[17 Secrets] How to Promote your Business Fast

How to Promote your Business is one of the toughest situation a new company can meet. Here are 17 Proven Secrets of promoting A business.

Not enough money for advertising or marketing? You just invested in a lovely office and don’t have enough funds left? You don’t know the proven ways to promote small business?

Small Business Owners how to promote your business

Many of us who has been in this situation, we all know that there are no such FREE things for us to do to make our business prosper. When someone tell you it is FREE, just know it is always PAID. If you don’t pay it now, you will pay it later on. This is the reality.

The other reality is that you have just got some Bank Loan and you are very careful with the expenditures. You don’t want to spend from right to left. You want your little money to serve you the best.

Promoting a small business is an ongoing challenge for small businesses. Whether you are just starting your company or you have been in for years, these small marketing tips will help you considerably without having to spend a fortune.


17 Secrets to How to Promote your Business Fast

1. Marketing Plan How to Promote your Business

You should have everything clear in mind. Before starting any promotion, you need to ask yourself many questions as possible. What is your business? Who are the potential clients?

Are they going to be that Old Grandpa who doesn’t know how to read or write?

Will they be that 18 Years old mom who just gave birth and is depressed or that good looking young man who has a private jet?

Is it easy to find these potential clients on Facebook, Twitter, in the local garden or at the city  shopping mall?

Do you want direct sales or you have intention to create forever lasting sales? Write down all these answers and refer to them any time you start a new marketing tactic. Use this marketing plan worksheet to gather your information.

2. How to promote your business with a Website

If you can’t afford to get a custom website designed, then use premium website template, it cost around $60. You will also need a Domain name which is approximately $9, use a .com.

A hosting server is where you will host the website costs around $100 / yearly. ( Total you will need approximately $169 ). A website is very important. It increase your credibility and authority. It builds trust in your potential clients and it makes you look great.


3. Place your Business in Search Engine Local Directories

The first things first. You need to place your Business in Google and Bing Listings which is free.

To get listed on Google, go to Google My Business
To get listed on Bing, go to Bing Places for Business

There are some other business directories, do some research and see if there are directories targeting your local clients.


4. Set up your Business Profile on social media

There are different social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest and others to pormote small business. Set up a business account or page. Keep it strictly for business.

Engage yourself in group discussions, talk to others having same business as you. Ask questions to people. If you have something to sell, don’t spam on groups of page. People hate that.

5. A Print Business Card & Corporate ID is really important

If you don’t have a business card yet, get one immediately. You will meet many people on the road, in cafe and pubs. Having a business card handy is always a must.

When you send out letters, you need to have a nice looking letterhead. These things show your potential clients or investors how professional you are.

6. How to promote your business with Family and Friends

Call your friends and family, or preferrable go meet them. You tell them that you just launched your company and to share your business cards to their friends and so on. Friends and Family can do a great advertising for you. ( Mouth to Ear )

7. Talk to your Hairdresser, Barber, Supermarket

Talk to your vendors from whom you buy products and services such as your Barber, Supermarkets etc. Ask them permission if they can display your flyers or business cards in their bulletin boards.

Small people may help you, you can also help them back. Create a network. The way to promote small business is a give and take strategy.

8. Attend meeting of Professional groups

There are many meetings / seminars held by professionals. Attend these meeting and always have your business cards in your pocket.

Talk to these professionals, let them feel you are interested, flatter them and they will ask about you and your job. Then tell them you have a company and give them your business cards.

9. Post Interesting Articles and Photos regularly on Social Network

Write some great Articles and use some great pictures with graphic design inserted. Post them on your social media accounts. Creat your network. Make people interested in you. Show them how their life can change with your services or products.

  • Do not just post a great picture of your Product on which it is written : Web Design for $100 – Rather write ” To make money Online, You need a Robust Website! “

10. Put Videos of your Services / Products on Youtube

The videos you do should be professionals to promote small business, remember you want to sell your products or services. You are not just uploading videos just for the sake of having videos.

If you can’t make pro videos, try to learn how to do it, or hire a Videographer to do it or use some Video Footage or Intros to make it interesting. The videos should have your contact details, Web URL, Social Media Links, Phone number and address.

11. How to promote your business with a Partner

Let them know that you can handle their work overloads. Don’t steal their clients, it will just ruin your business reputation in the long run. Stealing clients from your competitor is a very wrong Marketing Tips.

12. Government Facilities how to promote your business

Usually, almost all countries have facilities set up for ” How to start a Business “. They sometimes offer loans, or give tenders to new business. Do some research and see if you can get your name in their directory. Having Government Tenders can be a very great start.


13. Send out Print Newsletters to everyone you think can be potential clients

Get a Premium Newsletter Template. Write about your products, company and how others can benefit from you. Show them the advantages in dealing with you. Follow up periodically with postcard mailings.


14. Use Vehicles as Advertising Medium

If you have a car or van, get your Business Name or Website Name written on it. It can be painted or you can use magnetic stripes. Your can or van can make a really good advertising for you. This is one of the cheapest way to promote small business.


15. How to promote your business with Give Aways

If you are a plumber for example, offer a free consultation. Check all the piping of a house, give the owner some ideas how he can improve his water flow and don’t forget to give them your business card.

When they have pipe leaks, be sure that they will contact you. It is same for other type of business. Promote small business is not an easy task. It takes efforts but the results are very sweet if you follow these 17 Marketing Tips.

16. Grow Your Network for Advertising Your Business

For example, if you are into Plumbing, make friends with Electricians, Painters or Gardeners. Make arrangements to pass leads back and forth, or share mailings.


17. Sales letters, Flyers and Brochures to Promote your Business

Ask prospects who seem reluctant to buy from you: “Would you like me to send information?” Follow up promptly with a note and a letter that says, “Here is the information you asked me to send”. Use flyers for that.


Results Guaranteed – Try these 17 Secrets how to promote your business

These 17 Secrets how to promote your business have worked on more than 400 people that I know. I myself started with these marketing tips when i was fresh graduate and not no much money. You should follow these steps seriously and you will see a true response in the following weeks.


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