Increase Website Traffic with Sex Stories – 150,000 Visits/Monthly

Increase Website Traffic with Sex Stories can be tempting. Statistics and researches have shown that you can increase your traffic from 100,000 – 150,000 visitors monthly.

Increase Website Traffic with Sex Stories

There has been many bloggers who have invented words and phrases which are connected to sex. These has been use to make people more willing to read an article or to feel inside the story. Below are some examples of these lines which tend to bring lots of visitors.

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increase website traffic

Let your Marketing sit on her Branding while his Advertising is pushing hard from behind.

increase website traffic

If you want to succeed in business, do a Threesome. Branding + Marketing + Advertising.

increase website traffic

If you want to be an SEO Expert, You need to know about every SEO Holes. You need to have a long Banana.

Is this a Good Way to Increase Website Traffic

There has been many positive feedbacks from people who have used this methodology. Content marketers have found a great balance between using Corporate Text & Sex Stories. These sex stories are not to make you have an erection or will make you cum right away. Content Marketers say that these sexual lines make a person to read the whole content with a passion and eventually increase website traffic.

Normal writing : If you want to throw your competitor down, use the best marketing Techniques.

Sexual Writing : Your competitor will be on your bed if you have the best banana with you.

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This is a very tough challenge for content marketers. If you want to be best at this, you need to have a full language dictionary about sex, sexual position or sexual trends.

Are sex stories Good for Seo

Sex stories which are well incorporated in business text are good for SEO. People tend to take longer time to read your article. Thus it sends a signal to Google, announcing a low bounce rate. Your website will have lots of clicks.

Always remember :

  • Women sells
  • Sex is natural
  • Everyone thinks of Sex
  • We all love Sex
  • Sex is good for health, so it is good for SEO


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