Jack of all Trades is what an Entrepreneur should not be

Jack of all Trades is what an Entrepreneur should not be

Jack of all Trades

I know everything.

I do everything on my own.

No one does things better than I.

These are typical sayings of the JACKS. Yes.


Business Manager

jack of all trades

Being a business manager, you can’t expect to know everything. You think you know all but it is not reality. Can you sweept the floor? If yes, can you sweep it as effective as the cleaner? Can you cook the better than the cook at the canteen? You can’t. You can manage a business. You know the parameters to make everything better but you can’t be better than the ones who are expert in their field.


Software Engineer

jack of all trades

Your work is to develop softwares which you are good at. You have studied this. You know all the facets in this field. While developing softwares, you have learnt a bit of designing interface. You have begun to think you know all the UI principals. Can you be better than someone who has studied UI Graphics in all its sides?


Graphic Designer

jack of all trades

Wow, you make the best graphics. From street graphics to computer graphics till advertising graphics. Ok whatever the graphics you make, you believe you can do everything. You can write the best blog, you can program the best apps, you can make the best TV Advert


Entrepreneurs are wise people

Entrepreneurs should not be Jack of All Trades but they should be wise. They should be analytical. They should have a great sense of comprehension, an amazing mind to forecast things. If they are managing a business, they should understand that they can’t do all the things. It is all about a team work. Give directions and accept the expertise of people. You can’t be in all shoes at the same time.


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