sided. A leaflet can be tri fold or bi fold or with several pages. If you want to strike your potential customer at a glance, a flyer is needed. If you want to give more info about your service or product, a brochure will do the job.


17. Flyers and Posters – Which is best

Posters are usually A3 Format or larger such as A2. Whereas a pamphlet is typically A4 Format. The poster’s job is to attract potential clients from far and it is usually not loaded with text or information. A flyer is same but it has a little information about what you are selling.

  • You need to be atleast one meter distance to grasp what is written in the flyer.
  • For the poster to be read and grasped, a minimum 5 meters distance is necessary.


18. Great Flyers Links

Burger Flyer for Burger Restaurants [Stunning Template]

Fitness Flyer Template for Fitness Studio [psd template]

Gym Flyer Template for Gym Workout Plan [psd template]

Stunning Travel Flyer Photoshop Template for Travel Agency

Web Hosting Flyer Template to Promote Web Hosting Services

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