Why Investment is Important for your Business

Investment is Crucial

When was the last time you invested in your business? You make investment everyday, what’s important is the Quality of these investments and not the quatity. As the saying goes, Quality is better than Quantity.

“I will tell you how to become rich. Close the doors. Be fearful when others are greedy. Be greedy when others are fearful.” – Warren Buffett

business investment

You made an Investment when you were kids

Am i saying it correctly? YES! You did it as a kid. You invested your time to find best way to study. You sacrificed your playtime. You studied till late at night. You came home and did your homework. All these were investments. If you did it, you will know what am talking about.


“How many millionaires do you know who have become wealthy by investing in savings accounts? I rest my case.” – Robert G. Allen

You made an Investment when you were a Teenager

What i did as a teenager? You forgot? You invested your time in dating a girl. You would peek from far. Even a glance of her would made your day. You sacrificed your studies to be able to meet your girlfriend. You paid for her lunch, you bought her a St Valentine Ring. All these were investments.


You made an investment when you were a Young Adult

You would study hard to be at Harvard University, dreaming to be like Bill Gates ( an American business magnate, investor, author, and philanthropist) or Mark Elliot Zuckerberg ( An American computer programmer and Internet entrepreneur. He is the chairman, chief executive officer, and co-founder of Facebook). You wanted to have the perfect job, the perfect salary, the perfect wife, what you didn’t sacrifice? What you didn’t invest? Your parents invested the money, but you invested in the energy, the efforts, right?


So tell me when you did not Invest

You invested all time, everytime, each minute, each seconds. But did you do it efficiently? Did your investment pay off? In some cases yes, in some cases no! But if you were to return to the past, would you be able to invest better? Ofcourse! And why is that so? Because you acquired knowledge and experience since then.


What to do with your Business

You have to understand the timeline of life. It is all about Knowledge & Experience. If you lack any of these two, you will fail. And one day you will look back and say “If only i did this, If only i did not do that”. So guys, you better get to work. Get the tested knowledge from experienced businessmen. Do it. Yes, Just Do It! If you have so much time, then you could do a trial an error business strategy. Intelligent people will not go to invent the wheel. (Know what i mean?)


newsletter template


Business Plan Indesign Template for best Business Strategy

Business Plan Indesign Template for Entrepreneur or a Startup?

Use this Business Plan Indesign Template to present your company or services in a Convincing Presentation. Get investors with the Best Business Plan Indesign.

business plan indesign template


A Business Entrepreneur is like an artist.

He is never satisfied with the results because he is a perfectionist.

He always ask himself questions at each steps he does.

He never want to fail although failures may be a normal thing.

He turns failures in his advantage. He learns from mistakes.

He improves himself over the period of time.

The startup he founded in the beginning rises over time, because that entrepreneur has been intelligent, creative, and invest lots.

Today we are going to learn how can an Entrepreneur design / write his own Professional Business Plan Indesign Template.


Different ways to write and design a Business Plan

For now we will take this awesome template.

It is called the Business Plan Indesign STARTUPZ Vol1. You can use this to :

  1. Seek business partners / inverstors
  2. Market your services
  3. Teach the public


Business Plan Indesign STARTUPZ

Business Plan Indesign Template STARTUPZ Vol1 template is designed on Adobe Indesign Cs3.

You can open it up in version CS3 and higher.

You can also convert this template to Microsoft Word to edit it. It is up to you.

But the professional software for publication is Adobe Indesign. Ok let’s go.


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This is the cover of the Business Plan Indesign Template STARTUPZ Vol1.

business plan indesign template

( A ) Insert your picture here (A tutorial is given in the folder when you download the template how to insert pictures and how you can change the whole Yellow colour to the colour of your brand)

( B ) Place your logo, preferrably a white logo, it will look more professional.

( C ) Here you can leave the “BUSINESS PLAN”, or you can change that to anything. You can change the “INDESIGN TEMPLATE” by for example “SEEKING PARTNERS IN USA”.

( D ) Here you can write the contents what the plan says. Like :

  1. Executive Summary
  2. Business Summary
  3. Company Profile
  4. Clients
  5. Market Research
  6. Market Strategy
  7. SWOT Analysis
  8. Income Source
  9. Revenue Forecast
  10. Unique Selling Point


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The executive summary is a short, precise pitch to your business.

business plan indesign template

Page 2

( A ) Add a picture of the President / Founder of the company. Let us say it can be in his or her office.

( B ) Add your title like ” We are a Graphic Design Company” or anything you want to write. Add a picture of the President of the company again, here you need to add a “Profile Picture” or “Author Picture”.

( C ) Write a small company introduction.

