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1000+ Powerful Facebook Ads Library [Banner Maker]


Facebook Ads Library that has over 1000+ banners. Use them to market your Business on Facebook. Customizable Banners.

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Facebook Ads Library that has over 1000+ banners. Use this banner maker, create amazing Banners to promote your Business on Facebook. Customizable Banners.

Facebook Ads Library

Nowadays, I believe that everyone has a Facebook Page on which he markets his business. From an accountant to a burger shop, a professional or a product, Facebook banners are used. You can have the best product on the market, you can be the best in your field, but without Advertising / marketing, you are a zero. I am not being harsh. This is the reality, and it has been proven for ages.

Here, on yognel.com you can find some amazing advertisement to promote your business. These ads library are customizable FB ads. You can insert your logo, your colours, text and pictures.

Examples of Customizable Banners from the Facebook Ads Library:

Facebook Ads Library Facebook Ads Library Facebook Ads Library Facebook Ads Library Facebook Ads Library Facebook Ads Library

Facebook Ads Library Facebook Ads Library Facebook Ads Library Facebook Ads Library



Burger Restaurant Editable Facebook Ads Example [Video]:


Gym Marketing Facebook Ads Example [Video]:

1. Facebook Messenger to Promote Products with Banners from Facebook Ads Library

There are hundreds of possibilities that you can use this Powerful Facebook Ads Library. Facebook Messenger is a great tool for chatting between friends, families, business partners. There are some business owners that pay Facebook to promote their banners on feeds or messenger. If you are a startup, you can do it yourself. Design your advertisement on this banner maker.

With the advance of technology, it is not possible to design your own Facebook banners, Google Ads, Amazon Advertisement. The proof is Yognel.com – All you have to do is to choose a Template that fits your need. Have your text ready to insert in the FB banner template. You should have your logo, better a .png extension, a transparent one. If you don’t have a logo, you can create one from the Logo Maker.


2. Facebook Ads Manager to track your Advertisement from the Facebook Ads Library

From the Facebook ads manager, you can track your Facebook advertisement. The number of people that your ads have reached, converted and clicks registered. All the Facebook banners from Powerful Facebook Ads Library will convert people to potential clients.

After you have finished designing your Facebook Advertisement, you will be sent the High Resolution of the banner in .png and PDF. You can then post that on your Facebook business page. You will be able to track your ads when you boost.


How should you choose your Target Audience:

Local: If you want to advertise to people locally, it is very easy. Choose the place in your country. Select male or female. Now there is the “Interest”. This is where it get complicated. Let’s say you are selling Burgers. You need to target people that have interest in Fastfood, Burgers, Cooking and not in other interest. For example, you can’t target people who are trying to lose weight because they won’t buy your burgers.

Internationally: This is difficult to make sales if you just want to pay facebook no more than $10. It will only create leads or awareness. When you target internationally, you should have a website to retain these traffic coming to your website.


3. Facebook Business Page Branding using Facebook Ads Library

There are many people who just create a FB Business Page and put their products. You have to understand that this is not like you are fishing, you put a bait and wait for people to eat the bait. You have to do more than that. You should consider to brand your page. Use creative banner designs and amazing Facebook Covers. Wait. Not just any Facebook Covers. But designs that meet your specifications.

For example: If you have a red logo, don’t use a banner that has much green on it. You ads should reflect your brand.

You should ask yourself if you need a Portfolio / An album of your works or you want to create a Facebook Page that is going to make sales, that is going to create leads. If your answer is you want just a Portfolio, then having just pictures of your products is ok. But if you want to create sales, you have to be more creative with your Facebook Business Page.

The Facebook Ads Library on yognel.com can help you brand your Facebook Business Page in 2 Minutes. And i guarantee you that these Creative Banner designs works, they build leads and create sales. How can i be so sure? Make a Banner, post it on your Facebook Page, Boost it to $4 and a targeted audience. You will see how much that banner has a possibility to reach people.


4. Facebook Banner Size that are available in the Facebook Ads Library

The most appropriate size for Facebook Banner is 1000px by 1000px. Back in the 2017’s the size of a more converting banner would be 1000px by 1500px. But things on Facebook keep changing every year. Maybe in 2022, Facebook Banner Size will change. But till now, yognel.com provides the a Powerful Facebook Ads Library for you to grow your business with a Facebook banner size 1000px by 1000px.


