Student Newsletter Template used by Top Universities in USA

Student Newsletter Template is used by the Top Universities in USA.

Student Newsletter Template

Best Selling Student Newsletter Template

This is the best selling newsletter template that is being used by students on college / university campus. Since 2016, this Indesign Template has been used by 30 Top Universities in USA.

In my first year at university, i had so many to tell my fellow students on the campus. I was looking for some flyers when i landed on this great Newsletter Template. It was perfect. It gave my ideas to start my own technology newsletter publication.

Student Newsletter Template Kevin from Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)


Our Student Council Group has been using Newsletter Templates before. But this Student Newsletter Template is just awesome. It is versatile and very easy to edit. We recommend this Indesign Template to other Student Councils who wish to publish their own Monthly Campus Newsletter.

Student Newsletter Template Joshua from Princeton University

Student Newsletter Template

Student Newsletter Template

Student Newsletter Template

Student Newsletter Template

Student Newsletter Template

Student Newsletter Template

How this Newsletter Template is used by Students

Kevin from Massachusetts Institute of Technology, is using this template to showcase different technology on the market. He interviews different engineers in different fields such as Astrophysics, Nanotechnology or Robot Technology. He also lists down the monthly student who has been very popular at University in terms of their intellectual capacity.

Joshua from Princeton University, uses this template to showcase the talent of 1st year students. Each month, Joshua investigate about these talents that the students have and publish them in the newsletter to make other students in the campus aware of the multi-talented people in the University.

You can get some ideas about how to write the perfect newsletter content here.


Why a University Campus need to have a Newsletter Published

Whether you are in University or College, a Newsletter publication helps to keep the campus alive. The students are always busy with their courses, exams and projects. A Newsletter publication brings joy on the face of these students.

Let’s say you open the Newsletter and you see the talents of your fellow friend being published in it. And you never knew about it. How would you feel? Wow.

DOWNLOAD this Student Newsletter Template. It is easy to edit. It is a 12 pages Newsletter Design.

Student Newsletter Template


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