Jack of all Trades is what an Entrepreneur should not be

Jack of all Trades is what an Entrepreneur should not be

Jack of all Trades

I know everything.

I do everything on my own.

No one does things better than I.

These are typical sayings of the JACKS. Yes.


Business Manager

jack of all trades

Being a business manager, you can’t expect to know everything. You think you know all but it is not reality. Can you sweept the floor? If yes, can you sweep it as effective as the cleaner? Can you cook the better than the cook at the canteen? You can’t. You can manage a business. You know the parameters to make everything better but you can’t be better than the ones who are expert in their field.


Software Engineer

jack of all trades

Your work is to develop softwares which you are good at. You have studied this. You know all the facets in this field. While developing softwares, you have learnt a bit of designing interface. You have begun to think you know all the UI principals. Can you be better than someone who has studied UI Graphics in all its sides?


Graphic Designer

jack of all trades

Wow, you make the best graphics. From street graphics to computer graphics till advertising graphics. Ok whatever the graphics you make, you believe you can do everything. You can write the best blog, you can program the best apps, you can make the best TV Advert


Entrepreneurs are wise people

Entrepreneurs should not be Jack of All Trades but they should be wise. They should be analytical. They should have a great sense of comprehension, an amazing mind to forecast things. If they are managing a business, they should understand that they can’t do all the things. It is all about a team work. Give directions and accept the expertise of people. You can’t be in all shoes at the same time.


Funnel Illustrations – 15 Amazing Sales Funnel

15 Amazing EPS Funnel Illustrations for Business Presentations

Best Funnel Illustrations for your Business Presentations. These infographics are Unique in the World. A funnel is also used by SEO Experts for Analytics.

Marketing Funnel

There are plenty of Funnel Designs available on the web. Some are editable and some are not. These are the 15 Amazing EPS Illustrations which have been used in presentations by big companies.

This 3D Sales Funnel Template comes with more than 15 EPS / Adobe Illustrator Templates. These templates can be maximise or minimise to any size without loss of resolution.


Design Specification of these Illustrations


  • More than 15 types of Vector Infographics layout.
  • 23 – Elements
  • You can use these illustrations in any of your works.
  • Be it for marketing, brochure, website, flyers, banners etc.
  • Elements are layered.
  • Minimum Requirement is Illustrator Cs3
  • Illustrator and EPS file provided.
  • Fully editable.
  • Change to other colours if you want.



Marketing Funnel

[ 1 ] These illustrations can be used in your design projects to evaluate your products. University students who study Design and Technology or Communication, usually use these infographics in the design folio.


Marketing Funnel

[ 2 ] SEO Experts often use a Sales Funnel to illustrate their SEO Services. It is proven that the use of infographic design converts more leads. DOWNLOAD all these EPS Funnel.


Marketing Funnel

[ 3 ] Business owners use Funnel Template to determine their sales pipeline.


Marketing Funnel

[ 4 ] Others use it as Analytics to analise data in their hierarchy.


Marketing Funnel

[ 5 ] Entrepreneurs use these Funnel Charts to illustrate their priorities in a Business Presentation.


Pipeline Deals

[ 6 ] Marketing Experts use these Funnel Vision to visually measure how customers move through any series of events.


Sales Pipeline Management

[ 7 ] Graphic Designers use these EPS Presentation Graphics to build Powerful PowerPoint Presentations.


Sales Funnel Stages

[ 8 ] Factories use these Designs to point out priorities in each section. They are sticked on the doors of each department.



[ 9 ] Others use these to illustrate their ideas in an infographic design to post on their Facebook Page.


Sales Lead

[ 10 ] Medical Laboratories have downloaded these vector Graphics to categorise their Chemical Compounds.

Sales and Marketing Funnel


Why you should get these Illustrations?

Many companies and entrepreneurs have already downloaded these templates and are using these for the business presentation.

  • This is the UNIQUE, BEST, AMAZING pack of best graphics that you can get on the World Wide Web.
  • They are fully editable, means you can use these all the times by changing the text and colours.
  • Make you presentation stand out of the crowd.


