Increase Website Traffic with Sex Stories – 150,000 Visits/Monthly

Increase Website Traffic with Sex Stories can be tempting. Statistics and researches have shown that you can increase your traffic from 100,000 – 150,000 visitors monthly.

Increase Website Traffic with Sex Stories

There has been many bloggers who have invented words and phrases which are connected to sex. These has been use to make people more willing to read an article or to feel inside the story. Below are some examples of these lines which tend to bring lots of visitors.

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increase website traffic

Let your Marketing sit on her Branding while his Advertising is pushing hard from behind.

increase website traffic

If you want to succeed in business, do a Threesome. Branding + Marketing + Advertising.

increase website traffic

If you want to be an SEO Expert, You need to know about every SEO Holes. You need to have a long Banana.

Is this a Good Way to Increase Website Traffic

There has been many positive feedbacks from people who have used this methodology. Content marketers have found a great balance between using Corporate Text & Sex Stories. These sex stories are not to make you have an erection or will make you cum right away. Content Marketers say that these sexual lines make a person to read the whole content with a passion and eventually increase website traffic.

Normal writing : If you want to throw your competitor down, use the best marketing Techniques.

Sexual Writing : Your competitor will be on your bed if you have the best banana with you.

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This is a very tough challenge for content marketers. If you want to be best at this, you need to have a full language dictionary about sex, sexual position or sexual trends.

Are sex stories Good for Seo

Sex stories which are well incorporated in business text are good for SEO. People tend to take longer time to read your article. Thus it sends a signal to Google, announcing a low bounce rate. Your website will have lots of clicks.

Always remember :

  • Women sells
  • Sex is natural
  • Everyone thinks of Sex
  • We all love Sex
  • Sex is good for health, so it is good for SEO


Content Marketing Flyer Design for Seo Expert

Content Marketing is of crucial importance for a Business. If you are a SEO Expert, you should reach your Potential Clients in several ways.

Content Marketing Flyer Design for Seo Expert

content marketing
Download this Flyer Template


content marketing
Download this Flyer Template


content marketing
Download this Flyer Template


If you are a SEO Expert, i don’t have to tell you what SEO is. On top of that you know better how popular Content Marketing has been for the last 3 years. I have researched on many Content Marketers and SEO experts an i have a broad connection with small businesses.

Importance of Flyers in your Marketing Strategy

There are so many companies which have a website, which is not SEO optimised. These websites are very poor in content. These companies are not to be blamed. They want to be the best, but they are not using their websites to the optimum power.

These companies have money and they are spending their capital only in traditional advertisement. Again, the reason is that no one approcahed them to show them a broader picture of content marketing through their websites.


What SEO Experts and Content Marketers should do?

I believe that you can make lots of money from these companies. You should stop concentrating only on Organic SEO or Social marketing. The owners of these small businesses are so busy that they do not do any research on marketing trends. They have no time to check their email or social messages.

You need to reach them by Flyers, Postal Letters, Printed Newsletters and brochures. These business owners can be old or not computer savvy. Yes they do have a website, but it has not been update since long. There has been no one who has made them understand that a website can bring in so many clients.

If you want to be like the rest, concentrating only on blog posts, social marketing and avoid using flyers, brochures or newsletters, it is your choice. But if someone else is going to do it, he will beat you down in your business.

This site may be hacked – Fix it in 5 Minutes – Google Search

This site may be hacked – Are you receiving this message on Google Search?

this site may be hacked

Don’t panick.

How to fix ” this site may be hacked ” – Code Injection

[ 1 ] First things first. Login to your Google Search Console


[ 2 ] Click ” Security Issues “.

this site may be hacked

It should give you the problem on the right side. Most of the time the problem is ” Code Injection “. You will see it in your Google Search Console. If the problemis ” Code Injection “, continue with steps 3.


[ 3 ] Go on, type , in the example below i have typed

this site may be hacked

when you do this, it give you all the URLS to your website that are catched by google. Go through the URLS you see, investigate if you have any weird urls that are not yours.


[ 4 ] If you see weird URLS, then you should remove all the URLS. If you don’t see any weird urls, follow step 5.


How to fix ” this site may be hacked ” – Scan your Website

[ 5 ] Scan your website on a Malware Program. Go on QUTTERA

this site may be hacked

QUTTERA is one of the best Malware Scanner available for free. When it has already scanned your website, it will give you a list of threats on your website. Note them down, and fix it. ( Most of the times it will show you the URLS where Malware has been injected.


[ 6 ] Sometimes, the problems lie with a wordpress theme. Probably you have not updated your theme or wordpress. Or you have downloaded a premium themed that has been stolen from a market place like THEMEFOREST. You need to replace the theme with one that you have bought.


[ 7 ] After you have done all the steps above, go on QUTTERA again. Scan your website. The problems should now disappear.


How to fix ” this site may be hacked ” – Ask for a Review

[ 8 ] Now you should go back to your Google Search Console, click on Manual Actions

this site may be hacked


[ 9 ] When you click on the Manual Actions, on the right you will see ” Ask for a Review “, click on it. You will need to explain Google how you fixed the problems and to kindly remove ” this site may be hacked ” .