( D ) Here you can tell people that you are “CALM” , “CREATIVE” and “FLEXIBLE”. Write 3 elements thats most describe your business about how you are different to others. Small and short.


Page 3

( E ) Write an intro about the services that you offer, it can be web design service, plumbing service, home builders, anything that you provide.

( F ) Insert pictures of your company here, or the workshop you work.

( G ) Here be specific about the services. Put the time you can deliver project; 1 week, 1 month etc. Put the price you normally charge for the job.


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The Business Summary needs to be a short introduction of your mission, philosophy, for whom you are doing this business and why.

business plan indesign template

Page 4

( A ) Go directly to the subject. Say who / what is your business targetting.

( B ) Insert your pictures, can be pictures of your team.

( C ) Tell your potential business investors why you are targetting what you said you will target.


Page 5

( D ) Introduce the name directly and in depth. Insert a picture of your office or brainstorming activities.

( E ) Introduce your logo design, typography, icon, and if you are on Facebook, say it.

( F ) These are infographics can be used to determined “The Target Audience Percentage, Male or Female”, “Your expected profit”, “Percentage shares you want to sell”.


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The company shows a little introduction about the staffs in the company, about their qualifications and awards. You need to show why you are the best. You also need to specify which clients you are looking for, are they young or old? Do they need to have money or no? And so on.

business plan indesign template

Page 6

( A ) Write a little introduction to show how you are the best.

( B ) Insert the pictures of your Designers, Engineers, SEO Experts etc (based on your industry). List their qualifications, awards & degrees.


Page 7

( C ) Specify who will your clients be. List their ages, status, country and so on.

( D ) Elaborate your clients details in this section and give reasons why you feel it is best.


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Your market research should be an extensive one. This will determine how powerful your business will be. It is the foundation of every business.

business plan indesign template

Page 8

( A ) This is a Vector USA Map, because the research has been focussed for USA. You can insert your own Australia Map, United Kingdom Map or anything in the business plan indesign template.

( B ) Write a little info based on the connection of USA & your business.


Page 9

( C ) Write numbers that are very important such as : “Number of People who have internet”, “Number of States in USA”, “Number of Male & Female” depending on which you want your Market Research to be.

( D ) Here write the analysis for different states of United States of America.


[kleo_divider type=”full” double=”no” position=”center|left|right” text=”” class=”” id=””]



business plan indesign template

Page 10

( A ) Here is an indepth market research of Texas State, the numbers are more concentrated for Texas. You can do for the other states if you want.

( B ) Remember the clients details that were targetted? Here these questions are being answered.

( C ) A graph showing the number of entrepreneurs / startups who wish to have their web designed. It can be Shopping Mall, TV Technicians, Waste Water Service and so on. (You can edit these depending on your business)


Page 11

( D ) When you presented your business to some businessmen in Texas, what did they say? Write it there.

( E ) The graph shows how many clients are can have in a year. Fill it so that it gives your investors a better idea of the importance of your business.


[kleo_divider type=”full” double=”no” position=”center|left|right” text=”” class=”” id=””]


[Pg12, Pg13, Pg14, Pg15] MARKET STRATEGY

The market strategy section will be which media are you going to advertise and why?

business plan indesign template business plan indesign template

Page 12, 13, 14, 15

( A ) Insert a picture of the media you want to market your business. It can be billboard, TV, Website, Radio, Newsletter, Brochure and so on.

( B ) Give some explanations why you prefer the media that you listed.

( C ) Write the numbers for the Media, example : “Billboard Impressions Daily = 18,000” , “Daily Website Visitors = 15,000″ and so on.


[kleo_divider type=”full” double=”no” position=”center|left|right” text=”” class=”” id=””]



The SWOT Analysis is a comparison graph of your strength, weakness, opportunity, threats among your competitors. The Income Source is where your Cash In and Cash Out to scale your profit.

business plan indesign template

Page 16

( A ) List down your strength, weakness, opportunity and threats. Do for your competitors also. Rate them. Show your potential clients or investors that you are the best.

( B ) List down your strength, weakness, opportunity and threats in details.


Page 17

( C ) List your income source. Where will you get money?(Advertising, clients, referals) List your cash out also.(Pay employees etc). Lastly take your Cash In to Minus your Cash Out to determine your profit.


[kleo_divider type=”full” double=”no” position=”center|left|right” text=”” class=”” id=””]



business plan indesign template

Page 18

( A ) List down the sources where revenues will flow. Convince your potential investor / clients that your business will make big Money. Make a plan for the whole year, monthly wise.

Page 19

( B ) List down your Unique Selling Point. Why people will buy from you or hire you? This should be a Call-To-Action.