Brochure Design for Successful Entrepreneurs

Why Entrepreneurs choose this Brochure Design

This Amazing Brochure Design is used by many successful entrepreneurs. Business owners use this brochure design to boost their sales.



An Entrepreneur is a visionary. Entrepreneurs like everything to be just perfect. They excel in their business. This is why they need to have this Brochure Design.

Entrepreneurs prefer to use this brochure template because it covers the following:

  1. They can add their products and services
  2. They can specify their USP and sales leads
  3. They can list what kind of problems do they solve
  4. The proofs of their capabilities; the number of clients who are satisfied, testimonials from clients
  5. They can introduce themselves, company. Drive in more clients through Call-To-Action
  6. It is easy to edit as a tutorial is given
  7. It is designed on world leading publishing software, Adobe Indesign
  8. This brochures is not like others
  9. You can change this template to any layouts


Entrepreneurs rarely have time. And they usually like to do everything by themselves. So find some time in their tight schedule to browse the internet for research.


[kleo_divider type=”full” double=”no” position=”center” text=”” class=”” id=””]


Content Writing for this Brochure Design

Don’t Confuse The Reader :

You will want to list everything that comes to your mind. Just don’t do that. List the important points, too many messages will confuse your audience and dilute your main points. Stay focus (i assume you have done your market research) about what your audience needs.

Be An Specialist :

For example, let’s say you are a Web Designer, you will be tempted to list your services from A to Z ; Web Design, Graphic Design, Software Applications, Mobile Apps, Iphone Apps, SEO Expert, Content Writing, Digital Marketing, Logo Design and bla bla bla.. Choose only the important ones that you can provide instantly and in which you are an expert.

Avoid Big Words :

You should understand that your audiences want to have plain information from you. Don’t oveload them with your “Scrabble Winning Prize”. Thus, your potential clients don’t have time to look about these big words in the Thesaurus.

Don’t Be Flimsy :

A company brochure should be like a Handshake. As the saying goes, first impression is the last expression. After you have inserted your pictures and text, you would like to print it. Therefore, choose the best type of print paper, Thick Glossy Paper should be fine. Your potential clients should have a feeling that you have invested lot’s in your marketing materials.


[kleo_divider type=”full” double=”no” position=”center” text=”” class=”” id=””]


Adobe Indesign Brochure Design

brochure templates

brochure design

tri fold brochure

pamphlet template

tri fold brochure template

brochure printing

Leading Newsletter Template | 106 Downloads

Best Startup Ideas is a Newsletter

Newsletter Template used by Famous brands such as Nike, Adidas and DropCoffee. Leading Businessmen find this Newsletter Template to be the best.



We are now in 2017!

Still few businessmen and entrepreneurs who understand the importance of newsletter marketing.

Others just don’t know what it is.

Or they underestimate the power of this Marketing Strategy, “A Newsletter”.

If i have to define its power on a scale 10, i would rate it to 8/10.

A newsletter usually works with a long time acceleration, when it reaches its speed, it creates a BOOM Effect.

When it does a BOOM sound, your sales will increase drastically.

Would you then be able to increase your production?

Would you be able to work overnight to drive your sales up to $20,000 Monthly?

Would you be able to foresake family and give more time to business?

If you are not ready to increase your productivity and give more time to business, then avoid a Newsletter Publication for your company.



How a Newsletter Publication Increased Jerry’s Company Profit $43,170 in 2 Months

Jerry left Lovejoy high school at the age of 16. His dad was alcoholic. His mom worked as a waitress in a Texas Bar. He had 4 sisters. So apparently it was very difficult for him to continue his studies.


Jerry began working as a Car Broker for TexasDirectAuto.

For 2 years he began mastering the words, dialogues & manners used in Marketing.


He began buying books on Marketing Strategy, Market Research & Advertising.

He wanted to have his own startup which he did at the age of 19. He opened a company which dealt in mens socks. Based on the experience and knowledge he got at his previous work, he launched his first Newsletter.


