What is Content Marketing – The Power to Increase Sales

What is Content Marketing? In brief it is the Power to Increase Sales.

What is Content Marketing

The words “Content Marketing” is very popular nowadays. Many people ask what is Content Marketing? Content Marketing is simply a marketing strategy by using content.

Content can be classified as : Text, Infographics, Videos, Audios, Photography, Painting

Let’s see how this was and is still used in Advertising Agencies. There is often a person who writes a story, make some story boards. This is then discussed / brainstormed before it goes to realisation process. The story should be written with an aim to sell a product. There is always two option : To make people buy a product now or to create a brand so that exponential sales are made later.

Years ago, this “similar” way of marketing was know as copywriting. It was not used to the maximum level. As years passed by the so called “copywriting” was developped.

what is content marketing

10 Years ago : If a person needed to write text for a brochure, it would be called CopyWriting. The same thing today, if a person needs to write text for a brochure, i bet a person would choose a Content Marketer rather than a Copywriter.

what is content marketing

Today : Content Marketing is the ability to write great text that everyone understand. The content should become popular so that the products / services are sold. If the content is bad, the products won’t be sold. But if the text becomes popular, you can expect an exponential sales. This is What is Content Marketing.

  • Note : This is same for any content you use, whether it is Videos, Text, Infographics, Photography or Paintings.


Content Marketing can be referred as Branding

As many people wonder What is Content Marketing really, it can be reffered as Branding. The process of branding is similar to the so called Content Marketing nowadays.

When a company wants to brand its look, it does not expect a direct sale. Branding is not like you publish a Flyer ” Best Burger – $10 ” and in the next 2 or 3 days a person will come to buy your burger.

Branding is merged with Psychology, Design, Marketing or Business Management.

Similarly, when we talk about Content Marketing, it groups all these factors; Psychology, Design, Marketing or Business Management.

It is a whole process of THINKING before ACTING. That being said, you can’t expect to launch into Content Marketing the next day after you have read about it.

Questions to Ask Yourself if you want to do Content Marketing

There are so many questions that you need to ask yourself before diving in the Ocean of Content Marketing. I am listing some key factors below for people who keep asking What is Content Marketing.

1. What are my Product / Services? You should have a clear mind of what your products or your services are. Know them by heart, analyse them, evaluate them. You should know these on your finger tips whenever someone ask you something about them. If you fail in knowing and understanding your products / services, you will never be able to do Content Marketing.

2. Why do I want to sell my products / Services? Ask yourself for which purpose you are selling. Brainstorm over your products / services. You want to sell these because you have only these things to sell? Are you selling these because you have seen the affiliate paying rate is high? If this is so, you will fail 100%.

3. Who will it benefit? You need to know who the products are for. Are they for that old man without teeth, or that sexy mature woman with a fat belly or that lovely kid? Or is it only you the only beneficiary?

4. Is money my priority? If money is your priority, Content Marketing is definitely not for you. Content Marketing is a long process, yes it will bring lots of money in the future. But if you keep thinking of Money, it will never come. Why? Because you will keep thinking about Money Money Money, thus wasting all your thinking ability.

5. Which language you excell? You may have heard someone saying that he did Content Marketing in a language he never knew. I call this purely fantasy. To be able to deal with text, you will need to excell in a particular language. Then you will be able to craft your content perfectly.

6. Content Marketing for your Blog / Website / Print Newsletters or Brochures? Crafting contents for Newsletters and Brochures demands text and graphics. You have to make people interested in your publications. These print publications should not be an expectation for sales rather to gain popularity. Same for websites or blogs, you need to make them famous to drive traffic.

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