How to Increase Sales Post Covid – 19 Killer Ultimate Tips

Coronavirus (Covid-19) has changed the World. Everyone wants to know how to Increase Sales Post Covid. 19 Killer Ultimate Tips to Increase Sales Post Covid.

How to Increase Sales Post Covid – 19 Killer Ultimate Tips

Coronavirus has killed thousands of people all around the world. Let us promise ourselves that we are going to take our revenge.

Do you promise? Alright, let’s continue.


1. Control Your Emotions

Oh hell yes, control your emotions. I understand that having a bad debt or having had to close down due to this damn Coronavirus is making your life miserable.

I have been in that too.

You need to control your (FSRCA) FEAR, SADNESS, REGRET, CONFUSION & ANGER before doing anything concerning your business.


You will have these questions rotating in your head if you feel fear :

  • How will I pay all my debt?
  • When am I going to recover all my losses?
  • What is going to happen to my family?
  • Is my career over?
  • Is it really the apocalypse time?

Note: If you have any of the above questions dancing in your head, just TAKE IT OUT. Turn the above to :

  • I will pay all my debt very soon.
  • I am going to recover all my losses.
  • My family will be fine.
  • My career is not over and I will adapt with the change.
  • There has been apocalypse time over and over during the existence of mankind. So, I will get through this.



One of the damaging emotions is sadness. When you are sad, you will have these behaviors:

  • You will keep wondering, lost in your thoughts.
  • You will go to bed early in the evening and wake up late in the morning.
  • Some people are irritated. Lifeless with your kids and wives.
  • You won’t feel hungry most of the time. (sort of depressed)

Note: If these are happening to you, just REVERSE THESE BEHAVIOURS. Turn the above to :

  • Stay focus & read a lot of interesting books. This will help you to think intelligently and not lost in your thoughts.
  • Sleep early is good. Wake up early and do some physical exercises.
  • Show love to people around you, especially your kids and wives.
  • Eat healthily. The majority of fast food is closed, it is a great opportunity for you to eat healthily.


If you are down, your sales will be down! Get up! Rise within yourself! Your sales will be up!



This emotion is double-edged. The negative impact of having regret can cause depression. Let’s see these negative impact followed by human behaviors :

  • If I knew this, I would do that.
  • I should have listened to X by not investing in this business.
  • I regret having done this, today I would be secured.

Note: If these are happening to you, just REVERSE THESE TO POSITIVE. Turn the above to :

  • I didn’t know this. Today I know and I need to work on it now.
  • I listened to X. I had a choice. No one forced me. I take full responsibility and I will work to change things now.
  • I regret having done this. I have learned from my mistakes. I will build the future now.



Confusion arises when there is too much information to filter. Let’s take a look closely :

  • Everyone is doing X. Should I do X too?
  • My business is not working, should I close it down?
  • No one is supporting me and my vision, I feel confused. Am I doing the right thing?
  • I was doing X. It worked. Now it seems it is not working. What should I do?

Note: I understand that confusion is normal in this time of the pandemic, just STAY FOCUS. Turn the above to :

  • Do not follow what everyone is doing. Your business cannot be same as others. Even if you sell the same thing as others, every business is different.
  • If you see that your business is not working, don’t keep asking yourself about if you need to close down or not. Just close it down or take responsibility to run it.
  • You have a plan. You have a vision. If it is full proof and well documented, you need to go ahead with it.
  • The Coronavirus has changed the behaviors of many people, including buyers and sellers. Research & Analise what has changed. Then, you need to implement a strategy to it.



The mind will stop working if you get angry. Your intellect will fail. It is impossible for a person to never gets angry but you need to control this destructive feeling. There may be many things that are getting you on your nerves post-COVID. Let’s see :

  • F*ck this Government. I am losing money because the GOV is not able to handle the Coronavirus.
  • My supplier has stopped operating, where will I get a F*cking supplier now.
  • My clients were buying from me, now they buy from another provider. Bloody Hypocrites!
  • My staff is scared. They want holidays. They are looking for an increase in pay. Damn it. Who do they think they are?

Note: If these are happening to you, just BE REALISTIC. Turn the above to :

  • The Government was always unreliable. You built your business. You had some ups and downs. Don’t blame the government now. Get your ass up and start re-building.
  • Your supplier has stopped operation. It is his choice, he is not your slave. He has problems too. Just gather your energy looking for another supplier.
  • Your clients are not hypocrites. It is very possible that others are giving them better offers and services. Find your minus points. Build from there.
  • If your staff is scared or wants an increase in pay, you need to understand them. They are humans. They have a family too. Try to sort things calmly.



2. Cut Costs

Of course, you need to cut costs post-COVID 19. This is what most business owners are doing. From the small business to the once upon a time huge profit-making companies, the story is not different. You have to cut costs, full stop.

Their big question is: Where should I cut costs?

This is where most business owners fail, only a few, spend time to ask themselves this question and make a deep analysis.




You have a Toothpaste Manufacturing Factory.

