Selling Guides for Vendors

1. Zip Your Files For Upload

Your Final Zip files, for upload, should consist of :

  • Source Files (.PSD , .AI , .INDD etc )
  • Help File ( Explain how the product cand be used and list the specifications + a tutorial on how to insert pictures and text etc)


2. HelpFile

Your help file should have something like that (can be different):

  • Name of Product
  • Description of Product ( Better if the Description is SEOed )
  • Design Specification of the Product
  • Tutorial Link or JPEG or PDF showing how people can edit the template
  • Fonts Used with Link to download (Links should be free)


3. Previews (jpeg/png)

  • First Preview: 590px by 444px
  • Second Preview: 590px by Any Height

For Example, Check this Product: Business Newsletter Denz Vol 2

NOTE: We understand that you may be selling on other Marketplace as well. But on YOGNEL Marketplace we want you to abide by our Specifications for better visibility and SEO rankings.


4. From Your Dashboard (Add New Product)

Short Description: Your short Description is the first line of your product to get people interested in it. So it should be direct and precise.

Description: The long and detailed Description to help in SEO purpose. This description talks about where people can use your product, who can use them, the design specifications, the concept of your design and so on.

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