Online MarketplaceBuy and Sell Online, Digital Products.

We are more than just an Online Marketplace. Some call us a Buy Sell Marketplace while others call us Buy and Sell Online Marketplace. Whatever the name that you give us, we want you to understand and know that we want to do business beyond limits.

We Speak ValuesYOGNEL’s values are made with love by Yognelians all around the World.
They make us very proud, and drive our business decisions every day.

When the Community Succeeds, We Succeed

The community is our backbone. Whether you are a Vendor or a Buyer, we try to have a win win approach for everyone in our community. Each of our decisions are taken for the benefits for our community.

We Create Wealth for many

YOGNEL Marketplace is built to create Wealth for many and not Money for some. Managers, Business Developpers, Creatives & Investors all work together to make this marketplace sustainable. Put your trust in us.

Focus on Results

We come to work at YOGNEL Marketplace to do our best work. We have a dream and clear goals. We want to bring a change in the life of creative people. Thus we put sincere and maximum effort in doing the right thing for our community.

Diversity & Inclusion

We prosper when we are able to bring together Diversity & Inclusion in everything we do. We take better decisions, we share lot's of things, we are happier and it is the right thing for a company to do.


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We Speak Values

The primary financial objective of the our company is to deliver long term returns to shareholders through a combination of sustainable growth in earnings per share and payment of cash dividends. Our company believes this objective is best achieved by continuation of the following strategies:

  • Improving and developing our product ranges, success in which is measured by sales performance.
  • Profitably increasing retail selling space. New store appraisals must meet demanding financial criteria before the investment is made and success is measured by achieved profit contribution and return on capital against appraised targets.
  • Increasing the number of profitable our Directory customers and their spend, both in the UK and through international online sales.
  • Managing gross and net margins through efficient product sourcing, stock management and cost control.

Our Partners