You need to ask yourself the following questions:

A. Should I manufacture less or more toothpaste post-COVID 19?

  1. In the case, you find you should manufacture less, it means you need to terminate excess staff’s contracts in the production sector or you need to shift them to another sector.
  2. And if you manufacture less toothpaste, but you will have to pay the same amount of electricity and water usage, then this production results in NOT EFFICIENT. The Input Costs will be more than the Production which will result in less Income.


  1. In case, you find that production should be more post-COVID 19, you can keep the same amount of staff. These staff will work harder thus increasing production and cut costs will be that you don’t have to hire other people for excess production.
  2. Manufacturing more toothpaste selling at the same price would still be competitive. You can manufacture more and sell at lower pricing to Increase Sales Post COVID.



You have a Fast Food Outlet.

You need to ask yourself the following questions:

B. Should I prepare less fast food or more fast food post COVID 19?

  1. Let’s say your intuition is telling you that you need to sell less fast food. In that case, you still need to sack some of your fast food operatives.
  2. And what if your running cost remains the same whether you produce less fast food or more, the operation will not be efficient if your income is lower, unless you increase the prices of your menus. Would that be ideal post-COVID 19?


  1. Alright, one day you woke up and got the feelings (although business decisions should not be taken by mere feelings) that you need to maximize your production, you still can keep the same amount of staff and make them work harder.
  2. You can also maximize production on restricted menus rather than diversify. Your gut will tell you that people will buy more if you diversify, but your production cost will be higher. So it may be best to concentrate on two to three menus and provide free delivery for example.

From the above two example scenario, you can conclude that cutting costs in production has a huge implication on the general functioning chain. It is not just about to Cut Costs after all.




You have a Web Design Agency.

You need to ask yourself the following questions:

A. Should I advertise my Web Design Agency LESS post-COVID 19?

Many small business owners have this mindset. It doesn’t matter what business they are into. It is simply a dull mindset. They prefer to cut advertising costs. Advertising never goes in vain. It will always bring you sales.

  1. Coming back to the Web Design Agency, you should know that many small businesses want to move online. They want to have their website now. They have understood that they need to have a professionally designed Facebook page with awesome Facebook banners. You have competitors who provide web design services also. If you don’t advertise your agency, your competitors will. They will make sales.
  2. Should you cut costs on Advertising? NO. The most important questions here are; when, how & where to advertise your business.
  3. Another question is the number of demands versus the supply. Let’s say, you want to provide Web Design service locally. There are only 20 business owners in the locality you live and there are 5 Web Design Providers. If the numbers are shared equally, you will have 4 clients. Let’s say you bagged all the 20 clients. Will you be able to supply? Another theory, if you spend $1,000 in advertising locally to get 4 clients which you will charge $300/web design. Your profit will be $200. Is it worth it?
  4. If you can’t supply in mass, then supply one-off. Spend $1,000 in advertising to get 2 clients which you will charge $2,000 each. You will give quality and guarantee success in sales by providing them a discount on their marketing/advertising in return. So, here you will make a $3,000 profit with an opportunity for the advertising/marketing or Facebook page management contract. This is one way you can Increase Sales Post Covid.



You have a Wedding Dress Shop.

You need to ask yourself the following questions:

B. Should I cut costs on Advertising my Wedding Dress Shop Post-COVID?

  1. Oh yes, man. Weddings will take place and this will increase. Everyone will want to get married after a long USA lockdown. It will all depend on your type of Wedding Dress that you sell. You should also understand that even the Corona Virus is gone, precautionary measures will be taken. Probably weddings will be with fewer invitees or within a restricted space. Is your wedding dress shop only for Brides and Bridegrooms?
  2. Most of the time, the wedding dresses are worn at the church or a wedding at the beach. When you advertise your Wedding Outfits, you should show the future spouses that the Wedding Outfit can be worn at home also, a wedding can take place at your house with your priest (if churches are closed or restricted for precautionary measures – Let’s see what Donald Trump says).
  3. Do not advertise Wedding dresses that can be worn on Hawaii Beach when the Airport is temporarily closed for Hawaii Travel (for example). Advertise intelligently.


3. Get to know your Competitor’s Move

Let’s be honest. You are not the only one doing business int his world. If you say you are unique, your services are unique or your products are unique, you need to fight for that position. Before the pandemic Covid-19, things were different. Maybe you were KING. During the Health Crisis, the data has changed.

If you were KING, you need to fight and keep the position post-COVID 19.

If you were not KING, you can fight to be KING. It is an open race. Everyone has its say.

So, let’s get to the subject. What should you know about your competitors?




You are selling Electronics Appliances.

You need to ask yourself the following questions:

A. Are your competitors bringing more electronic appliances into their showroom?

  1. In the case, the answer is yes, make sure you know which new brand they are bringing in and at what price they are paying for the goods.
  2. In the case, the answer is no, find out why. Is there a shortage in the supply chain?
  3. Have your competitors diversity their products?



Have they changed the brands they sell?

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