When I opened my company, i didn’t want to advertise on Facebook, brochures, magazines. What i had in mind was a Print Newsletter. The reason why is because i wanted to EDUCATE peole rather than make fast money – Jerry



Why Jerry opted for a Newsletter?

There reasons are clear:

  1. I wanted to educate people about mens socks. Where they comes from, how are they made, what materials are used and processed, which countries manufacture these and interview the people working in the industry.
  2. I didn’t want to have a brochure or magazine that would just say “Buy my socks”. I didn’t want to make fast money. Instead, i wanted to build my brand slowly and get into people’s heart. So a Newsletter was my best option.



Which Newsletter Template Jerry used?


Jerry: After some days looking for the best Newsletter Layout on the internet, i finally came across the Denz2 Newsletter Template.

It looked awesome.

This template was so easy for me to edit and customised.

The designer provided my a tutorial in the download folder.

And with some clicks in Adobe Indesign, i could create my professional, ready-to-go Mens Socks Newsletter.

I Printed 2500 copies and distributed these in my locality.

After 3 days i could see my website traffic increased considerably.

My sales were rising up.


In short, i made $43,170 in 2 Months.

The Denz2 Newsletter Template was part of my success. And since then i keep using Newsletters, Brochures, Flyers designed by BloganKids.




This is the cover of the Newsletter Template Denz2. You need to open this template in a Minimum version of Adobe Indesign Cs3 or later.

cover design

[ A ] Here you can place your logo of your company.

[ B ] You can insert your picture here by doing “CTRL+D”

[ C ] Here you can write your Title like “Business Uprising” , “Mens Socks Industry” , “Increase Web Traffic”.

[ D ] Describe the Title with a Subtitle like “How can you start a Business after Graduation?” , “The 12 steps to boost up your web traffic”

[ E ] Enter your contact details here.




newsletter ideas

Page 2

[ A ] Here is your title for introduction. A welcoming message. A Call-To-Action message.

[ B ] Here are your page numbers and title pages

[ C ] Insert your picture here if you are the founder of your company.

[ D ] Tell your readers that your second Newsletter Publication will be next month and to wait for it.


Page 3

[ E ] Here write your Introduction speech by going direct to the subject, like “We will teach you Marketing Strategies”

[ F ] Write a case study to show how another company benefitted from your teachings, service or products.

[ G ] Here is a section for TIPS you would like to give your readers.




newsletter examples

Page 4

[ A ] You can teach people about the 3 Rules of your business, or disciplines.

[ B ] Elaborate these rules in a case study, say that you know someone who did this and achieved success.

[ C ] Name your 3 Rules and explain in details.

[ D ] Insert your picture here that goes with your content.


Page 5

[ E ] Insert your 4 pictures here. People like to see pictures, so choose your picture accordingly.

[ F ] Tell the Risks or precautions a person needs to know when in this business.

[ G ] Explain the Risks Management. Insert the picture of the person writing the article.




company report

Page 6-7

[ A ] Specify your products, services or portfolio. What you do or provide. Insert your pictures which fit each sections.

[ B ] Convince your readers about how two people who hired you or bought products from you have said about your company.

[ C ] These are two little infographics. You can use these to show profit and loss or other what you deem it right.




entrepreneurs book

Page 8

[ A ] Show your potential clients that your company aims to increase productivity and the customercare systems. You make your employees do Yoga, Relaxation and even Martial Arts to keep them healthy.

[ B ] Write your Challenge for the month or year.


Page 9

[ C ] Show your potential clients or investors that you also do Charity Activities and you don’t just concentrate on making money.

[ D ] Ad points how you succeed in meeting these factors yourself.




indesign template

Page 10

[ A ] List the products you sell. List down their technical specifications.


Page 11

[ B ] This page is for an indepth testimonial of a client or a business consultant. Here you have to convince your readers why to choose you.




You can change to other colours that fit your brands. There is a tutorial how to do so in the folder when you download this template.