Increase Website Traffic with Sex Stories – 150,000 Visits/Monthly

Increase Website Traffic with Sex Stories can be tempting. Statistics and researches have shown that you can increase your traffic from 100,000 – 150,000 visitors monthly.

Increase Website Traffic with Sex Stories

There has been many bloggers who have invented words and phrases which are connected to sex. These has been use to make people more willing to read an article or to feel inside the story. Below are some examples of these lines which tend to bring lots of visitors.

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increase website traffic

Let your Marketing sit on her Branding while his Advertising is pushing hard from behind.

increase website traffic

If you want to succeed in business, do a Threesome. Branding + Marketing + Advertising.

increase website traffic

If you want to be an SEO Expert, You need to know about every SEO Holes. You need to have a long Banana.

Is this a Good Way to Increase Website Traffic

There has been many positive feedbacks from people who have used this methodology. Content marketers have found a great balance between using Corporate Text & Sex Stories. These sex stories are not to make you have an erection or will make you cum right away. Content Marketers say that these sexual lines make a person to read the whole content with a passion and eventually increase website traffic.

Normal writing : If you want to throw your competitor down, use the best marketing Techniques.

Sexual Writing : Your competitor will be on your bed if you have the best banana with you.

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This is a very tough challenge for content marketers. If you want to be best at this, you need to have a full language dictionary about sex, sexual position or sexual trends.

Are sex stories Good for Seo

Sex stories which are well incorporated in business text are good for SEO. People tend to take longer time to read your article. Thus it sends a signal to Google, announcing a low bounce rate. Your website will have lots of clicks.

Always remember :

  • Women sells
  • Sex is natural
  • Everyone thinks of Sex
  • We all love Sex
  • Sex is good for health, so it is good for SEO


Content Marketing Flyer Design for Seo Expert

Content Marketing is of crucial importance for a Business. If you are a SEO Expert, you should reach your Potential Clients in several ways.

Content Marketing Flyer Design for Seo Expert

content marketing
Download this Flyer Template


content marketing
Download this Flyer Template


content marketing
Download this Flyer Template


If you are a SEO Expert, i don’t have to tell you what SEO is. On top of that you know better how popular Content Marketing has been for the last 3 years. I have researched on many Content Marketers and SEO experts an i have a broad connection with small businesses.

Importance of Flyers in your Marketing Strategy

There are so many companies which have a website, which is not SEO optimised. These websites are very poor in content. These companies are not to be blamed. They want to be the best, but they are not using their websites to the optimum power.

These companies have money and they are spending their capital only in traditional advertisement. Again, the reason is that no one approcahed them to show them a broader picture of content marketing through their websites.


What SEO Experts and Content Marketers should do?

I believe that you can make lots of money from these companies. You should stop concentrating only on Organic SEO or Social marketing. The owners of these small businesses are so busy that they do not do any research on marketing trends. They have no time to check their email or social messages.

You need to reach them by Flyers, Postal Letters, Printed Newsletters and brochures. These business owners can be old or not computer savvy. Yes they do have a website, but it has not been update since long. There has been no one who has made them understand that a website can bring in so many clients.

If you want to be like the rest, concentrating only on blog posts, social marketing and avoid using flyers, brochures or newsletters, it is your choice. But if someone else is going to do it, he will beat you down in your business.

This site may be hacked – Fix it in 5 Minutes – Google Search

This site may be hacked – Are you receiving this message on Google Search?

this site may be hacked

Don’t panick.

How to fix ” this site may be hacked ” – Code Injection

[ 1 ] First things first. Login to your Google Search Console


[ 2 ] Click ” Security Issues “.

this site may be hacked

It should give you the problem on the right side. Most of the time the problem is ” Code Injection “. You will see it in your Google Search Console. If the problemis ” Code Injection “, continue with steps 3.


[ 3 ] Go on, type , in the example below i have typed

this site may be hacked

when you do this, it give you all the URLS to your website that are catched by google. Go through the URLS you see, investigate if you have any weird urls that are not yours.


