How to write a Newsletter – The perfect Newsletter Content

How to write a Newsletter with the perfect newsletter content.

How to write a Newsletter

Writing a Newsletter is very challenging for small business and startups. It can be confusing when you don’t have experience in marketing. Most of the time i have seen business owners trying to put so much efforts in writing the worst newsletters.

How to write a Newsletter

Download this Newsletter Template

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Who needs a Newsletter

If you are a Company, you need to have a newsletter. It can be a weekly or monthly publication. If you can aim it to be weekly, the better it is. Entrepreneurs are those who are very creative and perfectionist. They make it a must to have a weekly newsletter that are sent to their followers. It can be a Print Newsletter or a Digital Newsletter. A Freelancer, whatever the field is, might be he is a Photographer, a Digital Artist or a Content Writer needs to have a business newsletter.

Ofcourse, the strategy of the Newsletters depends on each individual.

The perfect Newsletter Content for Small Business

As said above, newsletters differ from individuals to individuals. Many people keeping asking How to write a Newsletter. This Newsletter Content is for companies, entrepreneurs or freelancers who want to publish their first print newsletter.

How to write a Newsletter – 12 pages

FRONT COVER (Page 1)  The cover is very important in a newsletter. You need to craft the best titles and intros for your cover. You need to think what you want people to know about you, what is going to be the front page. Just imagine a newspaper. The front page is usually the sensational page. It makes you want to buy the newspaper. This needs to be same for your Newsletter.

THE TABLE OF CONTENTS (Page 2) – On this page you need to give a brief of what all pages are about. Some people just write the titles and the page numbers. Others find it better to write the titles and some lines below the titles to give the reader a better feedback of the page with the page numbers.

THE DIRECTOR’S MESSAGE (Page 3) – Here you can write your message if you are the Director. It is very useful in Marketing for your audience to know who is the Director. Today is not yesterday. Years back it was not that important for people to know about the director. But today, the marketing strategy has turned to this way.

COMPANY KEY POINTS (Page 4) – Write some keypoints, your Unique Selling Point of your company or services. In some words, let people know how perfect your company is.

USERS BENEFITS (Page 5) – Show your audience how they can benefit from the keypoints you just mentioned above. If you sell mobile phones, show how people benefits from your phones in different circumstances. Do they use your phone at the beach? Is it water proof?

ADVERTISEMENTS / PORTFOLIO (Page 6 & 7) – This is the middle of your 12 pages Print Newsletter. You can insert a big Advertisement. This double page can also be used to showcase your portfolio or your services. Some prefer to make the Team know in this middle double page newsletter.

INDUSTRY FACTS (Page 8) – You need to do some research about your industry. Let’s say you have a Car Company. It would be great if you could talk about the different of cars that people like. How many Mercedes are sold every Year and why people like Mercedes? Are these buyers Kings or Princes? If Yes, make your readers dream by saying ” You can own a Mecedes you too! It is easy with YourCompanyName. ”

INSERT TRUST (Page 9) – Trust is a huge quality that is many potential clients want to have. If you succeed in building trust, then you are way ahead. Write some amazing points or small articles why people trust you. If you are friend with some Actors, Hollywood Stars, put it there. Tell people that this Actor just nought a Car from your Company.

PRODUCTS (Page 10) – After you have told everything, it is time to showcase your products. Add a description and insert your prices. This is when your users make a Decision.

TESTIMONIALS (Page 11) – Show testimonials of your clients. These clients can be those which you had even before starting your new business. Ask them permissions before taking their names and pictures. These can restore trust in your future potential clients.

BACK COVER (Page 12) – I would always have the same cover for the front and back. I want people to notice the Newsletter from far on both sides. Some people don’t like to have two same faces, its up to them.

Amazing Newsletter Templates

The templates below can help you publish an amazing newsletter. After you have written your content, paste them in these newsletter examples below. Add your pictures. Are you confuse how to do this? There is a tutorial inside the folder when you download them. You can edit these business newsletters in 5 minutes.

How to write a Newsletter

Download this Business Newsletter Template


How to write a Newsletter

Download this Business Newsletter Examples

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