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Funnel Illustrations – 15 Amazing Sales, Cloud, Marketing, Analysis, Ecommerce info graphics to build great business presentations.

Funnel Illustrations for Business Presentations

Best Funnel Illustrations for your Business Presentations. These infographics are Unique in the World. A funnel is also used by SEO Experts for Analytics.

Marketing Funnel

There are plenty of Funnel Designs available on the web. Some are editable and some are not. These are the 15 Amazing EPS Illustrations that have been used in presentations by big companies.

This 3D Sales Funnel Template comes with more than 15 EPS / Adobe Illustrator Templates. These templates can be maximized or minimize to any size without loss of resolution.

Funnel Design Specifications

  • More than 15 types of Vector Infographics layout.
  • 23 – Elements
  • You can use these illustrations in any of your works.
  • Be it for marketing, brochure, website, flyers, banners, etc.
  • Elements are layered.
  • Minimum Requirement is Illustrator Cs3
  • Illustrator and EPS file provided.
  • Fully editable.
  • Change to other colors if you want.



Marketing Funnel

[ 1 ] These illustrations can be used in your design projects to evaluate your products. University students who study Design and Technology or Communication, usually use these infographics in the design folio.


Marketing Funnel

[ 2 ] SEO Experts often use a Sales Funnel to illustrate their SEO Services. It is proven that the use of infographic design converts more leads. DOWNLOAD all these EPS Funnel.


Marketing Funnel

[ 3 ] Business owners use Funnel Template to determine their sales pipeline.


Marketing Funnel

[ 4 ] Others use it as Analytics to analyze data in their hierarchy.


Marketing Funnel

[ 5 ] Entrepreneurs use these Funnel Charts to illustrate their priorities in a Business Presentation.


Pipeline Deals

[ 6 ] Marketing Experts use these Funnel Vision to visually measure how customers move through any series of events.


Sales Pipeline Management

[ 7 ] Graphic Designers use these EPS Presentation Graphics to build Powerful PowerPoint Presentations.


Sales Funnel Stages

[ 8 ] Factories use these Designs to point out priorities in each section. They are stuck on the doors of each department.



[ 9 ] Others use these to illustrate their ideas in an infographic design to post on their Facebook Page.


Sales Lead

[ 10 ] Medical Laboratories have downloaded these vector Graphics to categorize their Chemical Compounds.

Sales and Marketing Funnel


Why you should get these Illustrations?

Many companies and entrepreneurs have already downloaded these templates and are using these for the business presentation.

  • This is the UNIQUE, BEST, AMAZING pack of best graphics that you can get on the World Wide Web.
  • They are fully editable, which means you can use these all the time by changing the text and colors.
  • Make your presentation stand out of the crowd.


Lets get to know some definition:

1. Sales Funnel

It is a journey, or you can call it a path that customers go through before a purchase.

There are different steps that are commonly known as the top, middle, bottom of the sales funnel.

There are lots of owners / businessmen who can relate the feeling to miss a sale. After weeks of pitches and demos, chatter and charm, the prospect just drops out without buying.

It happens less when you have the right sales funnel management.


The Stages are:

  • Awareness
  • Interest
  • Decision
  • Action

How to create it for your Business?

  • Build a Landing Page
  • Offer something of Value
  • Start Nurturing
  • Upsell
  • Keep it going


2. Funnel Marketing

Neil Patel explains it well.

It is a visual representation of steps from the day your customer got notified about your brand till they convert.

What happened in the process?

  1. Attention: A prospective customer sees your ad, social media post, or hear about you from a friend.
  2. Interest: They think you can solve a problem and wants to learn more.
  3. Desire: The prospect has done their research and wants to convert.
  4. Action: The prospect takes action — they buy your item, schedule a demo, or take whatever other action you want them to take.
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