Rent A Car Flyer – Give Value to your Car Rental Business

Rent A Car Flyer for Car Rental Business

Got a Car Rental Business? Most Car Rental Companies, whether in Nyc, Orlando, Las Vegas or San Diego, all use this Amazing Rent A Car Flyer Template to advertise their Car sales. A converting Flyer has the power to boost your sales.

car flyer


Are you one of the car rental agencies who is seeking a Rent A Car Flyer? Then this is for you.

There are so many things you can do to increase your car sales. One of the many Marketing Ideas is that you need to have a Premium Flyer to advertise your cars, car rental deals or car rental app.


Let’s say you are dealing with Cars Import Japan, Cars Import Germany, Cars Import Canada or Cars Import UK.

You have the models : BMW i8, BMW X5, BMW X6, BMW X7, Mercedes Benz, Mercedes AMG, Mercedes E Class, Toyota Rav4, Toyota Supra, Toyota CHR or other models?

This A4 flyer template can help you sell your cars fast.

The Car Rental Flyer is a Photoshop Template (PSD). It is available as a print ready template, recto and verso.


Rent A Car

Car Business Flyer

Rent A Car Flyer


Sell Car Online Flyer

You have an ecommerce website that sell car online and you do your advertising online, that is not enough. You also need to advertise car offline. Advertising in the traditional way costs less.

You may be selling or renting cars. Having a Flyer that showcase your cars will help you to sell or rent your cars faster. This is called Direct Sales.

Whereas if you put all your time in SEO and Digital Marketing, your cars will definitely sell, but not faster.

For those who have already positioned themselves on Google Search Engine, you will probably reject what am saying as you may be having lots of clients.

Be wise. Understand that having many clients does not mean you should neglect in advertising throughout a Flyer Design.


Rent A Car Flyer for the Old Customers

Old customers are not too much computer savvy. If they are, then probably it is on Facebook. I am not generalising things.

Statistics has proved that the Old Customers rarely make a sale online. The reason is they are scared that Hackers may steal their money. They should because they have worked hard to have that much money.

So be wise in your business by opting for a Flyer Publication also, a Print Flyer. This will enable you to win back Old Clients.


Who can use this flyer template?

  • Rental
  • Dealers
  • Sales
  • Brands

Design Specification of Flyer Layout

  • A4 Format
  • 6 PSD in all
  • It can be used as single page, double pages, or you can add more by duplicating.
  • Size = 8.2×11.6 inches
  • Bleeds = 3mm all sides
  • Fully editable
  • 300Dpi
  • Change picture easily using the Smart Objects.
  • A tutorial is provided how to insert your pictures quickly.


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