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Hire Freelance Graphic Designer Services

Graphic Design is something that has turn the world upside down. Just everyone needs a Graphic Designer nowadays. You have a Restaurant so you will need a Graphic Designer to design your Restaurant Menu Card. You are starting an IT Company, you will need a Graphic Designer to design a Logo.

Let’s fly to the past. Ten years ago it was just very difficult to hire a Freelance Graphic Designer. Designers would often work as Full-time in a company thus make it very expensive.

Now, Graphic Design Services are easily accessible online, and the price is very affordable. Hire Graphics & Design Service


Below is a list of Graphic Design Services that you can buy from YOGNEL:

Logo Design

Hire Freelance Graphic Designer

Logo Design is very important for a company. It is your your visual identity that goes along your name.

Hire Logo Design Service >> ( Starting as from $10 )


Flyers & Brochures

Hire Freelance Graphic Designer

Flyers and Brochures are efficient marketing materials for running a successful business.

Hire Flyers & Brochures Design Service >> ( Starting as from $10 )


Packaging Design

Hire Freelance Graphic Designer

Are you selling a product? Do you need a customise packagin for your events such as a packaging for Christmas or New Year?

Hire Packaging Design Service >> ( Starting as from $10 )



Hire Freelance Graphic Designer

Illustration can be used for different purposes. Some need illustrations for their books that they’ve just written while others need illustrations for their websites or powerpoint presentations.

Hire Illustration Design Service >> ( Starting as from $10 )


Book & Album Covers

Hire Freelance Graphic Designer

There are so many professional writers who look for a creative Book Cover for their book. Are you the one?

Hire Book & Album Covers Design Service >> ( Starting as from $10 )


Business Cards & Stationery

Hire Freelance Graphic Designer

Are you looking to get a creative business card designed? Or office materials such as invoices, receipts etc?

Hire Business Cards & Stationery Design Service >> ( Starting as from $10 )


Web & Mobile Design

Hire Freelance Graphic Designer

Having an online presence is now a must. Are you looking to get a website done? Only the design? Or only the coding? Or both? A web presence that will be responsive on all devices. Or just a mobile app?

Hire Web & Mobile Design Service >> ( Starting as from $10 )


Presentation Design

Hire Freelance Graphic Designer

Pitching tenders or getting more clients mean you need to have a well designed presentation; powerpoint, keynote or pdf presentation etc.

Hire Presentation Design Service >> ( Starting as from $10 )



Hire Freelance Graphic Designer

Infographics have been rocking blog post during the last 3 years, statistics demonstrate this. Are you looking for a stunning, well communicated infographics to demonstrate your story?

Hire Infographics Design Service >> ( Starting as from $10 )


Cartoons & Caricatures

Hire Freelance Graphic Designer

Is it your little boy’s birthday? You want to have a cartoon or caricature of him designed and print it as an invitation card? Or you need some caricatures for your weekly newsletter? Hire Freelance Graphic Designer to do your cartoons / caricatures.

Hire Cartoons & Caricatures Design Service >> ( Starting as from $10 )


3D & 2D Models

Hire Freelance Graphic Designer

3D Models are mostly used in the 3D Printing process nowadays. Moulds are not necessary. Also 3D models are use to visualize storey buildings before constructions. 3D models are used in playstation games. Are you looking to get 3D Models designed? Or 2D plans for your house or iphone games?

Hire 3D & 2D Design Service >> ( Starting as from $10 )


T-Shirts & Merchandise

Hire Freelance Graphic Designer

Custom designed t-shirts and merchandise. Take your message to the streets. Do you have a store selling t-shirts or you need a t-shirt designed for your corporate?

Hire T-Shirts & Merchandise Design Service >> ( Starting as from $10 )


Photoshop Editing

Hire Freelance Graphic Designer

You have some pictures that need to be cut and place on white background? Or you have some wedding pictures that need a great photoshop editing? Check out our Photoshop Experts for any need.

Hire Photoshop Editing Service >> ( Starting as from $10 )


Banner Ads

Hire Freelance Graphic Designer

Are you doing a Google Adwords campaign? You need custom banner ads for your website? Hire Freelance Graphic Designer to do the job.

Hire Banner Ads Design Service >> ( Starting as from $10 )


Social Media Design

Hire Freelance Graphic Designer

Want to be unique from your competitors on Social Media? Change your Cover Banner or Profile Picture every week.

