What is the Purpose of Flyers in a Business [Full Guide]

What is the Purpose of Flyers in a Business that every businessmen should know.

Ever asked What is the Purpose of Flyers

Do you think that flyers are kind of old fashioned? Still wondering what is the Purpose of Flyers when everyone is going after Facebook Ads?

Think again peeps. Flyers are still important in marketing. The intelligent knows it.

What is the Purpose of Flyers

I do agree that we are living in the age of high tech advertising but a flyer is still a priceless promotional tool.

For a moment, think about when flyers were invented.

Did people stop using flyers for all the decades? No! Technology kept on improving, but flyers never disappeared. Flyers work! Importance of flyers is that it always works!

Considering printing your own? Here are a few reasons why flyers are important in a Business:


1. What is the Purpose of Flyers Discounts Offer

Let’s take an example of this Spa Flyer which is inviting people for a massage as well giving them discounts. The flyer tells a bit about the history of the spa resort and the services. Then it closes the deal with a discount $35 / hour. There are some business owner who just give a Discount Voucher whereas a pro marketer will prefer to use a flyer for Discounts to drive sales. If you are asking What is the Purpose of Flyers in a Business, it is use to offer discounts.

Download this Spa Flyer Template

What is the Purpose of Flyers


2. What is the Purpose of Flyers Authority Brands

This is for a web hosting company. You may think that web servers are always advertised online. But you are wrong. Visionary companies do not stick to one channel advertising. They advertise on Social Media, Google Ads, Brochures, Magazines as well as Flyers. Here the web company wants to build authority. The flyer shows the team with experience and the line “For a Successful Online Business”. Not to mention the “Unlimited Domains and Bandwidth”. If you ask What is the Purpose of Flyers, it is for building authority.

Download this Web Hosting Flyer Template

What is the Purpose of Flyers


3. What is the Purpose of Flyers Product Description

A flyer for a Car Dealer who wants to sell one particular car. The flyer describes the product and list down the specifications. Flyers are great marketing tools to showcase a product. The Car Dealer Flyer template can be used for newspaper ad also.

Download this Car Dealer Flyer Template

What is the Purpose of Flyers


4. What is the Purpose of Flyers Product Line

Let’s take chocolate for example. A chocolatier can make different types of chocolates. He can have an internal flyer to take orders, like a sort of Chocolate Menu. The customer gets to choose from the sheet. Everytime the business wants to make new chocolates, he adds it to the flyer.

Download this Chocolate Shop Flyer Template

What is the Purpose of Flyers


5. What is the Purpose of Flyers Party Invitation

Flyers can be used as an invitation. For example, see the flyer below. It uses a burger to invite potential customers for the opening of a burger shop.

Download this Burger Party Flyer

What is the Purpose of Flyers


Why care about What is the Purpose of Flyers

1. It is a low cost option

What is the Purpose of Flyers

Flyers are very cheap to aquire. The impact that a flyer has over an audience is bigger and take less time than any high tech advertising. It is one of the cheapest for offline media advertising.

No idea how to create an Elegant Flyer for your company or services? Need help? Check out these FLYER TEMPLATES

It takes pennies to get them printed.

The approximate cost = (1 flyer template $10) + (500 printed copies $210 ) = $220


2. It is low effort but very high impact

What is the Purpose of Flyers

If really takes low effort to publish a flyer. First you need to get a template.

Then you need to get some pictures and write your text. Merge everything together.

When you are satisfied with the outcome, go to a print shop and make your copies.

Now that you have your copies, share them with the Coffee shop near you or the gym in your locality where people connect to each other. You will be surprise how people would want to help you distributing your flyers.

People will take your flyers home, pin it on the freezer and the whole family will see it.

All you need to do is to wait for the magical response.

3. People love tangible things

What is the Purpose of Flyers

This is not strange. Importance of flyers is that most people love tangible things. Just imagine, would you give your wife an E-Card or a Print Card? The printed Card will enable your wife to look at it, touch it and feel it every time when she thinks of you.

Tangible things, like the Flyers, can be touched and felt.

As a matter of fact, we are bombarded everyday with so many digital advertisement on Facebook,Youtube and our emails. It is time to stand out in the big crowd!

Use a Print Flyer if you don’t want your message to get stuck in the Junk Mail.

4. Flyers create a personal touch

What is the Purpose of Flyers

Flyers are not just tangible but they add a personal touch to your message. It depends on the design of the flyers. What texture is the flyer made of. What are the colours used. Are there die-cut?

Once a person take your flyers in hand, they immediately create a personal relationship.

People can take your flyers and tuck them in their bags or pocket.

This means they will look at it later on. Even if they want to throw it away, they will definitely give a second thought. This is not the case with a digital advertisement. People are not going to come back to view that digital advertisement.

5. It’s eye-catching advertising

What is the Purpose of Flyers

Importance of flyers is that they are one of the most eye-catching materials in the advertising world. Imagine you are walking in a cafetaria, you see a beautiful flyer on the table, you would want to look at it.

Or imagine you are walking in a gym, you find a flyer stuck on the wall, you would want to look at it.

This is different from digital advertisement. They may be blocked by ad blockers. And even if they are very well done, they may get lost or be unnoticed on a website.


What is the Purpose of Flyers to Print

There are 3 main types of flyers to print that is very efficient for a business marketing.

1. Flyer Ads

Flyer Ads usually have one to three products where the product has a description, price and discount. The flyer ads also has the complete address. It is use to give concise information to the customers who wish to buy the product.

2. Corporate Flyers

Corporate Flyers are used to create awareness about a brand. There are more information compared to a Flyer ads. These information are well given in a neat way. A logo and the brand colour or elements would really be needed for corporate flyers.

3. Photo-centric Flyers

These types of flyers are usually used by Events organisers. Photo-centric flyers use very bright colour schemes that would assist in capturing the attention of the targeted audience. When someone look at the flyer, he or she would already know what to expect at the Event.


What is the Purpose of Flyers Templates

Flyer Templates are widely used by business or marketers. There are 3 Main reasons why a Flyer Template is used.

1. Time Saving

Buying a template and customising it is time saving. All the process can take only 10 minutes to do it. Graphic Designers are the ones who build amazing Flyer Templates. So they design flyer to ease people life. You can change a logo, the text and pictures in minutes.

2. Ready to Print

These flyers templates are print ready. All the specifications such as cmyk, bleeds, safe area and the 300 dpi has already been input. All you have to do is customise and go to the print shop.

3. Very Creative

If you were to design you own Flyer, that would take ages and you are not a Pro Graphic Designer, so it would be very difficult for you. It is the Graphic Designers’ job to make very Creative Flyer Templates. So trust Graphic Designers’ Creativity.


What is the Purpose of Flyers For A Business

Create Awareness : If you are a new business or you are offering a new service, flyers can be use to create awareness in the locality.

Drive Sales : You have a product and you want to drive sales, choose flyer ads to achieve success.

Build Contacts : Distributing flyers helps in building leads and contacts. People will call you and ask for information. Register these prospects.

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