What is Google Adsense

What is Google Adsense?

For all those who are asking what is Google Adsense, the short definition is that it is a way to make money online.

Some people make over $5,000 / monthly with Google Adsense while others make $100,000 / monthly.

The complex definition is that Google Adsense is a CPC (cost-per-click) advertising program that allows publishers to have ads displayed on their websites.

What is Google Adsense

Google Adsense is for Bloggers and Webmasters to start making money online.

Let’s say for example you don’t have a website. And you want to make money with google adsense. You can’t.

Get started with Google Adsense?

You need :

  1. A Domain Name
  2. A Web Server
  3. A WordPress Theme
  4. Choose a Niche Market
  5. At least 30 great SEO Articles
  6. Open a Google Adsense Account

When you open a Google Adsense Account, you will be provided some HTML codes that you need to insert on your blog or website. Google Adsense will then send spiders to crawl your web pages to determine your niche market. Then they will send ads that are related to your articles.


Example 1 : If you niche market / articles is about Cars, you will see ads of Cars / Where to buy Cars on your webpages.

Example 2 : If your webpages are about mobile phones, the ads that will appear on your website will be most probably about latest mobile phones, iphones and so on.


So, choose your niche market well.

One of the most paying Niche Market is about Fashion. People who runs website or blogs which concern Fashion, get the most amount of money when they use Google adsense.

When people who browse your website or blog, they click on the Google Adsense Ads, you can be given $0.20 to $4 on a single click.

Now if 1000 people click on the ads, you get paid around $2500. The numbers keeps changing. But what is sure, is that if you have many people coming to your website and they click on your ads, the more money you make.

Now that you know about it, don’t keep asking What is Google Adsense. Move to the next Article : How to create a Google Adsense Account


Table of Contents

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  2. How to create a Google Adsense Account
  3. How to make money with adsense
  4. How to increase google adsense earnings
  5. How to receive your adsense payment
  6. How adsense revenue is calculated
  7. What is google adsense youtube
  8. Google Adsense Review – How to get accepted?
  9. Google Adwords Help – From Experts
  10. Adwords tool
  11. Increase adsense traffic for a new website?
  12. Easily make a google adsense website
  13. Choose a Domain name for google ads
  14. I need google ads for my website
  15. Adsense Code on different websites


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