Hire Social Media Design Service >> ( Starting as from $10 )


Vector Tracing

Hire Freelance Graphic Designer

Have you lost your Logo Source file? You want to get a Vector Tracing out of a .jpg (raster)? You want to vectorise an image for best quality print? Hire Freelance Graphic Designer to do the tracing.

Hire Vector Tracing Service >> ( Starting as from $10 )


Invitations & Vouchers

Hire Freelance Graphic Designer

You need an amazing wedding card invitation for your wedding. Check all the invitations and voucher design Yognel Marketplace.

Hire Invitations & Vouchers Design Service >> ( Starting as from $10 )

The life of a Graphic Designer – 10 Shocking Facts

Graphic Designer life can be exciting and dangerous.

The life of a Graphic Designer – 10 Shocking Facts

Every qualified Graphic Designers once had a dream; to be a graphic designer.

Ten years back, approximately in 2007, there were few graphic designers.

Now we are in 2017, the number is 10 times much.

There is never unemployment for a G.Designer, unless you are lazy.

Below is a research held by YOGNEL on G.Designers in USA and UK.

1. Sleeps very little & anywhere

graphic designer

A graphic designer’s life can be amazing and complicated at the same time.

I have met many graphic designers from all around the world and the statistics show that they sleep only between 3-4 hours everyday.

They can be found sleeping on the sofa, in the working studio, in a dark little cabin.. anywhere..



2. Always on the thinking mode

graphic designer

Yes, a graphic designer is always on the thinking mode.

When they walk on the roads, they think about concepts, colours, flyers and brochures etc.

When they drive, they are more apt to cause accidents.

They can’t stop their mind from thinking. This can be a major advantage or a major disadvantage.



3. Clients are always first, then wife

graphic designer

However much a Graphic Designer would like to spend time with his wife or make his wife to be first in his life, it is not always possible.

When he goes on holidays with his wife, the mobile phones keep ringing.

There could be a call saying ” The flyer that you designed for me, i need that in bigger format today. I need to print these today itself. Please do something 

OR there can be an SMS saying ” My Microsoft Word can’t open the .AI file that you sent me.

A G.Designer does not like these situations.

He love his wife and kids, but he also knows that if he does not attend that call or sms, he will lose that client. And that can affect the whole family financially.

Advice to a G.Designer’s wife : Your husband loves you so much. Give him support.



4. Main stress is Clients’ Taste

graphic designer

G.Designers meet clients daily. Majority of them do not understand what graphics are all about. This is a big big stress for G.Designers.

For clients it’s just ” I prefer this one over this one. ” or ” I have always like RED. I want that RED on that Blue. That RED is my Brand Colour. But i don’t have money to change the colour of my blue wall. So let’s do it like that (see above picture to understand) ”


5. Testosterone levels very high

graphic designer

When G.Designers have many works, they don’t usually think about sex. Because apparently sex cause them a divertion.

But when there have already done their work, there is no projects ahead, their testosterone levels are very high.

They get very hard erection and can last more than 45minutes.

( You can ask the wives of G.Designers )


6. Doesn’t have many friends

graphic designer

It is not that G.Designers don’t have friends.

Yes they are not so much social. But it is wrong to say that they don’t have many friends.

Their friends are not people who party all time, their friends are not in bars or clubs.

Their friends are genius minds like them.

They always meet up in seminars or in brainstorming to change the world.


7. Gets angry rarely

graphic designer

G.Designers don’t usually get angry over petty things. But when it comes to work, if his fellow working under him did not do the work correctly, there may be a problem then.

G.Designers are cool people. But when they feel people are crushing them, they tend to be angry lions. So beware.


8. Dress very simple

graphic designer

G.Designers don’t have much time to lose in shopping clothing. They are very simply dressed. They can wear a tshirt for 2 or more years, yes it’s a fact. They have so much things to do and to think about. They create best things for people and don’t have time to create best things for themselves. Just like Einstein.


9. Not so romantic

graphic designer

G.Designers are not so romantic. They can buy a chocolate or ring for their wives of girlfriends but they are not able to buy a bouquet of flowers to kneel down and give their wives. They are not able to decorate the room for a romantic evening. They express badly in words ( spoken ), they express best in drawings or designing. Some Graphic Designer made animations or a website or flyers for their loved ones.


10. If you are a Graphic Designer, Comment a Shocking Fact below

graphic designer