Graphic Designer Salary $90,000 / Yearly

Graphic Designer Salary can be around $90,000 / Yearly. If you are passionate with design and have a Degree, you will be a great Graphic Designer.

Graphic Designer Salary

I remember when i was in college, i was so passionate with Arts and Design & Technology. These were the subjects that i would excell. I had never asked myself about what is a Graphic Designer Salary. I just concentrated in my studies till University and got work experiences. Years later, now, my salary is $80K-$90K.

This is a huge sum, right? If you think, sitting in the office behind a computer can bring you that salary, this is wrong. There has been so much sacrifice that i did, and the time i spent doing much research every week.


Graphic Designer Salary

How to get this decent salary in US?

There are multiple ways to get this decent salary in US. First, you should have been in College and a Minimum BA Graphic Design. A Master Degree would be great. These are the papers that no one can doubt you. It opens the doors to success. Yes i know that there have been saying that Degrees are not important and so on.

All people cannot be Bill Gates, Jack Ma, Mark Zukerberg, let’s be practical. Life is a pyramid. There are principles to follow in life. Even there Education System is not at its best, that does not mean you should skip it because of few humans have succeed like that.

How you can work in paralell & estimated Graphic Designer Salary :

  • You can work full time in an Advertising Company ( $60,000 / Yearly )
  • Freelance Graphic Designer ( $3,000 / Monthly )
  • You can teach Graphic Design at University ( $7,000 / Monthly )
  • You can be a Graphic Design Author on marketplace such as Shutterstock, GraphicRiver, Yognel or Fotolia etc. ( $8,000 / Monthly )
  • Creating Graphic Design tutorials such as on Udemy. ( $2,000 / Monthly )

Graphic Designer Salary in different countries

The Graphic Designer Salary differs from country to country. A fulltime Graphic Designer in the US can earn more than one in China. This does not mean that the designers from China are not talented. In 2017, the trend has been that there are many Designers who left their Fulltime work to be a Marketplace Author.