5. Facebook Ads Library for Facebook Post

Anytime you want to post something, whether it is personal or business related, try to brand your image. There is a secret that you need to understand. If you portray the right image, the correct branding to your audience, you can make an amazing amount of money. The key is Advertising / Marketing / Branding.

Branding Facebook Ads

I am sure you must have seen something for Facebook Post like this ” I am having a Headache “.

Suppose that you want to brand this for Facebook Post. ” I am Having a Headache ” is a personal thing. But let’s turn it to Business Related. What if you could design a banner, with a picture of you holding your head and beneath it written ” I am Having a Headache “.

Get Inspiration from our Facebook Ads Library >>


6. How to Brand Facebook Post with Facebook Ads Library

Your Facebook Post says a lot about you. The things you share, you like they all say about your personality. One way to brand your Facebook Post is to use our Facebook Ads Library. There are ads for Dentist, Business Manager, Fitness Trainer, Accounting Firm, Burger Shops and many more.

Personal Branding: Let’s say you are a Doctor. You should consider building your Personal brand. For example you could give tips about Heart Problems, or What to do when you have Fever. I have seen many doctors doing this with just a Picture and a Post. This is ok. But Branding is important. This will keep people to remember you as a doctor.

You should ask yourself, if you want people to remember you always or you want them to remember your tips alone.


7. Why Advertising on Facebook is a Great Hack

Let’s face the fact. Facebook has over 1 billion users on his platform. Running an ads that convert on Facebook is a great Outbound Marketing asset. I have seen many people paying facebook $100K monthly to run their ads, but they are not professional ads actually. They are a bunch of pictures or a video.

What i advise you is to get some great banners, professionally designed, and run your ads. You will pay less, and get more conversion. When the targeted audience come to your website, retain them there. Create great sales funnel for your website, sell amazing products. Getting great traffic when your product is not good, it is losing time.

What you should be aware of before advertising on Facebook:

More and more people are advertising on Facebook. There are many junks inside this platform. If you want to make an impact, you’ve got to create amazing Ads, whether it is Banner Ads or Video Ads. The design should be creative and have a great conversion rate.

The Yognel DIY Studio – Facebook Ads Library helps you achieve great advertisement.


8. Are ads from Facebook Ads Library Outbound or Inbound Marketing?

Running ads on Facebook is Outbound Marketing. I don’t actually trust the Facebook Measuring Traffic Console. I am more comfortable with Google Analytics and Google Search Console. It give me more precision.

So, i would say use Facebook Ads as Outbound Marketing. You need to create awareness from that traffic source. Drive the traffic to your website, where you can play with the audience. Track each page they look at. And why have they stopped at the checkout. On your website you will have all recorded time and country where your traffic comes from. Is it Direct Traffic, Google Traffic or referrals.

Also put these Ads but with different words in order to make the customer buy the product. After the person has already bought the product, put a banner thanking them, giving them a discount for their next purchase, that’s Inbound Marketing.


9. Facebook Ads Library designed on the Powerful Banner Maker

Yes i agree that there are many banner maker that helps you design your own Banners for Facebook Marketing. But the Facebook Ads Library on yognel.com is different. I would advise you to try use the Yognel DIY Studio for the Banner Maker. These Facebook ads library are designed so that there are thousands of variations that you can do.


Example 1: Let’s say you have found a Creative Facebook Ads Library for Accounting, you can turn that to a Gym Fitness Facebook banner. You will have to change the wordings, place your gym pictures and you are done. It does not mean that you can’t use the banners for other fields.


Example 2: If you sell Sandwiches or indian food, you can use the Burger Banners from the Facebook Ads Library. All you have to do is change the text and pictures.


10. Facebook Ads Library Important Tips

Layer Lock: When a Layer is Locked, you won’t be able to edit. You will have to click on the “Padlock” to unlock the layer.

Facebook Ads Library

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1000+ Powerful Facebook Ads Library [Banner Maker]
1000+ Powerful Facebook Ads Library [Banner Maker]


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