[ 10 ] After 1 week or less, you will receive a message from Google in your Google Search Console ( or the email you inserted for your Google Search Console ) like the one below.

this site may be hacked


[ 11 ] The ” this site may be hacked ” on the Google Search will be removed after 1-2 days.


[ 12 ] Now coming back to Google Rankings, you need to submit your sitemap to Google Console again.


[ 13 ] If the problem was Code Injection, you have nothing else to fear.






Rent A Car Flyer – Give Value to your Car Rental Business

Rent A Car Flyer for Car Rental Business

Got a Car Rental Business? You need this Amazing Rent A Car Flyer Template to advertise your Cars. A Flyer has the power to boost your sales.

car flyer


Are you a car rental business who is seeking a Rent A Car Flyer? You have come to the right place.

There are so many things you can do to increase your sales. One of the many Marketing Ideas is that you need to have a Premium Flyer to advertise your cars.


Whether you are dealing with BMW, Mercedes, Toyota, Nissan or Peugeot. This A4 flyer template can help you to achieve your goals.

The Car Rental Flyer is a Photoshop Template (PSD). It is available as a print ready template, recto and verso.


Rent A Car

Car Business Flyer

Rent A Car Flyer


Rent A Car Flyer for Ecommerce Websites selling Cars

You have an ecommerce website that sells cars and you do your advertising online, that is not enough. You also need to advertise traditionally. Advertising in the traditional way costs less.


You may be selling or renting cars. Having a Flyer that showcase your cars will help you to sell or rent your cars faster. This is called Direct Sales.


Whereas if you put all your time in SEO and Digital Marketing, your cars will definitely sell, but not faster.


For those who have already positioned themselves on Google Search Engine, you will probably reject what am saying as you may be having lots of clients.


Be wise. Understand that having many clients does not mean you should neglect in advertising throughout a Flyer Design.


Rent A Car Flyer for the Old Customers

Old customers are not too much computer savvy. If they are, then probably it is on Facebook, i am not generalising things.

Statistics has proved that the Old Customers rarely make a sale online. The reason is they are scared that Hackers may steal their money. They should because they have worked hard to have that much money.


So be wise in your business. You should opt for a Flyer Publication also, a Print Flyer. This will enable you to win back Old Clients.


Who can use this flyer template?

  • Rent Cars
  • Rent apartments
  • Rent house
  • Rent cycles

Design Specification of Flyer Layout

  • A4 Format
  • 6 PSD in all
  • It can be used as single page, double pages, or you can add more by duplicating.
  • Size = 8.2×11.6 inches
  • Bleeds = 3mm all sides
  • Fully editable
  • 300Dpi
  • Change picture easily using the Smart Objects.
  • A tutorial is provided how to insert your pictures quickly.


Funnel Illustrations – 15 Amazing Sales Funnel

15 Amazing EPS Funnel Illustrations for Business Presentations

Best Funnel Illustrations for your Business Presentations. These infographics are Unique in the World. A funnel is also used by SEO Experts for Analytics.

Marketing Funnel

There are plenty of Funnel Designs available on the web. Some are editable and some are not. These are the 15 Amazing EPS Illustrations which have been used in presentations by big companies.

This 3D Sales Funnel Template comes with more than 15 EPS / Adobe Illustrator Templates. These templates can be maximise or minimise to any size without loss of resolution.


Design Specification of these Illustrations


  • More than 15 types of Vector Infographics layout.
  • 23 – Elements
  • You can use these illustrations in any of your works.
  • Be it for marketing, brochure, website, flyers, banners etc.
  • Elements are layered.
  • Minimum Requirement is Illustrator Cs3
  • Illustrator and EPS file provided.
  • Fully editable.
  • Change to other colours if you want.



Marketing Funnel

[ 1 ] These illustrations can be used in your design projects to evaluate your products. University students who study Design and Technology or Communication, usually use these infographics in the design folio.


Marketing Funnel

[ 2 ] SEO Experts often use a Sales Funnel to illustrate their SEO Services. It is proven that the use of infographic design converts more leads. DOWNLOAD all these EPS Funnel.


Marketing Funnel

[ 3 ] Business owners use Funnel Template to determine their sales pipeline.


Marketing Funnel

[ 4 ] Others use it as Analytics to analise data in their hierarchy.


Marketing Funnel

[ 5 ] Entrepreneurs use these Funnel Charts to illustrate their priorities in a Business Presentation.


Pipeline Deals

[ 6 ] Marketing Experts use these Funnel Vision to visually measure how customers move through any series of events.


Sales Pipeline Management

[ 7 ] Graphic Designers use these EPS Presentation Graphics to build Powerful PowerPoint Presentations.


Sales Funnel Stages

[ 8 ] Factories use these Designs to point out priorities in each section. They are sticked on the doors of each department.



[ 9 ] Others use these to illustrate their ideas in an infographic design to post on their Facebook Page.


Sales Lead

[ 10 ] Medical Laboratories have downloaded these vector Graphics to categorise their Chemical Compounds.

Sales and Marketing Funnel


Why you should get these Illustrations?

Many companies and entrepreneurs have already downloaded these templates and are using these for the business presentation.

  • This is the UNIQUE, BEST, AMAZING pack of best graphics that you can get on the World Wide Web.
  • They are fully editable, means you can use these all the times by changing the text and colours.
  • Make you presentation stand out of the crowd.