[ 4 ] If you see weird URLS, then you should remove all the URLS. If you don’t see any weird urls, follow step 5.


How to fix ” this site may be hacked ” – Scan your Website

[ 5 ] Scan your website on a Malware Program. Go on QUTTERA

this site may be hacked

QUTTERA is one of the best Malware Scanner available for free. When it has already scanned your website, it will give you a list of threats on your website. Note them down, and fix it. ( Most of the times it will show you the URLS where Malware has been injected.


[ 6 ] Sometimes, the problems lie with a wordpress theme. Probably you have not updated your theme or wordpress. Or you have downloaded a premium themed that has been stolen from a market place like THEMEFOREST. You need to replace the theme with one that you have bought.


[ 7 ] After you have done all the steps above, go on QUTTERA again. Scan your website. The problems should now disappear.


How to fix ” this site may be hacked ” – Ask for a Review

[ 8 ] Now you should go back to your Google Search Console, click on Manual Actions

this site may be hacked


[ 9 ] When you click on the Manual Actions, on the right you will see ” Ask for a Review “, click on it. You will need to explain Google how you fixed the problems and to kindly remove ” this site may be hacked ” .


[ 10 ] After 1 week or less, you will receive a message from Google in your Google Search Console ( or the email you inserted for your Google Search Console ) like the one below.

this site may be hacked


[ 11 ] The ” this site may be hacked ” on the Google Search will be removed after 1-2 days.


[ 12 ] Now coming back to Google Rankings, you need to submit your sitemap to Google Console again.


[ 13 ] If the problem was Code Injection, you have nothing else to fear.






Brochure Design for Successful Entrepreneurs

Why Entrepreneurs choose this Brochure Design

This Amazing Brochure Design is used by many successful entrepreneurs. Business owners use this brochure design to boost their sales.



An Entrepreneur is a visionary. Entrepreneurs like everything to be just perfect. They excel in their business. This is why they need to have this Brochure Design.

Entrepreneurs prefer to use this brochure template because it covers the following:

  1. They can add their products and services
  2. They can specify their USP and sales leads
  3. They can list what kind of problems do they solve
  4. The proofs of their capabilities; the number of clients who are satisfied, testimonials from clients
  5. They can introduce themselves, company. Drive in more clients through Call-To-Action
  6. It is easy to edit as a tutorial is given
  7. It is designed on world leading publishing software, Adobe Indesign
  8. This brochures is not like others
  9. You can change this template to any layouts


Entrepreneurs rarely have time. And they usually like to do everything by themselves. So find some time in their tight schedule to browse the internet for research.


[kleo_divider type=”full” double=”no” position=”center” text=”” class=”” id=””]


Content Writing for this Brochure Design

Don’t Confuse The Reader :

You will want to list everything that comes to your mind. Just don’t do that. List the important points, too many messages will confuse your audience and dilute your main points. Stay focus (i assume you have done your market research) about what your audience needs.

Be An Specialist :

For example, let’s say you are a Web Designer, you will be tempted to list your services from A to Z ; Web Design, Graphic Design, Software Applications, Mobile Apps, Iphone Apps, SEO Expert, Content Writing, Digital Marketing, Logo Design and bla bla bla.. Choose only the important ones that you can provide instantly and in which you are an expert.

Avoid Big Words :

You should understand that your audiences want to have plain information from you. Don’t oveload them with your “Scrabble Winning Prize”. Thus, your potential clients don’t have time to look about these big words in the Thesaurus.

Don’t Be Flimsy :

A company brochure should be like a Handshake. As the saying goes, first impression is the last expression. After you have inserted your pictures and text, you would like to print it. Therefore, choose the best type of print paper, Thick Glossy Paper should be fine. Your potential clients should have a feeling that you have invested lot’s in your marketing materials.


[kleo_divider type=”full” double=”no” position=”center” text=”” class=”” id=””]


Adobe Indesign Brochure Design

brochure templates

brochure design

tri fold brochure

pamphlet template

tri fold brochure template

brochure printing